Flying With A Baby Checklist: An Easy Way To Plan Travels With Kids

So, you’ve finally planned a family trip but are worried about how to take your toddler with you. Well, you’re not alone. Our flying with a toddler checklist covers all the essentials you need to have a safe and enjoyable flight with your munchkin.

Indeed, flying with a toddler needs you to take extra precautions. While solo trips are fun, flying with your baby can be quite stressful if you fail to plan well enough to anticipate every possible scenario while you’re away from home. We’ve put together a list of all the things to pack for toddler on a plane. Check it out!

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Flying with a toddler checklist

Toddler Must-Have Flight Essentials

CARES Airplane Safety Harness


One of the most important things to pack for toddler on plane is an FAA-approved CARES Airplane Safety Harness. This harness is highly recommended when the goal is to guarantee your toddler flies safely. However, you need to be careful when shopping for one because there are several rip-offs in the market.

The harness is specifically designed to let your child sit comfortably on the flight seat while it also allows your child to enjoy a snug sleep. This harness comes especially handy during overnight flights which coincides with your munchkin’s bed time. Moreover, the harness acts like a secure and plush protection during turbulence. Check out this CARES Airplane Safety Harness:

Neck Pillow

INFANZIACheck price
BCOZZYCheck price
MOOBCheck price

A neck pillow is essential if you are traveling with a toddler. It is mandatory as it provides amazing comfort and support to your toddler’s neck. Most kids have sensitive skin. Hence, it’s best to take a high-quality pillow rather than just selecting any random item.

Remember to purchase neck pillows specially designed for kids. Children tend to have more fragile necks. Therefore, it is important to buy a cushioned neck pillow lest they will have a bodyache.

When you buy a neck pillow for your little one, always ensure that it is packable and doesn’t take much space in your carry-on luggage. There are many things to pack for a toddler on a plane and you need to make sure that there’s space for everything you need to be within arm’s reach.

Check out these amazing neck pillows:

Travel Car Seat

EvenfloCheck price
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DionoCheck price

Flying with a car seat is the safest option you can adapt for your toddler. Airplane seatbelts do not provide enough security for kids. These are generally made for adults. Hence, it is important that your little one travels with an FAA-approved travel car seat. However, before you add this to your flying with a toddler checklist, there are a few things that require your careful consideration:

  • Firstly, the car seat should be bought according to your child’s age, size and the level of development.
  • Secondly, infant kids below the age of two should be carried in car seats that face the rear.
  • The weight of the car seat should be approximately around 4 up to 40lbs or slightly more.
  • The size of the car seat should be slightly bigger than your child. There should be a gap of at least 1 inch between your child’s head and the top of the car seat.

Check out these super secure travel car seats:

Portable Potty

OXOCheck price
MunchkinCheck price

Your child’s bathroom needs can turn straight into a horror if not attended the right way. If your baby isn’t potty trained, you’ll need lots of diapers and wipes. The good thing is once your flight journey is over and you reach your destination, you can always restock them.

However, if your child is potty trained, you’ll need to carry a portable potty with you. You can also add extra pull-ups to your list of things to pack for toddlers on plane. This way you can put your child in the pull-up without dealing with cleaning piles of messes.

Take a look at these awesome portable potty equipments:

Travel Trays

Organized EmpireCheck price
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Beloved BelongingsCheck price

Travel trays are an essential part of your flying with a toddler checklist. In fact, travel trays should be included in all of your trips. But, before you make the purchase, ensure that the travel tray comes with a strong, non-droopy base. Kids are always adding pressure on the table. Hence, the tray must be capable enough to take those blows while traveling.

Also, it is preferable if the travel tray comes with several compartments. A cup holder section is mandatory as it will be more convenient for your kid. Here are some awesome travel trays you definitely should check out:

Flying With A Toddler Essentials: Fun And Entertainment

Kids need to be preoccupied when they’re awake. You need to keep them busy so that they stay well-behaved throughout the flight. They are filled with energy and hence, it is important that they stay entertained.

Below are some wonderful ideas to incorporate in your list of things to pack for toddler on plane.


Eric CarleCheck price
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Books can take your kid’s minds to new places. A colorful book with lots of pictures and decorations will instantly catch their attention. Additionally, reading them a book can be educational. So, in many ways your munchkin will be using the time in a fruitful manner.

Here are some of the best books you can purchase for your toddler.

