Savannah With Kids: The Ultimate Travel Guide

Savannah is the oldest city of the beautiful state of Georgia. It was an important city during the American Revolution and Civil War; serving as an influential seaport and industrial center. Today, it’s full of wonderful attractions showcasing its history through decorated streets, parks, important buildings and landmarks. Especially if you’re looking to spend a weekend away, visiting Savannah with kids is always a good idea. In our guide, you’ll find the best kid-friendly itinerary along with the best food to try, best time to travel and best areas to stay. 

Hope you have a great time in Savannah!

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Best time to travel to Savannah

Spring: March, April, May

Spring is the best time to visit Savannah. The beautiful azalea flowers start to bloom, and many festivals take over the city. St. Patrick’s Day is one you simply cannot miss; the streets come alive with music, decorations and food. Being at festivals as big as this, in fact, one of our favourite ways to discover a new city. It’s so exciting to see it as full of life as it can be! During spring, the Savannah Music festival, Sidewalk Art Festival  and SCAD Sand Arts Festival are also worth visiting. 

Summer: June, July, August

Another great time to visit Savannah with kids is the summer because of the large amount of things to do. On the other hand, you can expect to be surrounded by a lot more people in much hotter weather, which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Look out for higher accommodation prices too, they tend to increase during peak season. Make sure to attend the River Street Seafood Fest, and plan your 4th of July celebrations at the Waterfront.

Fall: September, October, November

During fall, the weather starts to get a little colder, and tourism tends to lower. Unlike other parts of the US, Savannah stays rather warm during the fall, which is great for spending time outdoors in festivals or walking around the city.  The Savannah Jazz Fest and the famous Savannah Harbor Boat Parade of Lights are some of the best ones to attend with kids. They love it!

Winter: December, January, February

In winter, Savannah does get cooler, but it’s definitely worth travelling to for its amazing Christmas atmosphere and New Year light shows. The Black Heritage Festival takes place in winter too, and it’s incredible. We couldn’t recommend it more. 

How To Get Around Savannah


To get around the historic district, Savannah is best covered by foot. You’ll have more time to look around, take in the scenery and go in and out of the quirky shops around the city. The streets are nicely paved too, so you won’t have any problems when using the stroller.

CAT (Bus)

Savannah’s bus system is called CAT. They have 15 different bus routes between Savannah and Chatham County. This also includes transport from the airport, the Intermodal Transit Center, and several hotels in town. Fares are very affordable; one-way tickets are $1.5 and day passes are $3. 

DOT (Shuttle) 

DOT is an amazing free shuttle service that takes residents and visitors around Savannah’s historic district. There are two routes you can take, and 24 stops you can opt to hop on and off. It also runs every 10 minutes and connects to parkings, the ferry and visitor centers.  It’s a great way to catch a quick glimpse of the city before diving in!

Savannah Belles Ferry

The Savannah Belles Ferry is a great experience for kids. It’s reminiscent of 100 year old vessels from the harbour, and offer free rides across the Savannah River. The ferry landing sites are the City Hall, Morrell Park and the Savannah Convention Center on Hutchinson Island. Kids love riding on the ferry, especially after knowing they’re names after some of Savannah’s most influential women like Juliette Gordon Law, Susie King Taylor, Flores Martus and Mary Musgrove.

Best places to stay in Savannah

Historic District

The historic district is one o the bestt places to stay in Savannah

The most beautiful place to stay in Savannah with kids is its historic district. Staying at the heart of the hustle of the city is definitely one of the best ways to experience the buzz and discover why it’s become a favorite among people across the country. You’ll be surrounded by incredible architecture, cultural diversity, and amazing dining options with the best of southern cuisine. Within the Historic District, there are several great areas to stay in with the family like the Riverfront or the East Street neighborhoods. It’s also close to some of the most famous attractions like Sorrel Weed House, the Georgia State Railroad Museum, and Forsyth Park.

