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Consider how exciting your next vacation will be, a destination where all the real and the exceptional collide. All you must do is fly to Ensenada, Baja California, and enjoy all-inclusive resorts here.

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Because it is one of the entryways to the Wine Route in Baja California, Ensenada is regarded as the “Capital of Mexican Wine.” It is the biggest town in Mexico, with outstanding physical landscape, vegetation, and wildlife”. This lovely location is excellent for those who visit the park and recreational activities.

1. Quintas Papagayo


Quintas Papagayo is a fenced group of modest rustic villas. There’s a ’70s atmosphere everywhere, and by the looks of it, a few of the structures haven’t really been refurbished ever since the era, which wouldn’t appear to worry the budget-conscious visitors that visit here.

It has a distinct rustic vibe. Terra-cotta tiled flooring, timber ceilings, and a rock fireplace can be seen in the foyer. There is wonderful lush grass with a variety of plants amongst the modest cottages.

The Quintas Papagayo bedrooms, cabins, and villas are tidy and feature typical Mexican accents, although they are fairly old and exhibit evident rust. The style is mostly rustic, with aged interior decoration, flatscreen televisions and internet access.

Finally, the pathways lead to a tiny stretch of beach with a rocky coastline. The coastal setting of Quintas Papagayo draws visitors. The hotel is approximately less than a ten-minute drive from the downtown area, and the harbor is just a five-minute trip. Dining and supermarkets may be found on side streets. The resort is roughly a half-hour walk from a couple of institutions.

Some come with cooking facilities that contain burners, refrigerators, heaters, mini-fridges, and coffee makers. Unfortunately, none of them have air conditioning but it provides you direct access to the coastline. The condos all have equipped terraces or decks, and some have constructed brick grills.

Do you miss the sound of the waves and cold breeze? You can definitely book here and contact them in the following details given below!

 Website: https://www.quintaspapagayo.com/cabana-installations-quintaspapagay
 Address: Km. 108 Tij-Ens, Zona Playitas. Ensenada Baja California México, C.P. 22870
 Phone: ​+52 (646) 174 4980 / 52 (646) 174 4575
 Email: info@quintaspapagayo.com 

2.   Hotel Coral And Marina

Photo credit: hotelcoral.com

Discover how so many tourists choose Hotel Coral & Marina as their Ensenada hotel. It provides a lovely location including an assortment of facilities intended for tourists like yourself, maintaining a positive blend of worth, relaxation, and accessibility that will surely give pleasure to the whole family.

Hotel Coral & Marina is one of the finest nearby hotels, with lush greenery and groomed gardens running through its pastel exterior. Inside, the design appears to be typical of a resort of this caliber: spacious lounging spaces in a well-lit lobby, a made from wood reception counter, and spotless tile flooring.

The accommodations have internet access, flat-screen televisions, air conditioning, and a lot more offering customers to relax and unwind. Free parking is available for guests like you if you wish to bring your own and you may also use the pool and breakfast facilities on-site.

The usually plain and occasionally weary rooms get their personality from contemporary art pieces and signage. The beachfront lounge, outdoor patio, and asymmetrical terraces provide picturesque views of the coast from every angle.

The resort is located off a major highway about north of Ensenada’s downtown area, which gives it a convenient location from which to visit most tourist attractions like  Plaza Civica and Aduana Maritima for adventure travelers to see prominent sights while in Ensenada. As well as the downtown cafés, restaurants such as Sano’s Steak House— a renowned Ensenada filet mignon restaurant, and stores, are all within an eight-minute drive.

What to do here

There is much to do inside the resort thanks to a variety of leisure activities. The warmed indoor swimming pool is a pleasant addition to the outdoor swimming pool, which has several comfortable chairs surrounded by trees and harbor views. A sandy spot along the shoreline offers modest casitas and a children’s playground.

Modern equipment and weight training are all available at a decent-sized fitness center. The resort’s C Spa covers a diverse range of amenities, including hairdressing and sauna, as well as beauty treatments and massage therapy.

Cosmetics and even swimwears are available at the souvenir shop. If you wish to bring your family here and enjoy the breathtaking view of the pacific ocean you can contact them in the details given below. Enjoy!

 Website: https://www.hotelcoral.com/
 Address: Km. 103 Carretera Tijuana - Ensenada No.3421 Zona Playitas, CP 22860 Ensenada, Baja California, México
 Phone: +52 (646) 1750000
 Email: reservations@hotelcoral.com / ventas@hotelcoral.com
 Cost: $362 DLLS / 1 Night 

3.  San Nicolas Hotel And Casino

san nicolas hotel and casino

The San Nicolas Hotel and Casino welcomes tourists because of its prime hub and range of amenities, such as a casino with 400 game machines and 10 tables and a huge outdoor pool with three hot tubs, poolside bar and restaurant that offers a casual dining experience, while business visitors come for its conference and event area.

