best travel lens for the Sony a6000

Best Travel Lens for Sony a6000 – All You Need to Know to Buy!

Ever since its release, the Sony a6000 mirrorless camera has been making waves. Whether you are spending a beautiful afternoon on an African safari, or are roaming through the picturesque streets of Rome, the Sony a6000 is a reliable camera.

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Searching for the best travel lens for Sony a6000? Look no further! In this review guide, we have covered the top 7 best travel lenses for this camera that will help you make your trip memorable!

Best Travel Lens for Sony a6000 for 2023 Review: Key Features, Pros, and Cons

After buying our Sony a6000, the million-dollar question we kept on asking was: How to choose the best lens to travel with when there’s so many high-quality products available in the market?

After thorough research and experience with using them, we have put this list of the best lens for travel Sony a6000 as the answer. Our in-depth reviews in this article will help you make the right choice!

ImageBrandLens TypeMaximum Focal LengthMinimum Focal LengthDetails
Sony Telephoto350 mm70 mmCheck price
Sony Telephoto200 mm70 mmCheck price
Sony TelephotoTelephoto55 mmCheck price
Sigma Wide Angle16 mm16 mmCheck price
Sony Wide Angle35 mm35 mmCheck price
Sony Wide Angle, Telephoto105 mm18 mmCheck price
Sony Telephoto200 mm18 mmCheck price

1. Sony Alpha 70-350mm Lens

Highlighted Features
  • Minimum Focal Length: 70 mm
  • Maximum Focal Length: 350 mm
  • Focus Type: Auto Focus
  • Maximum Aperture: 4.5 mm

This super-telephoto, high-resolution lens is our top choice for the Sony a6000. It features an optimized mechanical and optical design with powerful zoom capability. What we really like about this lens is that it is full of amazing features yet has a compact, lightweight design which makes it travel-friendly.

The built-in optical image stabilization and the quiet XD linear motors work together to add stability and precision to the image. The advanced linear motor technology tracks even the fastest moving subjects with amazing precision and outstanding speed.

Since it comes with dust and moisture resistance, you won’t have to worry about using the lens outdoors. This travel-friendly lens is a variable aperture lens, which makes sense for a lens with wide focal length.

It is great for wildlife photography as well as city photography.

  • The 7-blade circular aperture helps in creating a gorgeous bokeh effect in the images.
  • You can lock focus while recomposing using the focus hold button.
  • You can program the button for various custom functions such as Eye AF, Bright Monitoring, Shot Result Preview, Aperture Preview, etc.
  • The camera also features linear response manual focus control.
  • You can instantly switch between auto & manual focus with the help of the AF/MF switch present on the side of the switch.
  • The lens is weather-resistant, not weather-sealed.

2. Sony FE 70-200mm Lens 

Highlighted Features
  • Minimum Focal Length: 70 mm
  • Maximum Focal Length: 200 mm
  • Focus Type: Stepper Motor
  • Maximum Aperture: F/2.8

Want to know what a premium camera lens looks like? Take a look at the Sony FE 70-200mm lens. It is an alluring full-frame telephoto lens that is made for full-frame Sony cameras but works perfectly with Sony APS-C cameras such as the Sony a6000.

Getting a full-frame lens will save you money in the long run, when you are thinking about getting an upgrade. With a state-of-the-art optical design, the superb wide-angle lens provides outstanding overall performance with its versatile 35mm focal length.

To minimize aberration, there are 3 double-sided aspherical elements so that you get stunning resolution & contrast right out to the edges of the image. It is great for street photography and landscape photography.

We captured some really astounding pictures with Sony FE 70-200mm on our trip to Rome, and loved every minute of using this lens. If you are getting your worth out of the money you spend, you wouldn’t mind breaking the bank with this lens for Sony a6000!

  • The lens has in-built OSS image stabilization.
  • The lens has a renowned T*lens coating that helps with natural color reproduction.
  • You can enhance the bokeh effect with the help of the circular aperture present in this lens.
  • The lens has Sony’s original Nano AR Coating technology which suppresses reflections that cause ghosting and flare.
  • Even at longer focal lengths, the ED glass reduces the chromatic aberration and gives superior contrast.
  • As compared to other products on our list, the price is slightly higher.
  • This is not a lightweight lens.