City Market

City Market s one of the best places to stay n Savannah with kids
Photo credits:

City Market is where the magic happens. In the past, it used to be the main location for commerce as the city was growing, and is now full of art galleries, studios, live music venues, best entertainment and dining. Attractions close by include the Telfair Academy and Ellis Square, some of the most popular places in Savannah. Kids love this area for the incredible number of things to see and do, it’s truly a treat for them.


Midtown is one of the best areas to stay in Savannah with kids

The Midtown area of Savannah is surrounded by more residential neighbourhoods and green areas like the Habersham Woods, Kensington Park and Ardsley Park. It’s quite different to the other areas you can stay in since it’s a lot more low-key and closer to nature. For example, you’ll be near beautiful natural parks and wildlife centers like the Savannah Victorian Historic District and the Oatland Island Wildlife Center; great places to visit if you’re looking to stay clear of the typical touristic routes of Savannah. 

How Much Time to Stay in Savannah

Three full days are more than enough to spend in Savannah with kids. It will give you just the right amount of time to take in the city’s charm without feeling like you’ve run out of things to do.

Things to do in Savannah with kids

Forsyth Park

Forsyth Park is one of the best things to do in Charleston with kids

Forsyth Park is probably the first stop you have to make when visiting Savannah with kids. Extending over 30 acres, it’s a beautiful slice of nature that provides fresh air and a sense of peace for a city that’s so busy. The fountain, inspired by Paris, is sometimes surrounded by talented musicians and trumpet players that bring the park to life. On a sunny day, you’ll find locals hanging up hammocks and having picnics on the grass. There are two playgrounds for kids to take over too, so you can be sure they’ll be happy here. Forsyth Park tends to be the main host for popular events and festivals such as the Sidewalk Arts Festival, the Savannah Jazz Festival and the Rock n’ Roll Marathon. Make sure to check whether you’re lucky to go to one of them!

Address:  2 W Gaston St, Savannah, GA 31401, United States

Discover Savannah Historic District

Discovering the center of Savannah is one of the best things to do with kids

One of Savannah’s best attractions are its streets and houses themselves. Of course, the best place to find them is the historic center. Savannah’s historic center concentrates a multitude of landmarks, museums, squares and beautiful houses over   20 city squares. Almost nothing compares to its wonderful cobblestone streets and its buzzing activity from the exciting culture, art and nightlife that give the city its vibrant character. As you may already know, Southern hospitality is as good as anything gets; so we strongly encourage you to try as many cafes and restaurants as you can. Not only will it make your stomach full, but also your soul!

Riverboat Cruise

The riverboat cruise is one of the best things to do in Charleston with kids

When travelling to Savannah with kids, hopping on the Riverboat Cruise is one of the best things you can do. Named Queens of the River, the cruises offered by the Savannah Riverboat Cruises are one of the best ways to see the city. Elegantly decorated with traditional colors and luxurious dining and open-air decks, it’s one of those experiences you can’t miss out on. A simple cruise around the river is already quite a great choice of something to do on a sunny day. But don’t hesitate to book a table at their dining cruises! They will provide you with only the best Southern food and service… you already know that it’s one of the South’s strongest points!

Website: Savannah Riverboat Cruises 

Tybee Island

tybee island is one o the best places to visit with kids in Charleston

Although Savannah’s center is full of history and charm, another of its best places to visit are its beaches; especially, Tybee Island. As you arrive on the water-surrounded highway, the Island has an incredible three miles of beach you can spend an entire day at. The main beaches at Tybee Island are called Little Tybee Beach, South Beach, Mid Beach and North Beaches – and they all offer the best possible experience of the sea you can imagine. If you’re thinking of escaping to Savannah with kids for a weekend, don’t hesitate to spend at least an afternoon at one of these beaches. 

Little Tybee beach is quite different from the rest – it’s composed of a beautiful nature reserve where it’s possible to kayak and jet ski. This is a great option for families who enjoy being a little more adventurous, while those who enjoy playing in the sand and dipping in the sea may enjoy the bigger ones on the other side of the island. 