The basic façade of the business is adorned with large crimson red signs, but the appearance and vibe inside is quite regular. The foyer is vibrant and open thanks to glistening flooring, and modest cushioned bamboo lounging adds a tropics flair.

The outside portion is the main attraction: a spacious internal garden with a beautiful pool and plenty of sunbeds, as well as elegant timber landscaped gardens with comfortable seats. It’s a wonderful location to relax and absorb little sunshine among the big trees around the area.

The property is located in the heart of Ensenada, close to cafes, nightclubs, and the beach. Only a few minutes walk is First Street, which has many eateries, clubs, cafés, and gift stores. The Caracol Museum and the Museo de Historia are all close by.

Air conditioning, flat-screen Televisions, espresso machines, on-the-go drinks, and complimentary internet access are among the standard facilities. You and your family can also enjoy the 24/7 room service if ever you need something. The restrooms have white tiles to maintain the classy look of the hotel.

 Website: https://www.snhotelcasino.com/
 Address: Primera y Guadalupe S/N Zona Centro, Cultural y Deportiva. Z.C. 22880 Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico
 Phone: Toll Free 1-800-SNH-7705  / 001-52-646-176-19-01
 Room Reservations: reservations@snhotelcasino.com
 Sales: ejec.ventas@snhotelcasino.com
 Events: eventos@snhotelcasino.com
 Cost: $93 - $315 / 1 night (2 pax) 

4.  Corona Hotel And Spa

Corona Hotel And Spa

The Corona Hotel & Spa is set in a beautiful four-story Mexican colonial structure on surroundings with gardens and palm trees. Visitors convene on the veranda surrounding the outdoor swimming pool to enjoy beverages and soak up little sunshine in the common areas, which are decorated in a basic, vibrant style. The property features a spa, unlike most other establishments in the region, so tourists may relax inside the hot tub or enjoy treatments.

The SCORE Baja 1000 marina is visible from this resort, which is located in the middle of Ensenada on a bustling street. A few corner shops are nearby, and the property is a walking distance from Adolfo Lopez Mateos (First Street). There you can find diners, nightclubs, cafes, boutiques, and gift booths.

The Caracol Science Museum and Museum of History are just minutes away from the hotel. If you want to go further, you can travel for less than an hour from the Corona lies Las Canadas Campamento, which has a canopy adventure, and hanging footbridge.

The Corona Hotel & Spa’s large guest rooms and suites are well-kept but have a retro appearance. The decor is mostly ivory, beige, and mocha, with accents of gold in red. There are no kettles or mini-fridges, but there is air conditioning, Televisions, and internet access.

The main bedroom features two living spaces, a fireplace, and a jacuzzi tub, while the others have minibars and lounging spaces with couches. The restrooms should be updated as well, although they are clean and equipped with illuminated cosmetic vanities, and other amenities.

 Website: https://www.hotelcorona.com.mx/
 Address: Blvd. Costero 1442, Ensenada, B.C., 22880, Mexico
 Phone: +52 646 176 0901 / +52 646 176 0902
 Email: reserv@hotelcorona.com.mx
 Cost: $135 / 1 Night (4 pax) 

5.  Estero Beach Hotel And Resort

Estero Beach Hotel And Resort

The Estero Beach Hotel & Resort was established in the 1950s as a traditional resort with a Mexican vibe. It has wide outdoor spaces, a breathtaking view of the ocean, and lovely green surroundings.

The resort’s décor is largely basic, with little additional accents giving it some vitality. The entire place has a homely feel to it, with no pretension of being anything other than a pleasant seaside resort.

The resort provides direct exclusive use of the beach, with the greatest beautiful sandy beaches from the outdoor pool. Sports and volleyball courts, as well as seashore events, keeping energetic visitors occupied.

You can find pedicures and esthetic services on the beachfront and in the suites, allowing you to unwind. The resort is renowned by couples with children. It has enough amenities and room to meet the needs of everyone.

Baja Country Club and La Bufadora are about a half-hour ride down from the resort. It contains a market with eateries, as well as a breathtaking sight of a marine geyser.

