The Best Travel Diaper Bag: Top 10 Products & Buying Guide

The best travel diaper bag isn’t any single product. It’s the one that best suits your needs and that of your baby’s at the same time. Some moms and dads need a unisex design. Some may require a laptop compartment. Others may want something that can be easily wiped on the go.

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Different features complement different people. Still, there are basic features to look for to make the most of your purchase. Find out what they are and the 10 best products we found out there.

Best Travel Diaper Bag for 2023 Review: Key Features, Pros, and Cons

The product choices offer many different functionalities. If you buy without considering how you’re planning to use it, you’ll get easily swayed by sales tactics and marketing stunts. Here are 10 of the best products to get you started:

ImageBrandProduct / Package DimensionsWeightAvailable ColorsDetails
Confachi17.64 x 11.02 x 4.33 inches3.55 Pounds● Blue
● Grey
Check price
Itzy Ritzy10.5 x 7 x 18 inches2.5 Pounds● Vanilla Latte
● Black Herringbone
● Black with Gold
● Blush
● Coffee & Cream
● Handsome Heather Grey
Check price
Hafmall11 x 7.1 x 15.6 inchesNot specified● Burberry-inspired printCheck price
Mia + Sophia14 x 7.4 x 15.7 inches3 Pounds● Black
● Black Sophia
● Brown
● Brown Sophia
● Tan
Check price
Hotbest16.97 x 13.07 x 4.41 inches 3.31 Pounds● Green
● Grey
● Black
● Pink
● Blue Box/Grey
● Pink Box/Pink
Check price
Upsimples 15.79 x 12.64 x 3.27 inches2 Pounds● Black Grey
● Pink Grey
Check price
RUVALINO 11.8 x 7.9 x 16.5 inches2.03 Pounds● Army Green
● Black
● Dark Grey
● Iron Grey
● Navy Blue
● Pink
Check price
Freshly Picked15.1 x 14.4 x 7.1 inches2 pounds● Aspen
● Birch
● Butterscotch
● Charcoal
● Cognac
● Croc
● Ebony
● Fig
● Navy
● Sage
● Stone
Check price
Tactical Baby Gear20"H x 11"W x 8"DNot specified● Black
● Black Camo
● Coyote Brown
● Ranger Green
Check price
Columbia13.5 x 7 x 19.25 inches1.18 Pounds● BlueCheck price

1. CONFACHI Multi-way, 4-in-1 Convertible Baby Diaper Bag

Highlighted Features
  • Convertible, expandable
  • Comes with a bassinet and changing pad
  • Padded straps

I love how this bag can be carried four ways — as a handbag, backpack, or shoulder bag. You can also hang it on a stroller pretty easily. Need something for the day? Check! Something for an overnight stay at grannies? Check! Expecting to change on the road or up in the air? This bag covers them all.

  • I find it fits every possible use and occasion whenever the little one comes along.
  • Padded straps keep the weight easy on the shoulders.
  • Spacious interiors make it easy to bring everything you and your baby need in one go.
  • It comes in just two colors to choose from.
  • Pockets are limited but you can use smaller bags or containers to stay organized.

2. Itzy Ritzy Large Backpack Diaper Bag

Highlighted Features
  • 10 interior pockets
  • 7 exterior pockets
  • 2 insulated pockets
  • Made with vegan leather

I honestly don’t think there’s any reason to be disorganized when you’re carrying this diaper bag around. There is so much room inside but once you’ve stuffed it to the brim, you’ll be happily surprised to note how tight and slim it stays. You won’t find it bulging at all.

  • This gets our thumbs up for both style and functionality.
  • There’s plenty of room inside.
  • Multiple interior and exterior pockets help keep your things and baby’s in their proper places.
  • Since it helps you stay organized, it’s easier to find and retrieve things when you need them.
  • This product is significantly more expensive than your mid-priced diaper bag

3. Hafmall Multi-Way Baby Travel Bag

Highlighted Features
  • Burb-inspired signature pattern
  • Includes a laptop sleeve
  • Insulated bottle holder pocket

This product doesn’t present 17 pockets or so like the Itzy Ritzy Large Backpack Diaper Bag. But, it’s the best travel diaper bag if you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck.

Did I mention that the signature Burb print design makes it so much more stylish than probably anything else on this list? The biggest shock is the price which stays inexpensive despite these many pluses.

