Best Wireless Headphone for Kids

7 Best Wireless Headphones for Kids Compared & Buying Guide

Thanks to the pandemic, life as we know it required plenty of reshuffling all of a sudden. If you find yourself transforming pockets of spaces in your home to double as an office, school, and playground, you are not alone. There’s plenty of reorganizing and shopping to do, and when it comes to homeschooling, you can’t miss the best wireless headphones for kids.

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Best Wireless Headphones for Kids for 2023 Review: Key Features, Pros, and Cons

So, if you’d rather move on than rant about how your productivity and alone time has been affected, it will be wise to get every member of your household onboard. You all might as well make staying in enjoyable and find essential but also fun ways to cope.

Headphones are required in your new-found life indoors. That’s to enhance focus but also to improve online learning experience for your child. We found 7 products that can exact that positive experience. Here’s a summary we thought you’ll find useful:

ImageBrandProduct / Package DimensionsWeightNoise CancellationPlay TimeAvailable ColorsDetails
Soundcore7.68 x 7.09 x 3.07 inches9.3 oz.YesUp to 40 hours● Black
● Blue
● Silver
Check price
Sennheiser6.1 x 2.6 x 7.6 inches8.4 oz.YesUp to 30 hours● Black
● White
Check price
Belkin7.48 x 6.38 x 3.19 inches4.8 oz.Not specifiedUp to 30 hours● Black
● Blue
● Pink
● White
Check price
LilGadgets 6.5 x 2.56 x 7.09 inches5 oz.YesUp to 12 hours● Blue
● Black
● Green
● Pink
● Violet
● White
● Digital Camo
● Snow Camo
● Far Out Doodles
● Rainbow Cat
Check price
iClever5.31 x 5.51 x 5.7 inches13.3 oz. NoUp to 30 hours● Blue
● Black
● Pink
● Purple
Check price
gorsun7.36 x 7.09 x 5.16 inches11.3 oz.NoUp to 12 hours● Purple
● Blue
● Pink
Check price
Picun7.87 x 3.15 x 7.09 inches8.32 lbs.NoUp to 40 hours● Purple Pink
● Mint
● Mint Pink
Check price

1. Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Wireless Headphone 

Highlighted Features
  • Active noise canceling function
  • Hi-res audio
  • Memory foam ear cups

Improve your child’s focus by blocking out ambient noise. With up to 90% of ambient noise canceling capability, your child’s attention is nailed to his or her classes. Let your neighbors’ dogs bark because you’ll never have to worry about them disturbing your child’s online schooling again.


      2. Sennheiser HD 350BT Bluetooth Headphones 

      Highlighted Features
      • Includes intuitive VA controls
      • Compatible for use with Siri and Google Assistant
      • Complemented by a mobile app
      • Built-in Bluetooth 5.0

      Everybody knows what Sennheiser is capable of when it comes to delivering high-quality sound experience. There’s absolutely no need to expound on that. If you haven’t tried one before, these headphones will blow your mind.

      Moneywise, you get wonderful add-ons to enjoy. If your child is in his or her teens, they’d definitely enjoy listening to their favorite songs with this. And, if you’re planning to borrow it outside of your child’s class hours, spending more to get that awesome listening experience would be more than enough reason to settle for this option.

      • The mobile app permits other functions like adjusting the equalizer and updating the device.
      • Long battery life with up to 30 hours of active playtime.
      • Product has been designed to be sleek, easy to wear, pack, and store.
      • Branded option with a long history of satisfactory performance.
      • Made with materials made for carefree use and that last for a long time.
      • Pricier option compared to most but it also provides level-up features beyond basic functionality.
      • It weighs up to twice as much as other headphones which may not make it suitable for younger kids.

      3. Belkin SoundForm Mini Headphones

      Highlighted Features
      • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
      • Built-in mic
      • Safe volume control

      For those who prefer a branded option that’s reasonably priced, there’s Belkin. Just like the Sennheiser HD 350BT Bluetooth Headphones and Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Wireless Headphone, this one is built for performance and designed with care.

      Of course, it’s a lot cheaper though it’s still priced higher than other average-performing headphones for kids available in the market. It’s hitting that sweet spot that we actually love so much about this gadget and, for that, it’s a must-have.

