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Best Travel Spinning Rod to Take on Adventures For 2023

The quality of equipment you take on your fishing trips plays a significant role in how much fun you’ll have. Selecting the right equipment for you starts by knowing your goal.

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As summer approaches, we thought it would be great if we helped you pick the best travel spinning rod. Our best travel spinning rod review will reveal the features and outstanding properties. Read on to learn more.

Best Travel Spinning Rod For 2023 Review: Key Features, Pros, and Cons

The best travel spinning rod comes with features that allow the user to enjoy using it. When picking out a rod that works for you, it is essential to compare it to others like it in the list. The goal is to ensure that you pick something that works for you budget-wise and in implementation.

Use this table as a guide to help you select a travel spinning rod.

ZebcoBlend1.05 pound18.5 inCheck price
ZebcoBlend1.05 pounds24.5 inCheck price
Goture Carbon Fibre/6.6 inCheck price
Sougayilang Carbon Fibre9.1 oz.7 inCheck price
Ugly StikGraphite and Fiberglass/6 inCheck price
PLUSINNO Graphite6.17 oz.6.9 inCheck price
St. CroixGraphite4.9 oz.6.9 inCheck price

1. Zebco Telescopic Spinning Rod

Highlighted Features
  • Color: Green
  • Material: Blend
  • Fishing Tech: Spincasting

One of the best reasons you should buy this fishing rod is it’s all-purpose feature. The rod has the best fishing setup, easy casting, and durable fiberglass. It is best for a long and tiring fish day to catch big fish. The rod is spooled with a 10 pound Zebco Cajun Line. It is carefully designed with an extendable 6-feet feature.

  • It provides a comfortable grip for all day.
  • The rod has fast action.
  • The rod has a compact design.
  • It is not an ideal rod to catch large fish.

2. Zebco Rambler Durable Spinning Rod

Highlighted Features
  • Color: Seafoam/Black
  • Material: Blend
  • Spin Casting techniques

Working with rods can be tiring. I personally prefer this rod because of its comfort-grip. It provides hours of comfortable grip without harming your hands. The rod has medium to fast action which is perfect to catch small to medium size fish. The rod is a versatile and collapsible fishing pole. It is perfect for teens and young adults.. It is perfect for on-the-go anglers for adventures!

  • It has a smooth spincast reel.
  • The rod has a fast anti-reverse feature.
  • It has a Cajun fishing line.
  • It is not the ideal rod to catch a big fish.

3. Goture Xceed Travel Fishing Rod

Highlighted Features
  • ABS reel seats
  • EVA split grips
  • 4 -piece design
  • 30-ton carbon blank

As perhaps the best travel spinning rod, this rod comes at an affordable price packed with all the qualities of a great spinning rod. Let’s start from the top and look at how it comes with minor flaws. You can use it for a long time without it ever showing signs of wearing out.

 We chose to include it in this review for several reasons, such as the fact that it is versatile. It is fit for travel so you can go fishing in the mountains at one point and in a tropical paradise the next. You need not look further for the best travel spinning rod. The fact that it comes in four pieces makes it even more applicable in your travel plans.

  • It is lightweight, which ensures that a user does not strain when using it.
  • This rod has a significant lifting power even though it is considerably cheap.
  • It is affordable and comes with a lifetime guarantee.
  • It may bend to an extreme point.

4. Sougayilang Fishing Rod – Most User-friendly

Highlighted Features
  • 24-Ton Carbon Fibre construction
  • Welded stainless steel guides
  • Zirconium Oxide rings
  • CNC Machined Aluminum reel seat
  • EVA handles

This rod comes with specifications to ensure that they deliver the best user experience. For starters, it has high-density Carbon Fibre construction. The manufacturers make the construction this way to provide flexibility and durability. These are qualities you look for in a rod you intend to use for bass fishing. It is perfect for travel because of the amount of space it takes up. Since it is less than two feet long, you can easily set it up and get going.

You can conveniently carry it with you when traveling for long distances or simply walking to the fishing location. The design allows a user to have maximum control over the movements of the rod. If you are looking for the ultimate gift for a loved one who appreciates going on long fishing trips, this is it right here. It is one of the most user-friendly rods we came across.

  • The construction involves a great combination that ensures the durability of the rod.
  • It is considerably lightweight, which makes it easy to transport and use.
  • It has an easy-to-use, comfortable, and firm EVA grip handle.
  • If you use it in saltwater, it will likely rust.

5. Ugly Stik GX2 Fishing Rod – Most Versatile

Highlighted Features
  • Graphite and Fiberglass construction
  • HT-100 carbon Fibre drag system
  • EVA grips
  • Machined aluminium spool

Once you get this spinning rod, you experience various outstanding features, such as those in the Daiwa Ardito-Travel Rod. The first thing you will notice is the Graphite and fiberglass construction. This design ensures that you have a highly functional, strong, and yet lightweight tool in your hands. If you have been pondering about the kind of spinning rod you should get to use on your travels, you should highly consider this one.

We recommend it because it is not only affordable, but it also comes with great value. It is one of the rods by this brand that meets the requirements of most users. It’s one of those fishing rods that is ideal for use by the whole family.

Children, in particular, will enjoy the fact that it has a smaller grip design specifically for small hands. It has ball bearings to ensure smooth operations. This rod is perhaps the best saltwater travel spinning rod if you are ready to experience a new level of versatility.

