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Best Toys For Road Trips – 10 Toddler Engaging Activities [ 2023 ]

Planning a road trip with your toddler requires preparation and planning. You need to take care of your child’s needs. To keep them interested, what can do a better job than toys? Hunting for the best toys for road trips brings up thousands of online search results. That does not help in saving you time or buying the right product. But yes, the list that follows will help you find the proper and useful product as it is an expert-curated list.

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Road Trip Toys – Specifications And 10 Detailed Reviews

Buying the best toddler toys for road trips is not as simple as you think. The age criteria need to be assessed carefully. You wouldn’t want to end up with a toy that isn’t age-appropriate for your child. Using weight and dimensions, you can check how portable it is. By knowing the toy type, you will know if that is what you are looking for. Finally, knowing the complete information about that toy gives you a clear picture. So, make sure to keep reading to learn more about these toys and if it’s the right fit for your child’s idea of entertainment for the road.

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1. Melissa & Doug Take-Along Shape Sorter

Highlighted Features
  • 9-varied blocks of different colors, shapes, and textures
  • Padded carry case
  • 2-activity slides on front and back
  • Interactive flaps for matching shapes
  • Take along with handle

The shape sorter is one of the best toddler toys for road trips as it has a nice soft carry-along handle. It easily fits into your handy bag as it is collapsible with soft walls. The bright and exciting colors keep your toddler engaged. The blocks offer various excellent motor skills to feel them and to drop them into the container at the right place.

The second activity slide is made of flaps. Each one contains pictures of commonly used things with shapes underneath them. When the flaps are lifted, these shapes become visible. These provide clues for your child to identify the correct corresponding shape to that object. It is unique among the road trip toys due to its portability and the fun it offers.

  • Nine blocks of different textures help in the development of sensory skills
  • Unique color and shape of blocks offer more learning
  • The padded case keeps the toy soft for collapsing making it ideal for travel
  • The two activity slides provided at the front and back of the toy
  • The toy is washable making it one of the best kids toys for road trips
  • Depth of the container is not constant as it is not a hard case
  • The dropped blocks need to be moved before dropping new ones
  • Blocks are made of hollow plastic pieces which make a sound when it shakes

2. Montessori Busy Board Toddlers Toy For Road Trips

Highlighted Features
  • 10-activities for fine motor skills
  • Bright and colorful wooden pieces
  • Circle cut-out for secure handling of the board
  • Handcrafted carefully for safety
  • Sturdy and not easily breakable

While traveling, the road trip toys like the busy board will guarantee fun and learning while keeping them busy. The busy board has colorful pieces of things we come across daily, like a zipper, buckle, bolt, etc., clamped to a wooden board. They get to see how the gears turn and the practice tying the shoelace.

If you have been searching for the best toys for road trips, this one could surely be it. More importantly, it is built with your child’s utmost safety in mind. With even the small parts kept secure and glued firmly to the board, you can stay worry-free from losing any component. It is often an issue that kids lose parts of toys, and this is the greatest challenge for parents in finding the kid’s toys for road trips.

  • Lightweight and has multiple activities to keep your kid busy for a long time.
  • Works as a developmental and Montessori educational toy for pre-schoolers aged three and above
  • Serves as a best kids toys for road trips, as it has no loose pieces to drop
  • Kids learn independent dressing skills and many such practical things while using the busy board.
  • It is also useful for particular education purposes as it has various learning levels.
  • Some kids who already know how to do the things provided on this board find it as very basic.
  • Big staples used for inserting shoelaces are a little hard to grasp for small kids.
  • The labyrinth handle made of wood tends to come out when tugged hard and may cause a choking hazard.

3. I Spy Pre-schooler’s A-Z Fun Guessing Game For Road Trips

Highlighted Features
  • 41 pages puzzle book
  • Puzzles on pictures related to A-Z
  • Solutions are provided
  • Coloring pages
  • Colorful illustrations

This bright and beautifully made picture book that comes with a puzzle makes a fantastic addition to road trip toys to keep your little one entertained. Pre-schoolers will love playing and learning with this educational toy. The toddlers learn their alphabet sounds once they are through it a few times.

The educational benefit, along with its portability, places it in the list of best toys for road trips. The solutions for each puzzle are provided at the turn of the page so your child can instantly verify his answer.