Important thing to note

There is no public transportation in the region. The most convenient method to really get around is to rent a vehicle or take a private vehicle. The resort is an 11-minute ride from Ensenada Airport. Tourists may pass the American border at Tijuana in roughly two hours however driving durations vary based on traffic.

The hotel rooms feature of the Estero Beach Hotel & Resort are modest and timeless, with a common motif running throughout. The interior is simple, although there are a few unique things on the wall surfaces. You’ll see handmade light stands and native paintings while the furnishings are a mix of modern and vintage.

Every accommodation has its own equipped patio overlooking the yard or the seaside. There’s air conditioning, a flat-screen TV, and free internet access. For the suites, there are two bedrooms that are perfect for the family. And a furnished kitchen and dining area, which all have views of the ocean.

The amenities of the Estero Beach Hotel & Resort cater to families with children seeking entertainment to keep the children amused. There is a beachside bistro with Mexican and foreign food. Note that you need to pay for these meals separately.

A huge pool with a view of the coastline is flanked by lush greenery, sun loungers, umbrellas, and a poolside bar. There are sports areas for tennis and volleyball as well as play areas for kids. However, there are no gym facilities. If you want to take more adventures with the family you can definitely try Kayak paddling and waterskiing.

 Website: https://www.facebook.com/EsteroBeachHotelResort/
 Address: Calle Playas, Del Estero S/N, Ex-Ejido Chapultepec, 22785 Ensenada, B.C., México
 Phone: +52 646 176 6225
 Email: reservations@hotelesterobeach.com
 Cost: $188 / 1 night (2 pax) 

6.  Las Rosas Hotel And Spa

Las Rosas Hotel And Spa
Photo credit: lasrosas.com

The mid-priced Las Rosas Hotel & Spa is housed in a big five-story pink structure on the seaside, with stunning scenery of the sea. Beautiful ornate tiled flooring and an abundance of flowerbeds and other trees add a tropical feel to the furnishings.

Las Rosas Hotel and Spa is located on a stony shoreline. You get an actual view of the beach by stairs from the premises. It is located alongside the main road, just across from a fuel station and a sandwich establishment.

The heart of Ensenada is just a half-hour drive away. Tourists will discover restaurants, shopping, and activities such as the Caracol Museum.

The bedrooms of the hotel are simple yet comfortable. There’s a veranda that lets in the sunlight into your room and provides a panoramic view of the coastline. Vivid accents in the interior design, such as aquamarine pillowcases and blankets on white beddings, contrast with the gray flooring and white painted walls.

Flat-screen televisions, digital safe deposit boxes, telephones, and internet access are standard facilities, and some rooms have fireplaces. Another of the hotel’s attractions is its outdoor swimming pool. It’s encircled by a huge deck lined with sunbeds and offers a breathtaking view of the stunning crystal clear waters.

What else to expect

The hotel’s spa provides a variety of treatments such as body massage and beauty treatments. Apart from that, there is also a modest fitness facility with functional equipment perfect to keep your blood pumping while relaxing in the hotel.

If you do not want to go out in the streets to search for food, you can definitely have them in the hotel’s restaurant. You can also enjoy yourself at the bar during the evening as they have a wide variety of entertainments like live bands on selected days and beverages.

For more convenience, the hotel also gives its visitors free parking and if you need a venue for an event or host a meeting, La Rosas Hotel and Spa definitely got your back. Moreover, you can also have access to a gift shop to buy some treats for your family and friends after your vacation! Already decided to stay here? You can book your accommodation or visit them in the following details provided below!

 Website: https://lasrosas.com/en/home/
 Address: Km. 105.5 Tijuana-Ensenada Highway, El Sauzal, Ensenada, B.C.
 Phone: +52 (646) 174.4310 / +52 (646) 174.4320 / +52 (646) 174.43.60
 Email: reserva@lasrosas.com
 Cost: $112 - $190 / 1 night 
Ensenada Resorts


Hotels near the shore and on the archipelagos are famous for offering gorgeous views and pleasant locations in Ensenada. Hotel Coral and Marina have a lovely ambiance with views of Todos Santos Bay’s coastline and gorgeous beachfront.

Hotel Cortez provides comfortable accommodations with great access to multiple eateries with different eating choices, a few steps’ distance from central Ensenada, and unusual cuisines from across the world. Moreover, you may also think about staying on the town’s southern outskirts, where there are many restaurants.

Anywhere you will stay, it will always be great if you think of an all-inclusive resort in Ensenada. It provides you and your family a hassle-free stay and relaxation. It’s the main essence of why you are going on vacation. Just always make sure to plan ahead and plan smart. More travels for you and don’t forget to enjoy!

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