Our Favorite Travel Apps for Kids

This list originally came from our post Technology and apps to make traveling w/ children much easier (controversial topic alert!) on time for us while keeping our little one busy, engaged and learning the whole time!

Let us know if you have any apps that you find particularly helpful while traveling with your children.

YouTube Premium: we subscribe to YouTube Premium only when we are traveling so we can download all of our son’s favorite educational shows.

Kindle Fire Kids Edition: ton of great apps and videos that you can download straight to the Kindle. Be aware of the drawback that the downloads only last 48 hours before having to reconnect to the internet.

Chu Chu TV: a subscription-based app where you can access a great library of videos for your kids. Videos are educational with super diverse characters. These videos can be downloaded to any smart device.

The Monkey Preschool Series: a bundle of apps, which you can download a la carte or as a group, that are designed to fit your child’s current skill level.

Baby Flashcards Apps: available in different languages—we have the Hindi and English—it lets your child build a robust vocabulary. Our son finds this app to be completely engrossing!

Smart Baby Apps: great set of apps that allows your child to learn alphabets and words, match shapes and colors, learn to sort and develop some puzzle-solving skills (Smart Baby ABC, Smart Shapes, Smart Baby Touch, Smart Sorter).

Funny Foods: not so much an app as an entire library of mini-apps and games, this is an endlessly appealing way for kids to learn.

Dr.Seuss ABCs: our son loves this app and it has helped him learn his alphabet.

Netflix: doesn’t have too many great options for kids. But now that Netflix offers downloadable video options, we use it while traveling.

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