  • The content of the book has been designed aptly for the age of preschoolers.
  • Illustrations are attractive and clear to identify, making it easy for kids to find. Learn and remember the pictures.
  • It is of lightweight, and as it is a book, it is one of the best toys for road trips and easily manageable.
  • Kids learn alphabets sounds in a fun manner without finding it burdensome like in a conventional manner.
  • The book also allows you to color some pictures, and this is a bonus for a puzzle book.
  • Pages need to be a little thicker for kids to handle them efficiently and for durability.
  • Questions and solutions are designed to find and only a single item from each page.
  • It would have been better if all the pictures started with basic phonetic sounds representing the letter.

4. Wikki Stix Traveler Playset For Kids

Highlighted Features
  • Bright red carry case
  • Food grade and patented wax coating
  • Hand Knitting yarn is used as the core material
  • 144 Wikkistix
  • Pliable and non-sticky sticks

The wax-dipped yarn is exceptionally engaging and a wonderful toy to have it during travels. Kids are like sponges absorbing new experiences and feel proud of practicing what they know. These can be molded into any shape and be attached to any smooth surface. These sticks can be removed easily from the surfaces, and they do not leave a sticky residue. The best thing about them is they are reusable as they just attach but do not mix. Its endless possibilities make it an ideal, and one of the best toys for road trips to keep kids engaged.


      5. de Moca Quiet Book for Toddlers Soft Travel Toy

      Highlighted Features
      • Nine toddler activities
      • Portable bag with handles
      • Soft, made with fabric
      • All parts are well attached to the book
      • Laundry bag with zipper for washing

      A bright red colored fabric made book with nine preschoolers activities to keep your kids engaged during a road trip. Finding the best toys for road trips is hard, and you must grab this one as it is quite apt. It ultimately keeps your child focused and helps you relax or drive during the travel.

      Another feature about this toy that you’ll surely love is that it is machine washable. It even comes with a laundry bag to keep the toy safe in the tub. In addition, it’s so light that you can let your child carry the bag whenever getting out of the vehicle.

      • Sensory and educational toy for children as it encourages interactive learning.
      • A soft and portable bag with handles make it travel friendly.
      • Machine is washable as it comes with a laundry bag with a zipper that protects it in the machine.
      • All the activities are quiet and engaging, making it one of the best toys for road trips.
      • No parts of it can go missing as everything is tethered well unto the bag.
      • Button activity is hard to be performed by little fingers, but they get a hand of it as they grow old.
      • The ribbon on zipper comes off after long term use, but still, the zipper is usable.
      • Snaps are hard, and they cannot be pulled off once snapped.

      6. Aitey Magnetic Building Blocks For Road Trips

      Highlighted Features
      • Blocks are designed with professional accuracy
      • Infinite possible structures
      • Powerful magnets within
      • 54 pieces made of safe ABS plastic
      • Guide cards with difficulty levels

      If you are lucky enough to find the best toys for road trips, then you know you and your child will be creating a bonding moment you’ll both keep cherishing for many years. This toy absolutely complements your super brainy kid. This toy is most specifically suited for toddlers who do not find ordinary toys exciting. If this sounds like your child then, these magnetic building blocks could be the toy that sparks his curiosity.

      The magnetic blocks are shaped in a manner where snapping them would require some planning to achieve the desired output. Challenge your kids with these magnetic building blocks and see them using their brainpower and be occupied for long times.

      • Mentally stimulating activity for the super kids who like to engage meaningfully.
      • Can build numerous shapes with the blocks, and you never run out of ideas.
      • Cards, which provide some exciting ideas to model with varied difficulties.
      • Small-sized, safe plastic and powerful magnets together make it to the list of the proper kid’s toys for road trips.
      • Lightweight, durable, and non-toxic material is used and travel friendly.
      • Color cards would have been much better than black and white cards.
      • It makes little clicking noises when plastic pieces snap as the magnet pulls them together.
      • Pieces may fall in the car as they are not attached to anything and are separate blocks.
      • May not be Kids Safe as the magnet separated from the block

      7. Toddler Busy Board Toy For Road Trips

      Highlighted Features
      • Hands-on fine motor skills learning
      • 9-features sensory board
      • Lightweight and easy to carry
      • Portable as it is foldable
      • Varying difficulty level activities

      The dark blue background with bright colored activities sewn nicely into it has a worthy place in the list of best toddler toys for road trips. The weight of the toy does not burden your kid, and the shoulder strap allows them to carry it around easily. By playing with this toy, your child develops dressing skills by practicing some of the most essential motor skills to get them going.

      Engaging them in play as well as educating them is a bonus for any parent. Keeping kids busy while traveling is something that every parent wishes for. This sensory board makes it possible to keep them working on it and not bother you all the time. That means you can concentrate on the road if you’re driving.

