Best time to visit Greece

A Kid-Friendly Itinerary for Greece: Best Time to Visit Greece and More

If you ask any European about the summer, the first thing they usually think about is Greece. At least it is one of few countries that comes to mind if you think about summer holidays in Europe. Choosing the best time to visit Greece is very simple. If it’s sunny you can go there, because there is always something to do and see. Here’s our kid-friendly itinerary for a perfect Greek summer.

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best time to travel to Greece

Ultimate Itinerary For Greece With Kids: Best time to travel, things to do and much more

Greece is one of those places that resemble paradise on the beach. Turquoise water, impressive culture, and food to die for are enough reasons to visit Greece at least once in a lifetime. Choose the best time to travel to Greece and start planning a trip with your loved ones. Greece is one of the ultimate family destinations in Europe, and if you haven’t been here yet, now is the time for you to experience this natural beauty.

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Iconic views from Oia in Santorini

Ultimate Kid-friendly Itinerary for Cruise Day in Santorini, Greece

Why The 2 Idiots recommend exploring Santorini

Of all the places we visited on our 9-month journey around the world, both of us feel Santorini deserves to be on our top 10 list. You’ve seen the iconic pictures — awe-inspiring how they built the city into the mountain — and it’s everything you have ever imagined. Actually, even more so for Natasha – she ranked Santorini as her top experience during our world sabbatical.

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The iconic Kato Milli windmills in Mykonos, Greece

Ultimate Kid-Friendly Itinerary for Spending a Cruise Day in Mykonos, Greece

Why The 2 Idiots recommend exploring Mykonos

The moment your ship arrives in Mykonos, you’ll notice white buildings everywhere with the blue roofs that provide the backdrop you were expecting about the Greek islands. It’s amazing to experience the island – even the streets are white to help keep the buildings cool and reflect the sun. Plus, there are no cars on the narrow streets, making it great for young kids, who can run around as you explore.

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Incredible mosiac floor from Ancient Greek times

Ultimate Kid-friendly Itinerary for Cruise Day in Olympia, Greece

Why The 2 Idiots recommend Olympia

Entering the port of Katakolon, you’ll have the option to travel 4 hours to Athens or an hour to Olympia. Both options are exceptional, as they ooze history at every turn. When traveling with a younger child, however, we recommend the closer Olympia, which is home to the original Olympic Games. Ancient Olympia is an archeological site with more than 70 structures from ancient Greece, dating back to 4,000 years AD. It’s truly impressive, and there are tons of open spaces for your child to run and play safely.

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