Travel Stroller Recommendation: gb Pockit Stroller

Without the right stroller, it can be hard visiting your local shopping mall with a toddler in tow. And if you’re planning any kind of domestic or international travel, forget it: You need to invest in a good stroller for everyone’s comfort, convenience, and general sanity.

But with so many strollers on the market today, which is the best for international travelers? The one we’re going to recommend isn’t necessarily the cheapest one out there, but it offers huge value and a lot of perks. If you’re traveling, it’s a wonderful product to have.

Our Favorite Stroller

Our go-to stroller for all our international travel is the gb Pockit Stroller—noteworthy first and foremost for its size and heft, or rather, its lack thereof. Though certainly a sturdy and durable product, the Pockit is also incredibly lightweight—less than 10 pounds! It’s also easily foldable, which makes it simple to stash it underneath an airplane seat or in an overhead storage area.

Because it’s so compact, you can store it in a small shopping bag—so if you’re on a flight that doesn’t allow strollers, you can very discreetly conceal it. And, because you can so easily carry it with you on your flight, you never have to go without a stroller; for example, many international flights don’t have gate check-in for a stroller so you don’t have to carry your baby all way to the checked baggage area.

Some additional selling points for the Pockit:

  • It supports kids up to 55 pounds—so if your child is under five or six years old, that should be no issue.
  • We found the dimensions of this stroller to be ideal. It’s got some height, which is good for parents who are on the tall side! It’s also very narrow, which helps you navigate some of the slimmer streets of Europe. We were frequently encouraged not to bring a stroller on certain tours, where streets were narrow, but we didn’t have any problem with our gb Pockit.
  • Because the stroller’s so light, it’s easy to just pick it up as you walk up a flight of stairs (w/ the baby in it as well!).
  • We found the stroller worked well on almost all terrain types, including cobblestone. The only time we had an issue was going through sand— the wheels were too small for sand so we had to carry the stroller on the beach.
  • We used the stroller for 8.5 months, taking it across many types of terrain—grass, cobblestone, and even some rough “off-roading” areas—and it performed extremely well. We were impressed with its durability and high quality.

We can think of just one or two minor downsides: Since the Pockit is so light, a child in mid-tantrum might accidentally knock it backward, so you’ve got to be on the alert. (We only had this happen once and he was fine.) And, it doesn’t have a full cover to protect the child from the sun. Once or twice, we had to angle it a certain way to avoid the glare—a minor hassle, but something to be aware of. These are two things we thought we should mention, but it’s not anything that makes us rethink our endorsement of this great product.

One final note: The Pockit is a great stroller for one child. If you have a couple of kids, you’ll obviously need a dual stroller. We have family members who use the McLaren Twin Triumph, and it seems like an excellent option, though we have no personal experience with it.

Again, you can find cheaper strollers—but for a product you’ll use so much, cheaping out isn’t necessarily the best approach. We were thrilled with the Pockit, and think you’ll agree with us that it makes your travels much easier.

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4 thoughts on “Travel Stroller Recommendation: gb Pockit Stroller

  1. Monica

    Have you tried any other travel strollers? The GB is definitely one of the lightest and most portable, but I think you may be overselling it a bit on its ability to handle rough terrain. This is a trade-off. We opted to bring two single strollers on our last European trip instead of a double because our side by side double was just too wide to handle any narrow European streets and our tandem double was just too awkward to disassemble quickly for public transportation. The GB pockit was one of our singles. I’m wondering if you noticed a difference in its handling from the beginning of the trip to the end (both from use and Aarav’s increasing weight). I bought the QB pockit for its high weight capacity, but found it much easier to handle with my 1yo than my 4yo or 6yo. I’ve had my eye on the Besrey airplane stroller – that may be the next one we try!

    • Hi Monica, thanks for your comment. Yes, we spend a lot of time researching and testing out various travel strollers and ultimately picked GB because we wanted something we could carry on the plane and was super light but sturdy.

      The GB did decent in most terrain we had to handle – sometimes if there was too much gravel or the cobblestones were too big, it had some trouble navigating through that. In some cases, we just pushed it harder and it made it through and in some cases we had to lift it up. Our big challenge we had was because it was light, we had to be careful when we put any heavy bags on it because there was a chance it would topple over backwards. Also, for the number of flights we took and the types of terrain we went through it held up remarkably well – it’s a little beaten down but still works.
      We first used it when Aarav was under 2 and now are still using it as he is over three (and his weight is more like a 4 year old). It is definitely more effort to navigate with him now than prior but it still works very well (they claim it can go up to 55 pounds; Aarav is around 38 now so we’ll see).

      To your other points, a double stroller can be hard for Europe even though my brother made it work in Barcelona! And the Bersey does look great especially the canopy for the kid – the only reason we didn’t get it is that it is rated till 33 pounds which means it would have been unusable after Aarav was 2 1/2 years).

    • Hi Gita, yes the stroller doesn’t recline but it goes far enough where our child went to sleep on it all the time. In fact, this stroller was the primarily place he naps during our travels (you can see a picture of it on this post :)).

      In terms of infant or not, I believe the stroller is for kids over 6 months of age and can go until 55 pounds – our child now is around 37 pounds and it still works perfectly for him.

      Hope this helps and let us know if you have anymore questions!

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