the best travel pants for hot weather

The 7 Best Travel Pants for Hot Weather in 2023 – Review and Buying guide

I find best travel pants for hot weather way more comfortable than anything else when commuting on a plane, train or car. Like all modern products, all pants are not created equally.

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Wrinkling fabrics, waistbands hurting your skin, or the inability to combine them with any of your outfits are some of the common themes surrounding travel pants. This, at times, can have you wishing you could negotiate your travels with straight-up sweatpants.

Over the years, I have researched and tested a couple of pants for men and women to identify the pants and style most suitable for hot weather travel.

I identified four key elements that make up the best travel pants: style, fabric, comfort, and versatility. These elements tick the boxes for both men and women; any pants with these combos represent good value for money. These are the best travel pants for hot weather that I found.

Best Travel Pants for Hot Weather for 2023 Review: Key Features, Pros, and Cons

The best travel pants for hot weather combine style, fabric, comfort, and versatility to ensure super-comfortability and fashionability on the plane as well as when you land. Because suitcases have limited spaces, travel pants should also be lightweight and fit for a number of different purposes. The table below highlights my top 7 picks and their unique features at a glance:

ImageBrandMaterialWeightUV protection?Details
TBMPOY 88% Nylon,12% Spandex13.76 OuncesNoCheck price
Columbia 100% Nylon8.8 OuncesYesCheck price
Columbia 97% Cotton, 3% Elastane14.14 OuncesYesCheck price
Jessie Kidden100% Nylon12 OuncesYesCheck price
prAna 97% Nylon, 3% Spandex12 OuncesYesCheck price
Levi's 60% Cotton, 22% Viscose,
16% Polyester, 2% Elastane
14.39 OuncesNoCheck price
Spalding Black: 92% Cotton, 8% Spandex;
Charcoal Heather: 55% Cotton,
37% Polyester, 8% Spandex
8.96 OuncesNoCheck price

1. TBMPOY Men’s Pants with Belt

Highlighted Features
  • 88% Nylon,12% Spandex
  • Zip pockets at sides and back
  • Flexible Knee
  • Lightweight, breathable
  • Adjustable Belt

The TBMPOY Men’s Pants with Belt is my top pick for the best men’s travel pants for hot weather on the market today, as it meets all my traveling needs all the time. The first point of call is the fabric. This pant is crafted from a unique blend of spandex and polyamide, which provides 100% comfort during travels, while also lightweight.

Second is the breathable design; it allows good air circulation during hot weather and dries quickly after a wash. The material-built keeps me cool and dry when sweating heavily in elevated temperatures. Plus, it is water-resistant; the few moments I get caught up in a rainstorm, the water rolls off the fabric in light precipitation, effectively protecting me from being drenched.

Third, I love the simple design, which has loose-fitting legs that keep me super-comfy during hiking and flying. An elastic waist ensures when you  add or lose weight, the pants will still fit perfectly. I have owned the TBMPOY Men’s Pants for two years and counting, and each time I step out in it, it feels like new!

  • This pant is suitable for outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, fishing, mountain climbing, parachuting, camping, horse riding, and many more.
  • It comes with an adjustable stretchy waist that allows maximum comfort.
  • This product comes with a belt for size adjustment.
  • The material built has a water-repellent fleece lining that prevents the wearer from being drenched during a rainstorm.
  • The belt can be abnormally long.

2. Columbia Men’s Convertible Pants

Highlighted Features
  • UPF 50 fabric
  • Side pockets with hook
  • Zip-off legs

I first came across the Columbia Men’s Convertible Pants on a friend during a get-together; the first impression was superb. I got myself one, and so, far, I haven’t been disappointed.

Starting with the most impressive feature, this pant comes with legs zip off that converts into a short during hot weathers. It is somewhere between a modern and traditional look in terms of style and has a loose fit but not baggy. Thus, it is a perfect fit for many body shapes.

I also love the two side pockets that lie flat against my leg during travels. These serve as convenient storage that reduces the bulk on the sides of my thighs. In terms of comfort, the Columbia Men’s Convertible Pants also stand out. It comes with an Omni-Shade fabric that protects against the sun’s scorch. It is also moisture-wicking and keeps me cool on hot days.

This trouser is lightweight and comes with a belt. I love the impressive range of available colors, making it easy to get a match that suits my style.

  • This pant comes with Omni-Shade that blocks UVB rays and UVA to prevent sunburns.
  • It can be converted from a pant to a short in less than 2 seconds.
  • This travel pant comes with a gusset detail that gives a personalized fit.
  • They are perfect for warm conditions.
  • Finding the right size might be a little problematic If you are muscular.

3. Columbia Men’s Rapid Rivers Pant

Highlighted Features
  • Button closure
  • 97% Cotton, 3% Elastane
  • Omni-Shade that blocks UVB and UVA rays

Extremely comfortable and lightweight, the Columbia Men’s Rapid Rivers Pant is made for men who are always on the move.