Water Reveal Drawing Books And Activity Pads

MarkbetterCheck price
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ScholasticCheck price

Water-reveal drawing books or activity pads are absolute fun for kids. Their unique technology helps kids enjoy drawing without ink or color. Thus, making it safer and without any mess. Here are a few drawing books/activity pads you would like to try:

Magnetic Travel Games

HABACheck price
HABACheck price
Melissa & DougCheck price

Most travel games made for car trips or plane journeys are magnetically built. This makes it easier to play with as the toy pieces do not fly about anywhere.

Take a look at these awesome magnetic travel games that you can add in your flying with a toddler checklist:

Play-Doh and Slime

Play-DohCheck price
Educational InsightsCheck price
FRIMOONYCheck price

Play-Doh has been an interesting plaything for kids for years. And why not? It is soothing and completely captivates your kids attention. Kids love Play-Doh as it transcends them into a creative zone. They can be architects of mini, colorful sculptures.

Here are our top 3 picks for Play-Doh:

Check out more ways to entertain your little one whenever you’re traveling.

In-Flight Entertainment

Most international flights have in-flight entertainment at each seat that includes children’s programming and games. Your kid will love to watch these.

Flight Journey With Toddler: Food And Health Checklist

One of the worst possibilities during travel is the risk of getting sick. Children, especially, are most susceptible to becoming ill in-flight. They are sensitive to environmental changes and you need to maintain utmost precautions to promote their health and well-being while you’re away from home.

Therefore, you must include these essentials in your flying with a baby checklist to take special care of your child’s health and safety.

Sippy Cups

MYINNI Check price
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CupkinCheck price

Your child will need to stay hydrated. Hence, it is important that you carry a filled bottle of water all the time. And sipper cups are the healthiest options to drink water from. Because of their silicone buildup, sippy cups tend to be non-toxic. Hence, they automatically become a safer choice for toddlers.</p>

You must avoid sippy cups made of plastic. Plastic sippy cups are made of Bisphenol A, a toxic element which infuses with liquid and is later consumed by kids. You can use steel as it does not contain such harmful components which harm the hormonal balance. You can try our top 3 sippy cups:

Medicine Bags

BuruisCheck price
KaptronCheck price
OMYSTYLECheck price

No matter where you go, it is mandatory that you don’t forget to take a medicine bag. Medicine bags are a crucial part of flying with a toddler checklist especially when you are traveling with a toddler.

Your medicine bags should contain all the basic stuff you may need in case of an emergency. It should have Band-Aids, sunscreen, antibacterial ointment, bug spray, Tylenol/Benadryl/Motril (including the pediatric ones), decongestants and a diaper rash ointment.

Additionally, your medical bags must have all the things to pack for toddlers on the plane in a proper place. It should be easy to find. Medicines for adults must be packed separately from the ones meant for the child. At the same time, if your child has special medical needs to be taken care of, you must consult his physician. Hence, you can pack the contents according to it. Check out these 3 efficient medicine bags you’d love to have:

Tissue Paper And Wipes

PampersCheck price
WaterWipesCheck price
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Wipes are essential if you have infants. You’ll need to take care of their hygiene. Wet wipes especially help a lot in maintaining a healthy and proper hygiene. You can get wet wipes which have antibacterial properties and are scented.

Don’t forget to include tissue papers and napkins in your flying with a toddler checklist. You can find various types in the market of preferable color and size. However, ensure that they do not contain any harmful chemical compositions that might put your child’s health at risk.

Hand Sanitizer

BabyganicsCheck price
WishCheck price
JusthumanCheck price

Hand sanitizers are a must-have during travels. This is true even when there is no pandemic around. You never know the risks of infections that you’re putting your kid and yourself in. Therefore, hand sanitizers can be really helpful in maintaining precautions and must be included in the flying with a baby checklist.

Before you let your child use the hand sanitizer, make sure that your child is not allergic to the product. In most cases, organic sanitizers do not cause any allergic reactions and are the safest options available. Check out these 3 hand sanitizers:

Flight Journey With Toddler: Miscellaneous Items

Packing Cubes

AmazonBasicsCheck price
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BagailCheck price

Packing Cubes are actually a great help in sorting the items of your flying with a toddler checklist. They are easy to pack and even more easy to carry around. You’ll find packing cubes of 4 different sizes available in the market. Packing Cubes are perfectly able to carry in them both big and small items. They are hassle-free and very convenient in functioning. Check these 3 really cute packing cubes:

Travel Stroller

gbCheck price
gbCheck price
IUMECheck price

Travel strollers are a huge help while travelling with kids. You need a stroller that is durable and foldable. It’s versatile and can be used for all kinds of trips. Moreover, full-sized strollers tend to be strong, durable and larger in space. In case you have an infant, you can opt for strollers with bassinets and deep recliners intact. Also, look for a stroller which can provide suitable neck support to your little one’s neck. Before you add this in your flying with a toddler checklist, you must try a sample. Take a look at these amazing travel strollers:

You can also read our travel strollers guide to learn more about traveling in a safe space.


