The Best Kids Travel Gear (2021 Guide)

All parents have been there – you’re traveling with your toddler or baby and they start fussing for something tucked away into the stroller or diaper bag. It’s crowded, hot, and noisy and you’re having the hardest time finding what you need to calm your child. Maybe you’re trying to put your exhausted toddler into their stroller for a quick nap, but the darn thing won’t unfold fast enough. Buckles are getting caught on things, the joints won’t loosen, and you’re breaking a sweat before noon.
When you don’t have the right equipment to make traveling with kids easier, then it’s hard to find the motivation to ever do it with your family. What’s the quickest, simplest way to make traveling with children easier?
It’s having the right products at-hand.
We’ve worked hard to create this guide which contains our recommendations on the best kids travel gear and accessories for infants, babies and toddlers. Our goal is to make it easier for you to find the best travel gear for your kids such as the best travel stroller for kids, best travel car seat for toddlers or the best airplane harness. We have several categories that we’ve broken down below.

Best Travel Stroller for Kids

Parent-Approved: The Best Travel Umbrella Strollers
Parent-Approved: The Best Travel Double Strollers
Parent-Approved: The Best Stroller Bags
GB Pockit: Our Recommendation for Best Travel Stroller

Best Travel Car Seat for Infants and Toddlers

Parent-Approved: The Best Car Seats for Infants
Parent-Approved: The Best Car Seats for Toddlers (front facing, 18+ months)
Parent-Approved: The 10 Best Car Seat Bags
IMMI-GO: Our recommendation for Best Travel Car Seat

Best Airplane Harness

Kids Fly Safe Harness: Our Recommendation for Best Airplane Harness

Best Backpacks

Parent-Approved: The Best Backpacks For Toddlers and Kids

Best Travel Gifts For Kids

Best Travel Gifts For Kids

Best Travel Credit Cards

Chase Sapphire: Our Recommendation for Best Travel Credit Card (USA)

Best Travel Cellphone Providers

T-mobile: Our Recommendation for Best Cell Phone Provider (USA)

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