      • The built-in mic is capable of relaying voice commands.
      • These headphones are compatible with a wide range of devices.
      • Ear protection for young, delicate ears is built into the product design.
      • It’s a branded option backed up by over 35 years of experience developing products in this niche.
      • These headphones are more expensive than average-priced options.

      4. LilGadgets Untangled Wireless Pro Headphones — Best Noise Cancelling Headphones for Toddlers

      Highlighted Features
      • Noise-cancelling
      • 10 designs to choose from
      • Lightweight
      • Shareport enabled

      If you have more than one child attending their online classes in the same room, focus could become a problem without noise-canceling headphones. In our case, the best wireless headphones for kids are the ones that offer this feature.

      We’ve arranged a proper study area but to save on energy costs from air conditioning and lighting, our kids share the same study. We’ve tried these and they definitely don’t overhear each other and that helps them better stay focused on their lessons.

      Dogs barking or neighbors blowing their horns too loud? This product can certainly handle all that and more!

      • Total focus — thanks to the effective noise canceling feature.
      • 10 designs means there’s at least one your child will love.
      • Children can chain connect wirelessly if they re-tuned into the same class or watching a show from the same monitor.
      • Shareport works even with other brands of headphones.
      • 12 hours of playtime battery life means frequent recharging will be required.

      5. iClever BTH12 Bluetooth Headphones with Colorful LED — Best Headphones with LED

      Highlighted Features
      • Safe volume setting enabled
      • Fast charging
      • Bluetooth 5.0
      • 4 modes of LED lighting

      Kids love anything with lights and sounds. These headphones for kids have built-in features for both! If that inspires more active participation in online classes then the added LED lighting is all the more worth it.

      We loved that just a few minutes of charging permits hours of listening in. You’ll never know when you might miss charging it up the night before so that’s a big plus for parents who have to set up the study area before every class. At least, that’s one less hassle to worry about.

      • Bundle discounts are available if you’re looking to buy at least two units.
      • It’s fast-charging with relatively long battery life.
      • This product is equipped with the latest Bluetooth tech.
      • Headphones stay connected to your child’s device.
      • Some kids might get distracted by the rather pretty LEDs.

      6. gorsun Wireless Over-Ear Headphone — Best Headphones with Hearing Protection

      Highlighted Features
      • WHO-compliant max sound setting
      • Designed to be folded
      • Built-in microphone

      If you’re looking for a functional headphone that does all the basic things your child needs to participate actively and listen intently during online classes, this is definitely worth checking out. More importantly, it constrains the output volume to keep your little one’s delicate ears protected at all times.

      • If you need more than one unit, bundle deals are available.
      • Foldable design makes it easy to adjust for different uses, storing, and packing.
      • Youthful colors make homeschooling fun and exciting for kids.
      • Well-cushioned headsets make it suitable for prolonged wear.
      • Designed for heads with small circumference.
      • Size may not be suitable for older or bigger kids.

      7. Picun Cat Ears Wireless Headphones — Best Cat/Unicorn Ears Headphones for Girls

      Highlighted Features
      • Broad list of device compatibility
      • Switch on/off LED lighting
      • Adjustable headband
      • Safe volume setting enabled
      • Integrated memory card slot

      The shape plus 7 modes of colorful LED lighting makes this an irresistible choice for your little girl. The more important thing is that it’s designed to protect her ears from loud sound with a max volume of up to 85 decibels only. We’re crazy about how its lovely features beautifully integrate with active play of up to 40 hours.

      • Long battery life means there’s no need to worry if you forgot to plug in the night before.
      • Built-in microphone with clear voice capture permits active class participation.
      • It’s functional and it’s also a fashion statement rolled into one.
      • We’re loving the built-in microSD card slot — perfect for little ones not yet allowed to own their devices!
      • Foldable design makes it easy to carry around even on mom’s purse or dad’s pocket.
      • The only noise-canceling mechanism are the foam ear cups itself which quite frankly does the job.
      • It may be on the heavy side for younger girls.
      Best Wireless Headphone for Kids

      Buying Guide

      There are compelling reasons why you should always look for headphones designed for kids if you intend your child to wear it. The most important reason for us is health and safety. There are other features we think are important and we’ve listed out all of these for your reference:

      Design and Weight

      Choosing a headphone designed for little ears is just as important as choosing an ergonomic chair for your child’s homeschooling. Most especially for smaller kids, it’s important to check the weight of those headphones.