  • Wide top opening makes it easy to store and retrieve items inside.
  • Zipped up the back window further eases storage and retrieval.
  • Impressive style and functionality rolled into one.
  • Compact design keeps it easy on the back.
  • Design and structure suit any style and occasion.
  • Limited pockets may require you to use bag organizers if you need more to stay organized.

4. Mia + Sophia Leather Backpack Diaper Bag with Changing Pad — BEST LEATHER DIAPER BAG

Highlighted Features
  • Thick, high-quality zippers
  • Comes with changing pads
  • Detachable stroller straps included
  • 10 interior, 5 exterior pockets

If you’re looking to splurge on just one diaper bag or if you feel like getting a single, go-to bag for that period when you’d require a diaper bag, this one will give you ultimate satisfaction.

It’s one of my all-time favorites. Two other things that make it great is that it’s easy to clean and maintain. If you’re good at keeping things, it’ll be around long after your baby’s too old for a diaper bag. Even then, you can continue using it for your work and errand needs.

  • Bottom stands keep your bag off floors and surfaces.
  • Product is made with real, genuine vegan leather.
  • Reinforced straps keep it stable and ensure durability that lasts a long time.
  • There are five classic shades of black and brown you can choose from.
  • Shades are available in earthy, monotone colors only.

5. HOTBEST Baby Diaper Bag Travel Backpack — BEST OVERNIGHT DIAPER BAG

Highlighted Features
  • Foldable
  • Expandable to a bassinet
  • Made with Oxford fabric

I’d like to think of this bag as your baby’s tiny home away from home. The bag can be expanded to be used as an instant changing station. You can also use it to lay your baby down when he’s sleeping or holding up his bottle. Then, you can fold it up to bring it back to its compact state once again. Yup! All in one bag, honey!

  • There’s plenty of room inside with multiple outer pockets.
  • This is made of highly durable Oxford fabric which is waterproof and easy to clean.
  • With 16 pockets in total, you can organize all you need however way suits you.
  • It comes with insulated bottle holders to keep milk and water warm for the baby.
  • You can’t easily wipe off stubborn stains from this one.


Highlighted Features
  • USB charging port
  • Made with water-resistant fabric
  • Lightweight
  • Compact structure

There’s more than enough space in this bag for everything you need for a quick supermarket run. However, if you need to bring more stuff or expect to be away longer, you may need something else.

  • There’s an inner pocket with sufficient space for storing your phone.
  • It’s a great carry-on for short trips.
  • Zipped back pocket makes it easy to retrieve stuff inside.
  • It comes with only two colors for you to choose from.
  • It doesn’t have a dedicated pocket for laptop or tablet.


Highlighted Features
  • 7 colors to choose from
  • 16 pockets
  • Insulated pockets
  • Convertible

Just like the Upsimples Diaper Bag with USB, this diaper bag is perfect for limited time away from home. There’s enough room for 2 to 3 bottles, portioned milk, extra diapers, and change of clothes for the little one. There’s also dedicated storage for your laptop and other gadgets.

  • Perfect for running errands or quick meet ups.
  • It’s made with durable fabric.
  • Waterproof fabric material makes it easy to clean up and maintain.
  • There’s sufficient room for about a half-day trip with baby only.

8. Freshly Picked Large Convertible Vegan Backpack Diaper Bag — BEST VEGAN DIAPER BAG

Highlighted Features
  • 11 colors to choose from
  • Made with premium vegan leather
  • Metal feet

I love how vegan bags like this make you feel that you’re doing a good thing for your baby by minding about what’s good for the environment. Other than delivering the basic functions of a diaper bag, it’s also stylish and highly versatile. Wear it when you want it.

  • Metal feet keep the bottom part off the ground and surfaces.
  • It’s easy to clean and maintain.
  • Brand was born in Utah, proudly made in the USA.
  • Limited space inside.

9. Tactical Baby Gear (TBG) Tactical Diaper Backpack for Dads — BEST TACTICAL DIAPER BAG

Highlighted Features
  • Body belt
  • Padded straps
  • Built-in changing mat

I find that this has become our go-to diaper bag for our eco-adventures. I find there’s enough space for an all-day nature trip. I’m quite confident it can hold up everything you might need outdoors for an overnight camping trip too. If you’re looking for a travel diaper bag for your next flight, this product will be perfect for the job too.