3. Sony E 55-210mm Lens

Highlighted Features
  • Minimum Focal Length: 55 mm
  • Maximum Focal Length: 210 mm
  • Focus Type: Stepper Motor
  • Maximum Aperture: 4.5

If you are searching for the one Sony 6000 travel lens that combines form and function, and that too at a very affordable rate, look no further than the Sony E 55-210mm. With ample zoom range and compact design, this is the perfect travel lens.

With the built-in optical SteadyShot image stabilization, you will be able to take sharp images even in low-light conditions. The circular aperture enhances the bokeh effect in your pictures. In traditional lenses, when the focal length increases, you face issues such as chromatic aberration.

The images suffer from lower color quality, lower contrast, and lower resolution. The ED glass used in this lens reduces aberration at telephoto ranges and gives superior contrast – that too at wide-aperture settings!

  • The aspherical lens design not only reduces the spherical aberration dramatically but also the size and the weight of the lens.
  • The lens has built-in Gyro sensors that will detect the slightest of movement.
  • Moreover, the quiet linear motors result in effective, exceptionally quiet image stabilization that will help you take great stills as well as make high-quality movies.
  • You get a great focusing distance and fast autofocusing with this lens.
  • The filter thread present at the front of this lens doesn’t rotate, which is great if you are using a polarizing filter.
  • The variable aperture lens doesn’t perform effectively if you want to shoot videos. However, at this price point, we are willing to neglect this!

4. Sigma 16mm Contemporary Lens  – Best Prime Lens for Sony a6000

Highlighted Features
  • Minimum Focal Length: 16 mm
  • Maximum Focal Length: 16 mm
  • Focus Type: Auto Focus
  • Maximum Aperture: 1.4m

Searching for a third-party lens that is compatible with Sony a6000? Take a look at Sigma 16mm f/1.4 lens, as it is one of the best prime lenses for Sony APS-C cameras. You can shoot wide open at an aperture of f/1.4 that gives you an amazing depth of field while you are shooting videos or taking stills.

The autofocus of this non-native Sony lens is super quick. Combine the wide-open aperture with the autofocus, and you will achieve a very cinematic look with this lens. We love using this lens for video shooting.

This high-performance lens combines f/1.4 brightness in a compact, lightweight body. Since the lens has a 16 mm focal length, it is great for architecture photography, walk-around style street photography, and for interior photography.

  • The lens is very sharp and you can get an incredible depth of field in your images.
  • The autofocus is fast and responsive.
  • It works well in low-light conditions.
  • The lens comes with a lens hood that cuts the harmful rays which affect photographs negatively.
  • As compared to other products on our list, the price is slightly higher.
  • This is not a lightweight lens.

5. Sony SEL35F18 Prime Fixed Lens – Best Travel Portrait Lens for Sony a6000

Highlighted Features
  • Minimum Focal Length: 35 mm
  • Maximum Focal Length: 35 mm
  • Focus Type: Stepper Motor
  • Maximum Aperture: 1.8mm

The Sony SEL35F18 is a compact, lightweight, fixed focal length lens with minimum focus distance of 0.3m ft. The new optical design is excellent for contrast and peripheral sharpness. What’s more, the lens comes with in-built image stabilization.

The smooth, high speed and silent focusing of this lens is ideal for shooting movies. The SEL-35F18 is an ideal lens to carry around when you are capturing the action. It is perfect for a large variety of photos from night shots to portraits with amazing foreground/background blur.

We really like the depth of field we get in images with this lens. The circular aperture helps to enhance the ‘bokeh’ effect in your images. Since the lens is made of ED glass, you won’t have to worry about chromatic aberration in your pictures at telephoto ranges.

At this price point, the lens is a win-win!

  • The aspherical lens design of Sony SEL-35F18 not only reduces the spherical aberration but also keeps the lens compact & lightweight. The quiet linear motors add to image stabilization.
  • The lens comes with built-in Gyro sensors which work hand-in-hand with the linear motors to give exceptional image stabilization.
  • The focal length of this lens is almost identical to the human eye. This will give a natural-looking FOV in the images with very little distortion.
  • It is great as a travel portrait lens and works best as a walk-around style street photography lens.
  • The lens is not zoomable.
  • It is not weather-sealed.

6. Sony SELP18105G Lens  – Best All-in-One Travel lens for Sony a6000

Highlighted Features
  • Minimum Focal Length: 18 mm
  • Maximum Focal Length: 105 mm
  • Focus Type: Stepper Motor
  • Maximum Aperture: 4 mm

Searching for the best all-in-one travel lens for the Sony a6000? Look no further than Sony SELP 18-105 mm lens. Honestly, if we were going on a trip, and could only take one lens with us on the trip, we would go with this one.

