Five Reasons Why an Airbnb is Better Than a Hotel

Where you stay during a vacation can make or break your entire experience. Years ago, we didn’t have much of a choice other than booking a hotel room. Today, we have Airbnb, and with those, our options are endless. We’re not limited to a single room like we are when we book a hotel. We have an entire house that actually feels like home. Cook meals in a full kitchen, and catch a little break from the kids with separate bedrooms. Want a house with three bathrooms? You got it. Looking for a penthouse suite? Just tick the box under the filters. In a battle between Airbnb vs. a hotel, who would reign supreme? We think Airbnb. Here’s why.

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You get more space for less money in an Airbnb hotel.

Choosing an Airbnb vs a hotel makes a lot of sense, particularly when you’re traveling with children or multiple families. Booking an Airbnb hotel is practical even for a small family of three or four. Trying to maneuver around suitcases and toys to get to your bed is just asking for a bruised shin. And parents might find that sleeping in the same room as their kid puts a damper on the trip, if you catch our flow. You likely won’t be in the best mood for the next day’s adventure if you’ve been constantly stepping over one another and battling for bathroom time.

hotel vs airbnb

When you stay in an Airbnb, you have far more room. You have an entire house/cabin/apartment to yourself, after all. And you often get added bonuses like yard space for the kids to play in, a private pool and jacuzzi, or a backyard playground set.

Airbnb hotels often have better locations.

Say you’re taking a trip to a city to visit a friend or family member and want to book a place to stay that’s close to their neighborhood. Who wants to waste up to half an hour each day commuting back and forth? If you’re staying in a hotel, your choices might be limited. Even the closest option might be well out of walking distance or inaccessible via public transportation. And if you’re in a large city, taking a car can be inconvenient — not to mention you’ll spend more money renting a car. 

Airbnb hotel in suburban neighborhood

With an Airbnb hotel, you’re far more likely to find something that’s closer to where you want to be. In this way, choosing an Airbnb vs a hotel lets you experience areas around your destination that aren’t always explored by tourists. This gives you a more authentic feel of the local area. Just be sure to thoroughly research the safety of the neighborhood beforehand. Generally, you can read reviews from other travelers to get a feel for the security of the neighborhood.

You have a ton of privacy. 

Any time you stay in a hotel, you are in a shared location. This might be great if you’re looking to make new friends, but common areas in hotels tend to be crowded, noisy and chaotic. This leaves little chance for relaxing and enjoying the moment. When you stay in an Airbnb, you often have access to a number of amenities, such as a pool, playground, and game room. But in an Airbnb hotel, you don’t have to share this space with anyone other than your family. In the mood for skinny dipping? Have at it, friend. Have at it.

An Airbnb hotel can help you stay healthy.

Hotels have many amenities, including coffee stations, free toiletries, and room service. Many have complimentary breakfast, fitness facilities, indoor pools, and the like. While you don’t have daily service at an Airbnb, the tradeoff is that you usually have the luxury of a full kitchen at your disposal. This can help you stay healthy while traveling while also helping you save major money when it comes to feeding the group. Instead of hitting up a restaurant for three meals a day, you can simply stock up on healthy groceries and cook as if you were at home.

full service kitchen in Airbnb hotel

Hotels may not be available at off-the-beaten-path destinations.

If you’re visiting a major city, you can be sure you’ll have your pick of hotels galore. However, when you’re visiting somewhere that’s more off the beaten path, an Airbnb hotel is one of the best ways to go. For example, many small towns with major attractions, like ski resorts or nearby national parks, might have one or two hotels to choose from. But if you elect to stay at an Airbnb, your selections increase exponentially. You might even be able to find something with a better view for far less money.

Airbnb hotel in Iceland
Our amazing Airbnb in Iceland right in the middle of nature

While hotels certainly have their own charm and benefits, choosing an Airbnb hotel is a great option for traveling as it allows for more space at less of a cost. Particularly when you’re traveling with little ones, having a full kitchen and additional rooms is a huge benefit. While there are potential advantages and disadvantages to both Airbnbs and hotels, it truly comes down to considering what you are looking for and what is most important to you and your family in your accommodations.

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Franklin White
Franklin White
4 years ago

Staying in a cabin or house all by yourself while you are on vacation sounds awesome! I would love to use Airbnb to find places to stay at a resort. I could imagine that someone has bought or rented a cabin or room on a resort and then they are renting it out to people on Airbnb to make money from it.