  • Double body belt provides more stability.
  • Padded shoulder straps keep weight easy on the shoulders.
  • It comes with tougher zippers for added durability.
  • Multiple pockets and built-in holders to keep everything in place.
  • Style and colors are very much military-like for a mom’s taste but it’s perfect for dads.

10. Columbia Summit Rush Diaper Bag — BEST DIAPER BAG FOR LONG WALKS

Highlighted Features
  • Insulated pockets
  • Comes with padded change mat
  • Padded straps

I know the Tactical Baby Gear (TBG) Tactical Diaper Backpack might be too much for regular road trips and one-way flights. In which case, you can go for this product instead.

  • Padded back straps keep shoulders relaxed.
  • Easy to clean and practically maintenance-free,
  • Leak-proof lining helps prevent accidental spillage.
  • There’s plenty of storage room and pockets inside.
  • It can look and feel bulgy.
Best travel diaper bag

How to Buy a Baby Diaper Bag:  Buying Guide

By this time, you must already have a clearer idea of what product features matter the most to you and to your baby. While the variations you’ll find are endless, there are key features that will help you manage all your must-haves and nice-to-haves even when on-the-go with your little one tugging along.


The most practical reason for wanting a diaper bag is to have convenient storage for all your baby’s needs and yours. Diaper bag makers know that.

Personally, I look for diaper bags that provide individual bottle storage or holders. That way, you won’t have to worry about spillage even as you and baby rough it out wherever you’re planning to be next.

If you’re a digital nomad like we are, a dedicated storage inside for your laptop, other electronics, and personal belongings like your wallet and cards are all non-negotiable. A secret pocket can improve your security. It’s easy to lose track of your belongings when your little one does her or his best to grab your undivided attention.


This feature is a must, especially if you prefer fixing up warm milk for your baby or toddler. It also helps keep warm drinks warm, and cold drinks cold longer.

If you usually take short trips though and you’re looking for a diaper bag for quick visits to the grocery, this feature may not be necessary.

Interior and Exterior Material

It’s so hard to manage neatness and cleanliness at home and across all of your stuff and your baby’s when you have a tiny human being dependent on you. Understandably, that’s second to attending to his or her needs first at any given time.

Nonetheless, keeping things clean and sanitized keeps your little one from catching otherwise preventable infections and diseases. So, my advice is simple. Choose a product that you can wipe clean or that you can easily wash and dry in the washer. Save yourself from unnecessary to-dos. Stay away from diaper bags that are made of delicate materials.

Suitability to Your Style and Lifestyle

Reduce the stress of having to care for your child on top of doing what you do for a living and playing all the other roles you play in your life everyday. Buy products that support you and help you get by but also ones that don’t sacrifice your personal style.

If getting a diaper bag that helps you recharge easily on-the-go like the Upsimples Diaper Bag with USB Port makes your life just a little bit more manageable then go for it! If you like spending extended time outdoors, continue to do so with a diaper bag like the TBG Tactical Diaper Backpack.

And, if you’re vegan, know that you won’t ever have to give up your personal ideals just because you’re a mom now. Go for a vegan diaper bag like the Freshly Picked Convertible Vegan bag.


Maybe you have a budget for just a single thrift diaper bag. Perhaps you can afford several products to go with your every need and mood. Whatever your circumstances are, make every penny you spend count.

Don’t settle for something less merely for the price. Always weigh that against the functionality and style that you’re going to get. That way, you and your baby can live with your purchase. Keep in mind that you may be stuck with the same bag for a good few years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How big should a diaper bag be?

It depends on when and how you intend to use it. In general, you’ll need a basic diaper bag with just enough room inside for regular, day-to-day use.

But, if you’re bringing along your gadgets for work or if you’re taking extended time away from home then, you’ll definitely have use for something bigger.

Q: When should you buy a diaper bag?

If you’re expecting, you should ideally start shopping for one as soon as you enter your third trimester. Your baby can pop anytime then.

Also, you might need to change and shop for replacements throughout the first 2 to 3 years of having your baby.


Before you start shopping for the best travel diaper bag, think about how everyday goes down on you. Do you stay at home? Do you work while nursing your baby? How often do you go out of the house and where? Are you planning to travel by air soon? What’s your reason for wanting a diaper bag other than you have a baby or expecting one soon?

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