Why? Well, its wide focal range of 18 mm to 105 mm with a constant aperture of f/4 makes it a great all-around travel lens. It is equal to a full-frame focal range of 27 mm to 125 mm, so you are covered no matter which situation you are shooting in.

With a constant aperture, the lens takes the worry of changing the aperture as you zoom in off your hands. To ensure maximum image quality and reduce flare, we recommend that you use a lens hood.

  • The lens has an internal zoom which means that the lens doesn’t extend out when you zoom.
  • The lens has a versatile focal range that covers a lot of shooting situations.
  • Unlike other telephoto lenses that we have reviewed in this article, this lens has a constant aperture.
  • The lens has built-in OSS image stabilization
  • In low-light situations, the lens may not perform great.
  • You don’t get a lot of flexibility with the depth of field.

7. Sony SEL18200LE E-Mount Lens – Best Wide Focal Range Travel Lens for Sony a6000

Highlighted Features
  • Minimum Focal Length: 18 mm
  • Maximum Focal Length: 200 mm
  • Focus Type: Micromotor
  • Maximum Aperture: 6.3 mm

The last but not the least product on our list is the Sony SEL18200LE E-mount lens for Sony a6000. It is a great travel lens since it has a great focal range – from 18 mm to 200 mm. If you travel light and have room for only one lens, this would be a perfect fit.

The wide focal range ensures that whether you are taking architecture shots or taking vast landscape shots, you will be covered. The zoom range will allow you to get close to any subject you are taking pictures of.

The older versions of this lens didn’t come with OSS. However, the current version has built-in OSS image stabilization which makes it a great choice. This will be really helpful when you are shooting at longer focal lengths.

  • The wide focal length ensures that you can shoot easily in any situation, be it outdoors in the wilderness or indoors at a museum.
  • The lens has high-magnification zoom with built-in image stabilization.
  • Despite having a superzoom, the lens is lightweight and compact which makes it travel-friendly.
  • The lens has built-in OSS.
  • The variable aperture can be an issue when you are shooting in low-light conditions.
  • The lens is not weather-sealed.
best lens for sony a6000 travel

Buying Guide

With so many camera lenses for Sony a6000 available in the market, how do we know what makes one camera lens better than others? There are various features such as lens stabilization. Speed of the lens, low-light capabilities, affordability, etc. which set them apart.

Let’s take a look at some of the factors you need to keep an eye out for while buying the best travel lenses for sony a6000 in this buying guide.


Since you are searching for a travel-friendly lens, you can’t buy one that is heavy, bulky, and cumbersome. When you are going on a trip where you will have to walk a lot, every ounce of weight counts.

Before buying your lens, keep in mind the kind of trip you are going on and whether you can afford to take a heavyweight lens with you. Sony SEL35F18 Prime Fixed Lens is the lightest lens on our list of travel lenses for Sony a6000.

Speed of the Lens

The speed of the lens tells you how wide the maximum aperture of the lens is. Depending on the conditions you are going to shoot in, you might want a wide aperture lens or a wide aperture lens.

If you are going to shoot at night time or in low-light conditions, or if you are going to spend a lot of time indoors, you should go with a lower aperture. For wildlife photography and outdoor photography, the wider the aperture, the better the results will be.

On our list. Sony SEL18200LE E-Mount Lens has a wide aperture with maximum length of 6.3 mm and Sony SEL35F18 Prime Fixed Lens has a maximum aperture of 1.8 mm.

Lens Stabilization

As the Sony a6000 doesn’t come with built-in image stabilization, your life will become a lot easier if you buy a lens with optical image stabilization. Most of the lenses in our list have built-in OSS image stabilization which makes them a prime choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What to look for when you are buying the best travel lens?

Factors such as the overall weight, overall value, lens stabilization, maximum aperture, etc. play an important role when you are choosing the best lens for sony a6000 travel.


With the help of the best travel lens for the Sony a6000, you will be able to capture all the beautiful moments while travelling solo or with friends and family. With loads of options available in the market, it is only human to get confused.

In this article, we have reviewed the best travel lenses for Sony a6000. Hopefully, these in-depth reviews will help you choose the perfect lens for you.

Safe Travels, Folks!

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