The North FaceCheck price
AbshooCheck price
WildkinCheck price

A reasonably spacious backpack is a must to carry on your next travel with your kids. You can pack your child’s accessories like toys, books, etc. here. The main benefit advantage to the backpack is its portability. Just hang it on your stroller, and you are good to go! Here are some wonderful backpacks you can check:

Baby Carrier

LILLEbabyCheck price
ErgobabyCheck price
JMMDCheck price

When you are planning to flying with a toddler checklist, you will need to add baby carriers to it. You will need to let your arms relax and that’s why baby carriers are a huge relief.

Baby Carriers are available in different materials. You can choose synthetic, organic or natural carriers. Most importantly, you should buy your baby carrier according to your child’s size. Since, your toddler will need neck support too, baby carriers with head support are more efficient. Check out these super useful baby carriers:

Read our guide on 10 best baby carriers for travel to gain a deeper perspective.

Ear Muffs/Headphones

VanderfieldsCheck price
CozyPhonesCheck price
SnugCheck price

Good quality earMuffs or headphones not only protect your child’s ears from loud noises but also reduce any distraction during sleep time. A wonderful accessory, these are especially helpful with noise-sensitive children. Mentioned below are some of the ear muffs or headphones you can try:

Spare Plastic Bags

One of the most underrated yet important miscellaneous items during travels is a spare plastic bag. You can use these bags for laundry and throw your clothes in it after changing, thus separating them from the clean ones.


How can I help my baby with air pressure discomfort?

If your toddler’s ears hurt during air pressure, you can give them a bottle or a pacifier to suck on. This will help them release the tension. In case, your kid doesn’t like the bottle or the pacifier, you can let them chew something edible like a soft candy.

There are more chances of air pressure building up multiple times during the journey. Make sure you have enough of these packed for your kid. Otherwise, they can panic under the stress. These things should come handy especially while takeoff and during landings. Therefore, you’ll need to give your child these treats frequently.

Should I bring headphones for my toddler?

You can give your child a set of headphones that will keep them occupied with entertainment. This way they will be too distracted to throw a tantrum and it will be much relieving to parents as well as other passengers. Check out this selection of 10 best baby headphones for airplane travel.

You can also add some educational apps in your device which will keep your child invested in it.

You can also subscribe to YouTube premium where you’ll find multiple channels for kids that are both fun and educational. Limit the amount of time you give to your kid on your devices on the day you have a flight. Conclusively, your munchkin is going to appreciate the distraction when you finally let them watch something on the plane.

Can I bring snacks and milk for my toddler to the airport?

Milk is considered to be medically essential for kids. You can also carry baby food for your infant as well as breast milk. However, you’ll need to inform the TSA officer that you are carrying breast milk or baby formula in excess of 3.4 ounces.

When it comes to carrying snacks, yes, most airports permit you to carry snacks. As per the TSA rules, as long as the snacks are in solid form, there should be no problem in taking them with you in your baggage.

Should I let my child have his own travel backpack?

In case your toddler is three years old or more, you can definitely pack a backpack for them. However, you need to be sure that the backpack is exclusively for toddlers. Kids love to carry backpacks as it gives them a sense of self-importance. You can pack their essentials in the backpack like their toys, books, pull-ups, a restricted amount of snacks and drinks.

What are the regulations behind bringing car seats and strollers onboard a plane?

You can definitely bring car seats and strollers onboard on many international flights. However, you must remember certain pointers. Firstly, the car seat should be bought according to your child’s age, size and the level of development. Secondly, infant kids below the age of two should be carried in car seats that face the rear. The weight should be approximately around 4-40lbs or slightly more. The size of the car seat should be slightly bigger than your child. There should be a gap of at least 1 inch between your child’s head and the top of the car seat.


Traveling is a therapeutic experience and traveling with family is an otherworldly experience. Of course, traveling as a parent can be stressful but the good moments outshine it all. Being a parent doesn’t mean sacrificing what you love. It can mean that now you have more people with whom you can share what you love. Our guide to flying with a toddler checklist is to help you and your little munchkin enjoy the best experiences around the world.

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