how to keep baby cool in stroller

A Few Short Know-hows On How To Keep Baby Cool In Stroller

Children need their time on the outside as it is very important for their mental growth. Likewise, little babies need to spend some time outside because it increases their social perception and cognitive abilities. Infant caregivers therefore like to take their charges out to a park, or open space in their little strollers. However, the babies can get uncomfortable and hot in the strollers too – do you want to know how to keep baby cool in stroller? We have specified some points which you can follow to keep your babies comfortable.

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Some Ways you can follow when looking for different methods of how to keep baby cool in stroller

8 Ways to Keep Your Baby Cool in the Stroller

Summer usually means cool drinks and a visit to the beach, at least some time in the nearby pool. For mothers of newborn babies, or children yet to learn walking on their own – summer is a challenging season, because the excessive heat is a cause for concern. You cannot overdress as a baby as it can generate a painful heat rash, and for taking the kids out for their evening stroll in the park, you would need to keep them most comfortable. Modern strollers are designed to provide the baby with the most comfort. Still, you could consider the following points if you want to know how to keep baby cool in stroller?

Method#1: Keep the babies shaded enough

In the heat, the sensitive skins of the babies need shade. Usually, the stroller is provided with a shade but the size varies with the company. Some of them provide adequate coverage while others provide no shade at all. However, you can apply some DIY fixes to solve this problem. Here are some of them:

  • Buy a universal canopy extender. There are several available online. Measure the area you need and order as per requirement.
  • Procure a muslin swaddle blanket. Muslin is breathable, and also provides great shade in the sun. You can get swaddle blankets with clip-ons online. Also, you can attach these blankets can to the belly bar or the snack tray of the stroller.

You have to keep in mind the legs of the children.

Method#2: Use a stroller fan

Worried about the summer heat getting to your baby? Now, you can put an actual fan on its stroller and give a nice cold breeze while you are walking about. These fans can be clipped on to the handles of the stroller. Their blades are made from foam so it wouldn’t hurt the baby if it accidentally touches it in operation. You can get these fans working with a battery, so your baby has no danger from a live electrical circuit in its vicinity. Moreover, you can have a quiet and nice stroll while your little one looks at the captivating sight of the fan moving and remains distracted.

Method#3: Use the ventilation option

You should buy strollers which have a removable back panel. These back panels allow for better ventilation and air flow during the warmer months. You can just remove the back panel if you feel your baby is feeling the heat, and the extended ventilation will help you in reducing your baby’s discomfort. However, keep a lookout for the arms and head of the baby.

Method#4: Remain hydrated properly

Although this point doesn’t have a direct relation with the heat regulation in the stroller, it is very important to maintain your baby’s health in the summertime. Keep a bottle of water ready in the stroller and one with a nipple or straw, depending on the age of the baby. You can check if they are hydrated by keeping the count of their bathroom visits, number of changed diapers or the color and smell of their urine. Usually, children under 6 years do not require water from outside as they get it from the mother’s breast milk or the formula – however, you can check with your pediatrician if you want.

For older kids who can drink water on their own, you can entice them by mixing a little fruit juice or giving them a cup with a swirly straw. Otherwise, you can give slices of juicy fruits like watermelon or pineapple to them. You can also make popsicles in your home from these fruits – the kids’ loves these treats and they will also have their hydration done.

Method#5: Attach a cooling stroller liner

You may have heard of or used stroller liners and pads. They serve different functions – like supporting the kid’s body, absorbing sweat, or just giving a stylish flair to the stroller. Now you can get stroller liners that actually provide a cooling effect for the baby. You need to check out these products before you buy them for your baby, so it is better to do an unbiased online search or have a conversation with the people who are already using it.

Method #6: Using Home solutions

If you do not want to buy artificial stroller liners or blankets, you can apply the home DIY solutions our previous generations used to apply. For example, you can fill up a water bottle up to 2/3rd portion with water, freeze it, and wrap it in a towel. You will have to place them on both sides of the baby. This “water bottle sandwich” has been known to cool the baby effectively. However, you will have to keep in mind to tighten the caps of the bottle very strongly. Be aware if they have figured out how to unscrew it – as it can become a choking hazard for them.

Method #7: Giving them a cool wiping

You can apply a wet towel to the faces and legs of the baby. Here are the steps to do it properly:

  • Submerge the towel completely in the water till the towel has completely absorbed the water.
  • Wring the towel to press out the excess water but do not completely dry it out.
  • Wipe the child’s arm, legs, and face properly and then place the towel behind the neck of the child.

The air flowing between the baby and the towel will become refreshing and cool. However, you have to keep an eye on the towel. So that it doesn’t get lodged or obstruct the baby’s nasal pathway or face. Also, during the wiping down, you have to be aware so that any thread from the towel does not get into the eyes or nose of the baby.

Method #8: Using sensible clothing

In addition to the factors mentioned above, clothing for the baby is also important to keep its cool while roaming in the stroller. Generally, developing systems like the babies’ and the infants’ tend to conserve heat, which causes overheating. So, if you are careful about the clothing you are providing to your child during the stroller ride, it can easily cause heat rashes, heat strokes and sunburns. Likewise, if you underdress your baby, it can still get sick from the heat of the summer and in serious cases – lead to heat strokes or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS. Some ways to ensure that they are wearing sensible clothes during their stroller ride are as follows:

  • Choose the correct clothing material: You should dress your infant in sensible, lightweight, and loose-fitting clothes. The material of the clothing is important to regulate their body temperature and cotton is a great choice for that. His fabric material is breathable and wicks the moisture away from their skin, effectively cooling their body. Another good material is bamboo fiber – it absorbs the sweat from the skin but unlike cotton, does not retain it. Bamboo-fiber clothing lets the sweat evaporate – so your baby is free from body odor.
  • Selecting lighter colors: Dressing up your baby in differently colored clothes may look cool and cute. But in the summer months, it may not be proper for the baby. You should choose clothes with lighter colors as they reflect more sunlight than darker clothes. Due to this reason, the babies wearing darker clothes will feel more heat than the ones wearing lighter-colored cloth.
  • Using hats: In summer months, hats are essential while taking the baby out in the stroller. Especially if their ride has a short canopy. You should choose hats made of lightweight materials that cover the neck and the years. You can buy broad-rimmed child hats with strings to tie it under the chin from online shops or from your local stores. Avoid elastic bands should as they can hinder the circulation of the child in the stroller.
how to keep baby cool in stroller


So, there you have some effective methods to apply when faced with the question of “how to keep baby cool in stroller. Hopefully, these will work when your baby needs to have its outdoor time in the summer heat and provide both you and your baby relief from the summer heat.

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