Snorkeling with toddlers. Snorkeling with kids. Image of us snorkeling in the Galapagos.

Tips To Go Snorkeling With A Toddler (exclusive book preview)

We love snorkeling because it’s a great way to see underwater wildlife with your family. When people hear we have taken Aarav snorkeling, they think we literally went snorkeling with a toddler, which is not possible, he’s too young. He has, however, accompanied us on several snorkeling tours, including in the Galapagos, Bali, the Great Barrier reef, and Grand Cayman, among others.

Snorkeling with toddlers and kids. Incredible experience in the Galapagos snorkeling with our toddler son.
Incredible experience seeing a turtle pass below the foot of our son while snorkeling with him in the Galapagos Islands
  • Get comfortable. The first thing you need to do is make sure your children will be comfortable in the water. The first day you go snorkeling with a toddler should not be your child’s first time in the water. Instead, save it for later in your trip and use the first few days to prepare your children by swimming and floating in the pool or beach. Our son loved water but it had been a few months between trips and he had forgotten what the pool felt like. It took him a couple of hours to get comfortable in the pool again before we went snorkeling with stingrays in Grand Cayman the next day.  
  • Find boats that allow kids. Not all snorkeling companies will allow young children, so be sure to check for age limits and requirements when doing your research. Some will require passengers to wear wetsuits, even small children, and you may have to squeeze your children into them (not an easy task).
  • Choose the right tour. One type of snorkel tour will take you to one location. This is the easiest because one parent can snorkel while the other stays on board with children, and then you can swap. Another tour may be an actual tour where you have to swim and follow along with a guide. In this case, you may have to swim with your children, or, worse case, a parent stays on the boat and has to miss the tour. Be sure to ask what type of tour it will be so you are prepared, and prepare your children for what is to come.

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