Planning a trip to Circuito Magico Del Agua in Lima With Kids

Circuito Magico del Agua translates to The Magic Water Circuit—it is a fantastic water fountain park that is a Lima city icon.  It was one of the coolest experiences that we had on our trip! The park has a total of 13 cybernetic fountains, all supported by the latest technology—and music, water, sound, and laser light come together to put on an incredible show.

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Navigating the Park

Arching fountain that you can walk through (Fuente Tunel de las Sorpresas)

The park wasn’t close to our Miraflores Airbnb, so we took an Uber there, which was easy.  Once we arrived, we used Aarav’s stroller and shuttled him around the place. It was very stroller-friendly—we didn’t experience any problems.

Now, there is one main fountain in the park that offers a primary light show; however, all the other fountains also have their own light and water shows, so we recommend getting there before any of the shows start, about 45 minutes ahead of time.  This will allow you to first stroll around the park and get a feel for the place—or, you can certainly walk around after the light show concludes. As of this writing, there are three fountain shows; the first is at 7:15pm. There is another at 8:15pm and the last is at 9:30pm but please check their website for the latest info.

We personally really enjoyed Fuente de la Fantasia (2), which is the main fountain, as well as Fuente Tunel de las Sorpresas (8), which features an archway you can walk through.

Natasha, Aarav and I walking through Fuente Tunel de las Sorpresas!

Fun for the Kids

The amazing Fuenta Magica

With some of the fountains, particularly, Fuente de los Ninos (13), kids are allowed to jump in and have a good time.  However, during the evening it is cooler, but regardless of that, though, we weren’t prepared for him to get wet at that time and didn’t have his swim clothes or a change of outfit with us—hopefully, this won’t be the case when you visit. Depending on your own preference, there were plenty of kids splashing around even when we were there.

We think it would be possible for a visitor to come around 5pm-6pm and still take advantage of warm enough weather so a child can play in the fountain, and then hang around until the first light show starts.  Take a swimsuit and a towel so you can make the decision when you are there.

Finally, the park does offer some food—but it is mostly light snacks. It is possible to pack your own snacks, should you so choose, and have a picnic.

Fuente de los Ninos (child fountain) at Circuito Magico Del Agua

Kid-Friendly Tips

  • Aarav was a bit scared when the fountain show began—there are a lot of lights and sounds.  We ended up turning him around so we could watch it. This calmed him down—we think the lights were a little much for him.
  • When we were getting ready to leave, we found we couldn’t get an Uber right at the park, only cabs were available.  We needed to walk a few blocks until we could summon one on our phone.
  • When we walked through the Fuente de las Sorpresas (8), we did get a little wet and Aarav wasn’t really pleased with that.  We would recommend either going fast or maybe taking a rain poncho that you can place over your stroller.
  • Make sure you secure your spot for the fountain show 10-15 minutes before it starts.  The area around the main fountain show does get pretty packed.
Map of the park

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