The Savannah Waterfront

The waterfront is one of the bestplaces to visit in Savannah with kids

On a nice summer day visiting Savannah with kids, there’s nothing better walking along the Waterfront. Back in the day, it used to be home to massive cotton warehouses. But today, besides showcasing some of the most beautiful views of the city, it’s one of the areas with most entertainment, music, dining and overall excitement The Waterfront is known for preserving Savannah’s historic charm and keeping the historic scenery that has made it so unique stay intact. Whether you come at night or during the day, you can always expect to have a great time!

Wormsloe Historic Site

The wormloe historic site is one of the best things to do in savannah with kids

Located a 15 minute ride away from the historic center, you’ll discover one of the city’s most loved and known landmarks; The Wormsloe Historic Site. It should definitely be on your list of top things to do in Savannah with kids! The site used to be part of Noble Jones’s estate and plantation in the 1730s. As soon as you pass through the gates, you’ll be amazed by the amount of beautiful oak trees casting shadows over the long road leading to the estate.  

Once in the estate, there are several things you can do. The museum explains the history of Georgia, and an in-costume guide will be happy to take you around some of the nature trails. In some events, you’re more than welcome to try costumes out for yourself! Overall it’s a great way to know how life during the colonial period used to be like; very interesting for the kids as well!

Website: Wormsloe Historic Site 
Address: 7601 Skidaway Road, Savannah, GA 31406 Chatham County
Hours: Daily 9 AM - 4.45 PM
    Adults $10.00
    Seniors: $9.00
    Youth (6–17 years old): $4.50
   Children (under 6 years old): $2.00

Fort McAllister State Park

Fort McAllister State Park is one of the best things to do in Charleston with kids

Around 10 miles away from the center of Savannah, Fort McAllister State Park is home to the best-preserved earthwork fortification of the Confederacy. It’s located on the south bank of the beautiful Ogeechee River, resting among endless oak trees and salt marsh. The museum is worth visiting; kids love learning about the Civil War and taking a closer look at the artifacts of the time. Just so you get an idea, you’ll be able to see some cannons, bombproof barracks, palisades and a hot shot furnace. In our family, our kid can’t get enough exhibits like this!

Website: Fort McAllister State Park
Address: 3894 Ft. McAllister Rd.
Richmond Hill GA 31324
Hours: Daily 7 AM - 10 PM
     Adults $9
     Children (6-17 years old) $5
     Seniors (62+ years old) $8
     Daily Park Pass $5

Go on a Ghost Tour

A ghost tour is one of the best things to do in Savannah with kids

Due to its troubled history, Savannah is known to be one of the most haunted cities in America. There are dozens of mansions, cemeteries, hotels and other supernatural areas with ghosts and spirits that like to visit every once in a while. If staying in a haunted hotel room may be too much for your little ones, booking a sport on a ghost tour will be more suitable. All around the city, you’ll find tours during the day or night telling stories about how such places became haunted in the first place. We especially recommend visiting or booking a tour around Bonaventure Cemetery, The Old Pink House Restaurant, and The Kehoe House.

Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace

The Juliette Gordon Law birthplace is one of the best places to go to with kids in SAvannah

Around the United States, Juliette Gordon Law is known as a hero. In 1912, she gathered 18 girls to take part in outdoor educational activities in hopes of empowering young girls to new skills, be excited to take on adventure and find their true selves. Today, her initiatives are known around the world as the American Girl Scouts. As you may guess, it’s one of the best things to do in Savannah with kids. It motivates them to think about the effect of promoting courage, confidence and strength among young girls and might even encourage them to join.

At the house, you can expect to learn about the early life of “Daisy”  Julliette’s nickname and the history of the Girl Scouts. The exhibits are interactive and motivate kids to engage with them. We can say that it’s one of Savannah’s gems!