The secret is the fabric! Made from a rich blend of elastane and cotton, this pant generously stretches and perfectly returns to its place without bagging and sagging. Since the waistband contains elastic elements, these pants are perfect for many body types and provide optimum comfort.

The standout feature for me is the Omni-Shade technology. This proprietary tech confers it with the ability to keep wearers cool during hot weather. It is also UVB and UVA resistant. As such, it protects your skin from harmful rays from the sun during the long hours of your outdoor expedition.

I love the jeans-inspired design; it allows this pant to be a good fit for most wardrobes. Either on a technical T-shirt on a hiking trip or adorning it with a slip-on sweater, this pant is sure to make you comfortable and will turn heads.

  • It comes with two pockets that are perfect for securing small items.
  • The product comes with a gusset detail for a perfect fit.
  • This travel pant remains lightweight no matter the activity or weather.
  • It cannot be converted to a short.

4. Jessie Kidden Mens Hiking Pants — The quick drying Travel pants

Highlighted Features
  • Zipper with Belt closure
  • 100% Nylon
  • Elastic Waist with Belt
  • Front fly with snap closure

I love to get active during hiking, and the Jessie Kidden Mens Hiking Pants have served me perfectly over the years. They are crafted from a quick-drying fabric; thus, I do not worry about getting wet or drenched by rainfall during my outdoor expeditions.

Since this travel pant is made from lightweight fabric, it also keeps me cool in high-temperature climes. With the UPF 50+ protection, there is nothing to worry about when moving in direct sunlight.

The Kidden Mens Hiking Pants are loose-fitting that provides optimal support for various movements; hiking, biking, fishing, and many more. Plus, this trouser can easily be converted into a short in less than three seconds. 

  • This pant has a gusseted crotch for freedom of movement.
  • It is lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying.
  • The switch to a short is convenient and practical.
  • The sizing chart can be confusing.

5. prAna Women’s Halle Pant — The abrasion resistant travel pant

Highlighted Features
  • 97% Nylon, 3% Spandex
  • Quick-dry Stretch Zion woven fabric
  • Snap closure

PrAna is a renowned manufacturer of travel-friendly and sustainable clothing. I do not own any PrAna pants at the moment, but they are worth mentioning as the brand has many travel-friendly and functional pants for men and women. You will find something that fits you.

I have traveled with the prAna Men’s Pant before to Finland and Iceland. And I found it to be super-attractive than regular hiking. The pants are abrasion resistant and adventure-ready, hence, suitable for hiking, climbing, or any outdoor activity. They are durable, comfortable, and water-repellant and worth a place on this list.

I love the stretchy, lightweight, and comfortable nature of this trouser. The fact that they come in short, regular, and long made it easy to find what suits me. This pant dries fast, thanks to a unique material mix of nylon and spandex. In all, this pant will give 100% functional performance whenever you call on it. You can find the male and female versions of this pants here and here.

  • It is available in male and female variants.
  • The pants feel as good as they look.
  • The pants are abrasion-resistant, making them suitable for outdoor activities.
  • The pants tend to have tiny pockets.

6. Levi’s Women’s 721 Skinny Jeans — The Jean-like Travel pant

Highlighted Features
  • Slim from ankle to hip
  • Skinny leg
  • 60% Cotton, 22% Viscose, 16% Polyester, 2% Elastane
  • High rise

Levi’s woman is a company synonymous with jeans. While their pretty solid 501s are a house name, the 721s are among the best womens travel pants for hot weather.

This women’s pant is crafted from viscose, elastane, polyester, and a blend of cotton. As a result, the trousers have a jean-like look with a decent amount of breathability and stretch for hot weather.

I love the unique standard 5 pocket styling on this pant; 2 functional pockets situated on the front, 2 back pockets, and a small watch pocket on the right side. On the top is a zippered fly that gives this jean a classic look.

The waist on Levi’s women’s jeans sits a little higher, giving the overall appearance a slim look.

  • This jean comes with a zipper closure.
  • This pants is similar to a traditional jean.
  • It is crafted from a combination of light jean material that helps the wearer to keep cool.
  • It is sometimes hard to find the correct sizing, especially when you get into larger sizes.

7. Spalding Women’s Bootleg Yoga Pant — The travel pant with a bootleg

Highlighted Features
  • Black: 92% Cotton, 8% Spandex; Charcoal Heather: 55% Cotton, 37% Polyester, 8% Spandex
  • Machine washable
  • Mid waist

Spalding is also a renowned manufacturer of women’s activewear that is suitable for use in hot weather. As such, it merits a mention on this list.

The company uses a unique cotton blend on their products that allows comfortable stretching while still allowing for breathability.