      • Kids practice essential dressing skills using this board as they play along.
      • No loose pieces to get lost during the play as they are all sewn to the board.
      • Soft toy made of fabric and does not have sharp corners.
      • Lightweight and foldability make it to be the best kids toys for road trips.
      • The board is designed colorfully and grabs the interest of the child.
      • Black toggle is hard to see on a dark blue background.
      • Buckle belt is too short and does not stay put after buckling.
      • The shoelace comes entirely off the board, which may be lost if not careful.

      8. Wellchild Toddlers Magnetic Drawing Board For Road Trips

      Highlighted Features
      • 4-color zones of red, blue, green and yellow on board
      • Magnetic pen attached with a string
      • Three stamps of various shapes
      • Drawstring bag to carry the pad
      • Non-BPA material

      The majority of children enjoy scribbling, and their wall arts are the living proofs of this. If your child engages in this kind of doodling, then the magnetic drawing board will be the kind of best kids’ toys for road trips for them. They can go on and on and just erase it and start over again.

      The color zones on the board never fails to fascinate your child when he draws. Soon enough, they’ll figure out how the color from one place differs from the other. Your child later finds out that stamps can be used to create shapes easily. This toy also offers a great way to train your child on how to hold a pen.

      • The magnetic board is an erasable and reusable number of times.
      • Drawstring bag helps in the secure carrying of the magnetic board.
      • The magnetic pen does not get lost as it is attached to the board with a string
      • Carry handle for handling it efficiently while playing with the board.
      • Different color zones make it possible to draw a colorful picture.
      • Stamps that come with the board may cause a choking hazard if not used under supervision.
      • After little use, it takes two passes to erase the drawing made on the board.
      • Pen detached from the string and may get lost easily due to this.

      9. New Leather Surface Erasable Drawing Pad For Road Trips

      Highlighted Features
      • Leather pages of 8×8 inches
      • 14 pages to draw
      • Wiped off with a wet tissue
      • Nylon edged trim
      • Pocket for storing sketch pens

      This is a book that enables your kid to make colorful drawings against a dark background. The novelty of it keeps them amused and curious. Wait until you see the look on your child when he wipes it down clean yet no trace of color comes off. So, this can be called the infinite drawing book, as its pages never end. It will be precisely what you want during a long road journey.

      The best toys for road trips are the smallest possible size and highest possible activities. So, this leather drawing book does count into that category.

      • Replacement available for watercolor pens, so need not worry if they run out of color after use.
      • The book contains 14 leather pages reinforced with nylon trim.
      • The drawings made with the watercolor pens provided with the kit on the leather pages are wipeable
      • The 8×8 inch page size is apt for kids to draw and to carry it along during travel.
      • It is one of the best toddler toys for road trips as of lightweight and small size.
      • Pen pouch does not have a zipper or Velcro, and pens keep falling out.
      • The pens ink does not get washed easily if it gets on clothes.
      • Should have wet tissues handy to wipe the pages.

      10. Coogam Magnetic Tangram Puzzle For Road Trip

      Highlighted Features
      • 7-pieces of magnetic shapes
      • Block book with model puzzles
      • Book cover serves as magnetic adhesion board
      • 360 puzzles with varying difficulty
      • Pieces are foam coated

      Speaking of the best toys for road trips, tangram is one of the most compact and highly engaging toys that you can find. The range of puzzles it offers is endless. Though there are 360 puzzles enough to last for a long trip, you can get more of them on the internet. The simple shapes and the figures that can be formed out of these will keep your child — and even you — engaged and entertain for a very long time.

      The puzzle appears simple which is a good way to capture your child’s attention, initially. But then, it takes some time to figure it out which challenges your toddler. Finally, after a good thought and your child solves the puzzle, it will bring satisfaction and a good sense of achievement.

      • Various levels of challenges are possible with the seven pieces of the tangram.
      • Magnetic pieces ensure they stay in place while you travel.
      • The book has a place for keeping the unused pieces and a space to assemble.
      • The pieces invoke interest due to their bright colors.
      • Travel friendly as it occupies a tiny place and is of lightweight.
      • The magnetic surface is provided only on one side of the book.
      • Though pieces magnetic, there is a risk of losing them when they are pulled out during travel.
      • The block book pages do not stay in place and flip over quickly.
      Best travel toys for kids

      Best Toys For Road Trips: Buying Guide

      Buying toys for the road requires a lot of research. And, rightfully so, since you don’t want to make any compromises when it comes to your child. Below is a checklist you should find useful when shopping around for the best toy for road trips that both you and your child can enjoy. Use these practical tips and we hope you’ll find exactly what you’re hoping to get.


