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22 Best Travel Gifts For Kids (2023 Guide)

Holidays are for spending time with loved ones, eating calorie-dense foods, sappy Hallmark films, and gift-giving. But if we’re honest, oftentimes shopping for presents is more stressful than joyful. After all, what are you supposed to buy for someone who has everything? This is especially true when shopping for kids. Of course, you could always take the easy way out and buy another baby doll or race car, but gifts like these get played with for a few hours and then tossed into the abyss of forgetfulness. If you really want your gift to stand out, consider some of these travel gifts for kids. Not only are they fun and kid-approved, but they are super practical for children who spend much of their time on the road — or in the skies. Here are 22 of the best travel gifts for kids.

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Road trip essentials for kids

Baby Road Trip Essentials [ 2023 ]: What To Pack For The Little One

So you have finally decided to put on your travel shoes and explore the world. But do you have any idea about the baby road trip essentials you need to bring so the little one can stay as comfortable as possible on the road with you?

You might have been traveling for years, but your baby is just taking his or her first steps into the world. It is important to ensure that you have all the little one’s basic needs with you when traveling. This is why we are certain you can make use of this ultimate road trip with a toddler checklist to anticipate what might come in handy on the road. Go ahead and have a look!

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Staycation Ideas for COVID

Even if COVID seems to have towered over our summer, it doesn’t mean it’s completely stolen it away. It’s just made it a little different than usual. As parents, we understand how challenging it’s been to have our lives turned completely upside down; especially when trying to handle work and childcare at the same time. To help you get the most out of this summer, we came up with a bunch of COVID staycation ideas you can try with your family. They’ve been specially thought out to suit your work and life balance, as well as being as fun as creative for your kids. 

Let’s begin!

Make your next family vacation a breeze

Travel with your kids now and build amazing memories as a family! Get our book, written by parents just like you, that will guide you all the way.

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Our Favorite Travel Apps for Kids (exclusive book preview)

This list originally came from our post Technology and apps to make traveling w/ children much easier (controversial topic alert!) on time for us while keeping our little one busy, engaged and learning the whole time!

Let us know if you have any apps that you find particularly helpful while traveling with your children.

YouTube Premium: we subscribe to YouTube Premium only when we are traveling so we can download all of our son’s favorite educational shows.

Kindle Fire Kids Edition: ton of great apps and videos that you can download straight to the Kindle. Be aware of the drawback that the downloads only last 48 hours before having to reconnect to the internet.

Chu Chu TV: a subscription-based app where you can access a great library of videos for your kids. Videos are educational with super diverse characters. These videos can be downloaded to any smart device.

Want to get the remaining travel app suggestions? Download our book today.

Thank you for reading our article! We have provided a preview of what you’ll get in our book, How to Travel With Kids (Without Losing Your Mind). You will get the remaining travel apps that we recommend plus so much more

Our 12-point Airbnb Check-In Checklist (exclusive book preview)

This checklist originally appeared on our post, How to Get the Most Out of Airbnb and we have used it every time we go into an Airbnb to make sure everything is okay (especially while the host is still there!).

The 2 Idiots Airbnb 12-point check-in checklist

  1. Ensure home locks & keys or codes work as expected
  2. Ensure you have appropriate keys, codes to enter the building and parking garage
  3. Connect to internet and make sure it’s working by going to Google
  4. Check thermostat and AC/heater
  5. Check fridge is cold and working
  6. Check TV and TV channels are working as expected

Want to get the remaining 6 items on the check-in list? Download our book today.

Thank you for reading our article! We have provided a preview of what you’ll get in our book, How to Travel With Kids (Without Losing Your Mind). You will get the remaining 6 items in the book plus so much more