It is available in different sizes, from small to 3X. The bootleg cut allows for a loose fit in your lower legs, so you do not feel constrained as in some other pants. The Spalding Women’s Bootleg Pant is designed to sit on the hip and have a low waist to them.

While these pants are designed for gym use, there is some shape to them. The manufacturer’s focus is clearly on style and comfortability, making it perfect for hot weather fashion.

  • The pants are made with soft and comfortable materials.
  • They are specially designed to fit contours when needed
  • It has over 20000 positive reviews on Amazon.
  • This pant has no pocket for your devices.
best travel pants for hot weather

The 7 Best Travel Pants for Hot Weather:  Buying Guide

Material built

Travel pants for hot weather are usually crafted from light materials that can keep the wearer cool while preventing the buildup of moisture inside the clothing. As a result, the fiber plays a vital role in the properties and characteristics of the pant.

Manufacturers often utilize synthetic and natural fibers such as polyester, cotton blends, etc. synthetic fibers being more common. Cotton is not ideal for hiking pants; however, it is a good conductor of heat. As such, it keeps the wearer cool in hot weather. Products like Jessie Kidden Mens Hiking Pants and Columbia Men’s Convertible Pants are exceptions. They work well for the intended use. Spalding Women’s Bootleg Yoga Pant also has an excellent material combination, perfect for hot weather use.

Nylon, also called polyamide, is the most common material for hot weather pants. Some of the pants on this list are made of spandex and nylon blends in different ratios. Spandex is an elastic fiber that ensures better mobility, stretches, and fit.


The weight of the products reviewed above ranges from 8.8 ounces to 14ounces. Although the importance of a pant’s weight is not as vital as the weight of your footwear or backpack, it still plays a part in keeping you cool in hot weather.

So, what factors make a pair of pants weigh a lot?

First, is the material built. Second, the thickness and weave of the material. Third, the absence or presence of lining and its thickness. Finally, the design and additional features.

Note, the weight of a pant with a clean and simple design and zero/few features is usually low. Additional features like integrated belts, pockets, and zippers will contribute to the final weight of the pant.

Comfort and functionality

Every lover of the outdoor world will tell you that the more comfortable her pants, the easier it is to enjoy an adventure. The functionality of a trouser depends on the fit, features, fabrics, and articulated patterns of a garment that allow for extra mobility.

If you need something for hot weather hiking and backpacking, go for a pant with plenty of technical features. They should be more functional than casual pants. On the other hand, travel pants do not need to come with plenty of hi-tech features but should be comfy to wear for hours while staying at the airport or flying overseas. Therefore perceived comfort, perfect fit, and perfect range of motion should be considered more important than a couple of hi-tech features.

Fit and mobility

Comfort and ease of movement are also vital for all kinds of activity where mobility is required. Crotch gussets, pre-shaped knees, and other functional articulation will make a pant move with the wearer. Perfect examples are the TBMPOY Men’s Pants with Belt and the Levi’s Women’s 721 Skinny Jeans. They allow the wearer to move easily in them.

Style and versatility

Making a functional travel pant that will suit many different activities in various conditions and environments is not easy. Fortunately, this hasn’t stopped manufacturers from crafting such models. TBMPOY Men’s Pants with Belt, Columbia Men’s Rapid Rivers Pant and Levi’s Women’s 721 Skinny Jeans are highly rated for the most versatile pants. They are suitable for office, travel, climbing, and backpacking.

If you do not like the idea of having tons of different trousers for different activities, you should consider going for versatile pants. They are perfect for use by people in town and on long trips, helping you minimize the content of your pack.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How should I wash my travel pants?

Travel pants come with washing instructions. If you are traveling and have packed just one or two versatile pants, you need to wash them while you are away. Travel pants can be washed in a sink using warm soapy water. Rinse thoroughly after wash, and wring out excess water. Hang them outside to air dry. These pants are made from synthetic materials and do not take long to dry.

Q: How do I take my measurements?

You need a measuring tape to correctly measure your size. Measure the smallest part of your waist, do the same for the fullest part of your hips. For inseam measurement, start the measurement from your inner thigh upwards and stop at the bottom of your ankle. Alternatively, measure your best-fitting pants from the inside of the leg to the hem, then go for a pair with similar measurements.

Q: How do I know if a travel pant will be comfortable?

Ideally, you try the pants on before or after purchase. Walk around a bit and try to sit in them. The pants must be comfortable and should move with you.


There are many travel pants on the market, so finding the best travel pants for hot weather is not easy. This task is not difficult either! Comfort should be the top priority, but no less important is the absence or presence of functional features like integrated belts, pockets, zippers, fast dry, and fabric breathability.

This review discusses my experience using some of the best designs on the market to help you make informed decisions. I hope, having come this far, you are now equipped with the necessary info needed to choose the right pair of travel pants for hot weather.

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