  • It is conveniently lightweight, making it suitable for long-distance travel.
  • You can use it in saltwater or freshwater comfortably.
  • It is affordable.
  • You can only use this rod to get small fish.

6. PLUSINNO Fishing Rod – Most portable

Highlighted Features
  • 24-Ton Carbon Fibre construction
  • Fiberglass Composite Reinforcement
  • Welded Stainless steel guides
  • Collapsible handle

You will quickly discover why we decided to include this device in our review once you have it. It has an array of features that make it a great companion to have on fishing trips. Starting with the construction, we found that it is high-density carbon fiber. This construction comes reinforced with fiberglass and Graphite to ensure durability. You can take it on saltwater fishing trips since this construction ensures that it can stand up against corrosion.

 Another feature you will love on this model is the instant anti-reverse aluminum spool in the reel. It is easy to crank and helps you manage your catch. You can easily take it with you on your travels in case you discover a great fishing spot while out and about. If you have been wondering about the kind of gift you should get your relative or friend, consider this rod.

  • The constructions are durable materials. It is carbon fibered with fiberglass and graphite reinforcement.
  • It is highly portable since it has a telescopic design.
  • The construction on the blank is one of a kind.
  • The reel seat is likely to loosen.

7. St. Croix Rods Triumph Spinning Rod – Most Versatile

Highlighted Features
  • SCII Carbon construction
  • Fortified Resin System
  • Contoured handles
  • Sea Guide XDPS reel

This model is one of the best ones yet by St Croix. There are plenty of things that make it a must-have for anyone who likes going on fishing adventures. The trick is that you will have an easy time putting it together and assembling it to go fishing.

The rod comes in four pieces and weighs only 4.9 ounces. You can have it in your arms at all times without experiencing any strain. Don’t let this fool you; it delivers out of this world performance. Fishing in the sun set will have a whole new feeling once you get this spinning rod.

A closer look at its build, you will discover that it is premium SCII graphite. Expect some amazement at how smooth the rod feels when using it. Once you put it together, it delivers like one piece. Its sensitivity ensures that every bite gets felt and allows you to make a decent hook set—the aluminum oxide helps the area to reduce friction when casting.

  • The construction ensures maximum durability power during casting.
  • It comes with a five-year warranty
  • It is portable since you can break it down into four spices.
  • This rod is only suitable for use on small fish spices.
the best travel spinning rod

Buying Guide for The Best Travel Spinning Rod

When buying a travel spinning rod, there are a few guiding factors that you should pay attention to. Those factors determine how easy you will have it with your rod. Always know that the performance of a rod is not attached to its value.

You can always get an affordable travel spinning rod like Goture Xceed Travel Fishing Rod and still have a great time. Let’s look at the factors that should guide you at the point of purchase.

Rod Length 

Rod length is an essential aspect of a fishing reel. Selecting a spinning rod based on this aspect depends on where you will be going fishing and the species. It is, therefore, convenient to get a rod that you can use on multiple species. Any rod around 8ft long fits such an occasion. Such a rod had sufficient gusto to cast far and support both large and small fish.


Most travel rods are either Graphite, carbon fiber, or fiberglass. Carbon Fibre and Graphite make excellent fishing rods. They are light, strong, and have great casting. The only thing is that carbon Fibre is a bit more expensive than Graphite, although you can hardly tell them apart.


When buying a fishing rod, it might serve you better to go for the one you can use with various species. Get one that has the perfect weight to handle small and large species. The kind of pole to look for is the kind that can work in both salt and freshwater.

Rod Action

 Rod action is all about how much the fishing rod bends when the weight gets applied. The way to know slow-action rods is that they turn near the butt. Medium action rods bend in the middle during the fast action kind bend near the tip. When it comes to travel rods, the best rod action is either immediate or medium.

These are a few of the primary factors that should guide you when buying a spinning rod. The kind of fish you are looking to catch should also be a factor worth considering when purchasing a travel spinning rod. In the end, it’s up to you to understand your needs and goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between a travel rod and a standard rod?

The primary difference between a standard rod and a travel rod is the length when packed away—the sections of a travel rod are collapsible to ensure convenience when packed. Most travel rods are collapsible into four pieces. The size of the rod in a packed state determines how easy you will have it when travelling.

Q: Do regular rods still travel?

 You can travel with your regular rod. You might be charged extra fees, especially when using air travel. Also, there is a higher risk of losing it since it is pretty visible.

Q: What setter is between a multiple-piece rod and a telescopic fishing rod?

Both multiple-piece travel rods and telescopic rods are great to take on fishing trips. The only difference is in the fact that telescopic rods tend to collapse when in use. Such an occurrence could disrupt your adventure.

Q: What is the best rod for casting long distances?

 Any rod that is 10 -12 feet long can cast long distances. Such a rod is convenient when handling large fish species. Combine this factor with other qualities such as rod action to get the ultimate travel rod.


Now that you know all about some of the best travel spinning rods in the market, use that information the next time you go shopping for one. Weigh all the factors to know which one will serve you best when fishing. Go for spinning rods like Okuma Citrix Travel Spinning Rod, which has all the qualities that you would find in an ideal spinning rod.

Keep in mind that the kind of rod you choose to use affects your experience when fishing. You can select a travel spinning rod in our review to get a friend or a loved one and invite them to go fishing with you this coming summer.

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