      First of all, you should check that only food-grade materials make up the toy and all of its components. Toddlers tend to put everything in their mouths so you want to make sure there’s nothing hazardous that they can pick up while they do.

      Also, make sure that the toys you’re planning to buy do not break easily. When toys shatter, it puts your child in danger of getting cut or injured. Moreover, it also raises the possibility of choking from shattered pieces. Keep in mind that the best toys for road trips would be made of soft material as these are safe and unbreakable.


      Check for choking hazards, sharp edges, and abrasive surfaces. Check on the physical safety of the toy but also make sure that it will be a positive influence to your child’s mental health and well-being. Avoid toys that encourage undesirable behaviors and violence, such as guns.

      When traveling, choose only from this list of the best toys for road trips. Thus, you can be sure that your child will only be playing with toys that have his utmost safety taken into consideration.


      Annoying toys that do not provide any mental stimulation are of no use. Buying toys out of their league causes disinterest. So, selecting toys based on their interest according to their abilities is challenging, but it would be the right choice.


      When toddlers cannot manipulate their toys, they get easily frustrated. They try to imitate the play adults show them and feel incompetent when they cannot achieve what you show them. So, it is essential not to let them feel inadequate about their abilities or not to provide them with less engaging things. Age appropriateness plays a significant role in keeping them properly engaged and happy during the play.

      Get more practical tips to enjoy traveling with your child. Read “How to travel with kids without losing your mind” to learn how you can enjoy your children’s company even when trips take hours or even days to complete.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Can You Provide A Checklist Of Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing Car Toys For A Toddler?

      There are a number of things that you can look for when shopping for toys. Besides the ones listed above, you should also consider your child’s personal interests. As a parent, you know your child’s interests and abilities well so use that to your advantage.

      Moreover, you know what captures their imagination and what level of mental and physical stimulation they need. When selecting kids’ toys for road trips, just remember to choose one that does not make a lot of noise.

      Toys excite toddlers. However, it’s a fact that they won’t find just any toy to be fascinating. Toddlers are at the peak of their curiosity so, generally, toys that make them curious keep them interested and the age mark on the label can help you make the right decision.

      During The Trip, How Can I Keep My Toddler Busy And The Car Mess-Free At The Same Time?

      Apart from food, drink, and hygiene, they also need to be engaged in a stimulating manner for them to behave their best. This is important since they do not know to communicate their needs like adults or cannot participate in long conversations like older children can. Giving them some screen time is fine but doing it for a long time is not good.

      Toys are something kids understand better than anything and can get lost in enjoying them. So, packing some kid’s toys for road trips is the best idea to keep them busy. Carrying travel-friendly toys keeps your car mess-free.

      What Toys Should I Not Bring To Avoid Distracting The Driver Or Me If I’m Driving?

      Generally, avoid giving your toddler toys that require adult help or supervision. The best toys for road trips require minimal supervision, something that your toddler can easily manipulate and understand on his own. In any case, it would be nice if you could play a few rounds with your child at least the day before your trip before leaving him to play on his own.

      How Can I Prepare My Child For His First Long Drive?

      Make sure you have the right kind of car seat for traveling long distances by road. Allow your toddler to get comfortable with the seat by taking a few short practice trips. Note their behavior during various situations and prepare a list of possible solutions when things go out of hand.

      Speak to them about how they feel if they are communicative and address their doubts on travels. Also, timing in their nap routines into the trip according to their natural rhythm would save a few hours on them. Ensure them you will be rewarding them with the best toys for road trips if they are well mannered.

      What Is The Best Time Of Day To Take A Small Child On A Long Trip?

      Kids do not know much about the world outside, especially when away from home, and may not accept some circumstances like dark surroundings or a car stalled in traffic. So, taking a short test drive before you go for a long drive would be a good idea to know what might crop up and be prepared. Keeping some best toys for road trips will help you survive temper tantrums as they will be your live savers.


      The road trip toys need to be portable, engaging, silent, and without and parts that get lost easily. All the toys mentioned above are well-qualified in these terms and hence are apt for carrying with you on your road trips.

      With these toys within your toddler’s reach, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how much fun they have in the backseat. Overall, it helps make your trip a satisfying one and this will definitely not be the last road trip you’re taking with your little one. Cheers to more and more memorable road trips!

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