Website:  Juliette Gordon Law’s Birthplace
Address:  10 East Oglethorpe Avenue
    Adult $12
    Registered Girl Scouts $10
    Seniors and Students (5 to 21 years old) $12
    Children (under 4 years old) Free

The Owens-Thomas House

the Owens Thomas House is one f the best places to see with kids in Savannah

When coming to Savannah we kids, the Owens Thomas house should be a no-brainer.  

The Owens-Thomas House is packed with stories and history. Built in 1891, the house lets anyone who sets foot inside explore the relationships between the wealthy and the poor in such a conflicting historical period. In the house itself, you’ll find the luxurious lifestyles people with money used to live, while the slave quarters show the terrible conditions they would live in.  The visit also includes its beautiful 18th century gardens and other artifacts from the time.

Website: The Owens-Thomas House
Address: 124 Abercorn St, Savannah, GA 31401, United States
Hours: Thu - Mon 10 AM - 5 PM
    Adult $20
    Seniors $18
    Student (13 - 25 years old)  $15
   Child (6-2 years old) $5

Things to Eat in Savannah

Biscuits and Gravy

biscuits and gravy are one of the best things to eat in savannah

Eating biscuits with gravy in Savannah is one of life’s pleasures. In the South, it’s usually eaten as a breakfast delicacy that you simply can’t miss out on. They’re essentially soft dough biscuits covered in meat gravy with bits of sausage, ground beef, and bacon. The best places for breakfast you have to try when starting your day in Savannah with kids are Narobia’s Grits and Gravy, Clary’s Café and Collins’ Quarter.

Pecan Pralines

pecan pralines are some of the best things to eat in savannah with kids

When in Savannah, there’s no way you or your kids can skip on a good dose of pecan pralines; a sweet, southern dessert like no other. They’re the perfect combination of pecans, butter and brown sugar, and the best way to finish every meal. Find the best pecan pralines in Savannah at Savannah’s Candy Kitchen, River Sweet Treats and Byrd’s Famous Cookies. But beware, you’ll have a hard time keeping your kids away from them!

Peach Cobbler

peach cobbler is one of te best things to eat in Savannah with kids

You can’t visit Savannah without a slice of peach cobbler and vanilla ice cream. Peaches are probably the most famous fruits across the south, making peach cobbler yet again one of the most delicious things to try. Without a doubt, peach cobbler is one of the first things we eat when traveling to Savannah with kids! It’s the best way to treat them, for sure. We recommend going to the Sisters of the South, Ivy’s Heavenly Cobbler, or Crystal Beer Parlor. 

Pimiento Cheese

Pimiento cheese is definitely among the best things to eat in Savannah with kids, especially for picky eaters. It’s most commonly eaten with crackers as a starter, inside a sandwich or a snack. The recipe is simple; cheese, mayonnaise, pimiento…and a little but of Southern love. The Old Pink House, Back in the Day Bakery and Green Truck Neighbourhood Pub won’t disappoint you. According to reviewers and critics, these places have the best pimiento cheese in the city. 

Pecan Pie

Pecan pie is one of the best things to eat in Savannah with kids

No meal is complete without a slice of Southern pecan pie. Pecan pie is another delicacy in the South made from local pecans, and sweetened with molasses, honey or maple syrup. It’s probably the most popular dessert you’ll find in the entire state, so make sure you have a slice (or many) when visiting Savannah with the kids. The best pecan pie places in Savannah are hard to pin down, but here are a couple: Little Crown by Pie Society, Lulu’s Chocolate Bar, and Sweet Potatoes Kitchen. Don’t forget to ask for it served warm!

There you have it! The complete kid-friendly guide for Savannah. It’s one of the top cities we’ve been to in the South; always bursting with good energy and atmosphere. It never fails to surprise us and fill us with new stories and memories about the past. We couldn’t recommend Savannah more! 

Do you have any memories of the city? Did we miss something out? Let us know in the comments down below!

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