Best Travel Car Seat Recommendation: IMMI GO Car Seat

Whether you’re taking your toddler halfway across the world or simply across town, a good car seat is non-negotiable. With that said, not all car seats are created equal. And, as you consider the best car seats for domestic or international travel, you’ll no doubt want one that’s lightweight and flexible, in addition to being safe and secure.

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The car seat we used on our sabbatical was the IMMI GO—and in fact, we liked it so much that we continue to use it now that we’re back in the States. Allow us to share just a few of the things we appreciate about this car seat.

Before we do so, let’s note that this is a front-facing, five-point harness, and it’s recommended for kids who are at least 22 pounds and 32 inches—so if you’re dealing with infants, it’s probably best to look elsewhere.

IMMI GO: Our Review

One thing we learned on our travel is that some countries actually don’t mandate that you use a car seat for your little one. Many do, however. We found ourselves using the car seat even in countries where it wasn’t required (such as India), simply because the roads and traffic patterns were so unpredictable. Also, the car seat can help your little one doze off while you’re en route somewhere. All in all, a good car seat is something we’d recommend on almost any trip.

So what made us consider the IMMI GO? For one thing, this is actually the car seat used by Uber, so that’s a vote of confidence. What appealed to us is that it’s simultaneously very light (10 pounds) and highly durable. We checked it in on 39 flights, and it held up remarkably well, despite the fact that it was undoubtedly batted around quite a bit.

Something else we like about IMMI GO is that it’s foldable which means it is super portable and it comes with an attached bag that can use to cover your car seat when it’s not in use.

Aarav nicely sleeping in his car seat

Installation is always a concern with car seats, and thankfully, this one installs quite easily. There is a catch though – since this is a foldable car seat, you need to attach this car seat to latches both on the top and the bottom.

  1. Attaching the car seat at the bottom: Here you can use the latches that are in the seats (typically you have two latches for the driver, passenger side, and middle seat). If you don’t have those latches. All in all, pretty common and easy.
  2. Attaching the car seat at the top: Because this is a foldable car seat you need to attach the seat at the top as well. There you have latches in the trunk or right behind the headrest in newer models. If you don’t have these latches, we just used the headrest as your holding point. And that worked really well.

Overall: It took around a minute to install, 30 seconds to take out. When we took it in Ubers, that speed was incredibly nice.

The IMMI GO is also a very narrow car seat—another plus: Not only does the child fit comfortably, but it’s easy to fit more people in the car with him.

Aarav happily strapped into the car seat with plenty of room

The only issue we had with the product is that sometimes the bag wasn’t sufficient for keeping the car seat in place, especially on flights; nothing broke, but the entire bag was opened when it got back to us. We might recommend wrapping your car seat in plastic if you’re going to check it on a flight.

Car seat is folded in the bag and easy to carry

Beyond that, we don’t have anything negative to say about this product. A car seat is something you’ll use quite a lot, so it’s worth investing in one that’s really high-quality—and this is certainly one we can enthusiastically recommend.

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