      Consider how long they’d be wearing it on, which should be about three hours of continuous online classes daily. If your child’s headphones are too heavy, it won’t just bring discomfort, it will likely cause pain and headaches too.

      Get a lightweight alternative like the Belkin SoundForm Mini Headphones.

      Ear Protection

      The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that children should not be exposed to sound greater than 120 decibels. At this level, some level of damage in your child’s ear can be expected.

      Sadly, there are products out there that do not limit the volume down to lower than this level. The damage may not immediately manifest. Over time, it’s likely your child may complain of pain or show signs of hearing impairment and that is not something that you can just take back. It affects their learning capability apart from causing them disability. That’s why hearing protection is important.

      Look for headphones that meet the WHO’s standards like the gorsun Wireless Over-Ear Headphone. It pays to know how those headphones are protecting your child’s delicate ears and not just how well they can deliver clarity.

      Noise Cancellation

      Drowning out ambient noise, particularly when your child is sharing a room with you or with other siblings is particularly important to keep him or her focused on his subjects. You’d be familiar with noise cancellation which could be a particularly helpful feature to demand from your child’s headphones.

      But, that’s not the only noise canceling feature you need. Another important factor to consider is the shape of the headphones. Shaped like a cup with a foam material, the design itself will help drown out most ambient sounds from your own home and from your neighbor’s.


      It’s probably the first thing that you should consider. Make sure to ask about compatibility with your device and the operating system that you’re using. If you haven’t picked out which device you’re going to make your child use for his or her online classes, I strongly suggest you decide on that first before buying other essential stuff like headphones, external monitors, and wireless keyboards.

      All of the stuff you’re planning to buy will rely heavily on what type of device will run it.

      Voice Command Function

      For some people, this function could be a lifesaver. Although it might seem nice to have, it could be a useful function for children with some form of disability. It can also be helpful for very young children who are yet unable to navigate their devices without adult help.

      Support your child to become an independent learner. You’ll end up freeing more of your time and your hands too. See if Sennheiser HD 350BT Bluetooth Headphones is right for you.


      Make it truly enjoyable for your child to wear his or her headphones. Do the shopping with them. Make them help you choose the color and design they want but have the final say when it comes to features that matter more like hearing protection.

      After all, you’d rather work together with your toddler or teen now than end up buying something they wouldn’t want to use. Don’t forget to set your budget.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Q: Are headphones superior over earbuds?

      Earbuds can be quite painful although they’re light enough not to cause pain. Headphones provide better clarity and better features suited for online learning though.

      For one, the cup-shaped earpieces help create a vacuum that drowns out ambient noise and produces clearer sound output. Some may also be designed with hearing protection and noise cancellation features which add benefits to improve your child’s performance in school.

      Q: Are headphones safe for children 5 years old and below?

      Yes, headphones are safe for younger children to use. In fact, they’re safer to use than earbuds. Earbuds may be thrown in as a freebie with your device but they can damage the ear canal and the tiny bones in there.

      Nonetheless, if it’s not necessary, take the headphones off. When your child does need to wear it for school, choose wisely. Read our buying guide for tips on how to shop the right headphones for your little one.

      Q: Is it okay to allow my child to use my headphones?

      It’s understandable to want to cut back on your expenses for all the needs that have to be met. When it comes to headphones, let the features we listed above be your guide.

      In general, it should be safe to lend adult headphones for older children and teens. Still, hearing protection should be built-in to refrain from damaging their ears.

      Anyhow, if you have some budget to set aside, it’s more hygienic and convenient to just let your child have his or her own headphones.


      Getting the best wireless headphones for kids at home to use for attending their online classes would certainly add to that atmosphere of positivity you’re trying to create at home during this very trying time. You know that making sure that they’re well equipped and properly set are essential to support their unprecedented learning journey.

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