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The 2 Idiots Comprehensive Packing List For Kids

This checklist originally appeared on our post, Traveling With Your Child: What should you pack? and we use it every time we go on a trip to ensure we don’t forget something important.

Hope you find it useful and let us know if there is something you consider essential for traveling with a child that we are forgetting!

  • Travel Stroller
  • Stroller Rain Cover (optional depending on weather)
  • Travel Car Seat
  • Travel Crib (optional, if you can find a crib in your destination accommodation, don’t take one)
  • Travel flight harness
  • Packing cubes
  • Youth toy backpack(s) with all their toys/books
  • Medicine bag (sun screen, bug spray, antibacterial ointment, Tylenol/Motrin/Benadryl, decongestant, diaper rash cream, band aids, thermometer, anti-bacterial wipes/hand santizer, snot remover)
  • Travel baby monitor
  • Food
    • Snacks (chips, fruit bars, dry cereal etc.)
    • Emergency chocolate (like M&Ms to give during a tantrum)
    • Quick meals like instant noodles (just in case you need it)
    • Milk/Baby Formula/Water
  • Milk Bottles/Sippy cups
  • Spare plastic bags (trust us it’ll come in handy)
  • Not potty trained child: 3-4 days worth of diapers, odor controlled diaper bags/plastic bags
  • Potty trained child/in potty training: 3-4 days worth of pullups, portable potty seat
  • Toiletries for child (brush, toothpaste, baby wash, baby lotion)
  • Devices—fully charged—to keep child busy, and charge cords (iPhone, iPad, Kindle etc.)
  • External battery charger—fully charged
  • Swimming clothes and diapers (swimsuit, puddle jumper)
  • Child clothes
    • Must include light jacket
    • Might include light pants
    • Extra pair of shoes

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