Credit Card Recommendation: Chase Sapphire Reserve

When you’re traveling, a good credit card is indispensable. After doing a lot of research, we landed on the Chase Sapphire Reserve as our credit card of choice, and we were very happy with how it treated us. In this post, we’ll share some quick details.

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Why Choose the Chase Sapphire Reserve?

First, we’d say this is a card designed for millennials—something evident in the sleek design, which arguably makes the card seem even fancier than it is.

You can buy nice plane tickets with the Chase Sapphire Reserve and receive double points

Of course, the card’s look is hardly the most important aspect. In terms of the more practical benefits, consider the travel miles. The card gives you 50 percent more points when you redeem it for travel-related expenses—for instance, paying for a hotel. If that hotel costs 100 bucks per night, it will actually just run you $66 when you use your Chase card, thanks to those extra points that you accrue. And that obviously adds up when you use the card over several weeks or months of travel. (The points, incidentally, can be redeemed for Amazon cards, though it’s probably wiser to redeem them for travel stuff; we’ve already used our points to book plane tickets for an upcoming trip.)

In addition to the points, there’s also the Priority Pass, which basically gives you access to airport lounges across the world. We found there weren’t quite as many of these lounges within the U.S., but if you’re traveling internationally, it’s a much bigger perk. These lounges are mostly child-friendly, and can provide a great place to rest up or unwind if you arrive in an airport early or have an extended layover. Note that there is always a ton of food in these lounges, including full breakfast or dinner options. This is a huge benefit to using the Chase card.

Those are probably the biggest reasons to opt for this card—but here are a few additional bullet points you might consider:

  • If you spend $4,000 within the first three months of opening your account, you can get 50k bonus points—which amounts to $750 toward travel redemption!
  • There’s a $300 annual travel credit reimbursement for any travel-related purchases.
  • You can earn three times the points not just on travel, but also on dining at restaurants across the world.
  • The card also offers some credits toward Global Entry and TSA Pre-Check programs.

You’ll want to do your own research, of course, to ensure that this really is the best card for you—but in our experience, it’s an outstanding card, and it’s one we’re happy to recommend to any of our fellow travelers.

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