Best snow tubing in Colorado

Best snow tubing in Colorado for slide, glide and repeat!

Winter breaks in the mountains are ideal for families looking to snow-cation in this cold, crisp, and cozy season. And you don’t have to be a ski expert to enjoy the snow-packed thrills of these mountain slopes. Snow tubing is a super-fun family activity that requires zero skill and is extremely pocket-friendly. It promises an adrenaline rush like any other winter sports with minimal risk. When it comes to finding a family-friendly snow tubing destination this winter, all fingers point to Colorado! At some, you can buy day passes, and at some, you can tube for free. We are bringing to you a list of the best snow tubing in Colorado that covers a spectrum of snow tubing experiences. 

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Whether you choose a historical snow tubing park or a park that is open even during summer, a park where you can slide and glide amidst snow-covered trees, or tube for free, your family will have an incredible winter vacation for sure. So ready your inner tube, put on your helmet (always safety first), and hold on tight. Because this is going to be one awesome ride!

1. Keystone Mountaintop Tubing Hill

Keystone Mountaintop Tubing Hill

Starting with the obvious, our gorgeous and ravishing Rocky Mountains showstopper Keystone Mountaintop Tubing Hill! It is considered the highest snow tubing hill in the world. Perched at an elevation of 11, 640 ft above sea level, it is bestowed with deep snow throughout the year. And you can snow tube here on natural snow irrespective of the season! With six lanes of lengths varying from 400 to 650 ft and featuring gentle to steep slopes, tubing here is a treat. Each session lasts for an hour, and a dedicated enclosed lift whisks you back up after every run. Age restriction is at least four years and above, and height restriction is at least 42 inches. Arrive early and check-in at the River Run village at the base, and take a gondola to arrive at Adventure Point, where your tubing adventure will begin!

2. Echo Mountain

Echo Mountain

For a budget snow tubing trip with your family, you don’t have to venture far from Denver. Just an hour’s drive will bring you to Idaho Springs, where Echo Mountain Resort awaits your arrival this winter. It is the closest snow tubing hill to Denver. With six lanes, an incredible view of the Continental Divide from 10,000 ft, and night tubing available, all your snow tubing dreams will be realized here.

A session here typically lasts for an hour. The price includes an inner tube rental, access to the tubing hill, and the use of the covered conveyor belt. Savor the snow-covered mountain and the excitement of nighttime outdoor adventure as you take the tracks in a fully lit tubing arena with music playing on Wednesdays and Thursdays and Saturdays and Sundays. They have a strict height restriction of 36″, but there is no age restriction. Only one rider is allowed on one tube, and comfy leashes are there to connect and ride as a group!

3. Copper Mountain

Copper Mountain

If you are parents to super tiny ones who don’t meet the height and age restrictions at most snow tubing hills, Copper Mountain is there to rescue you! They have a special snow tubing area dedicated to your mini-tubers called Critterland. It has a Squeal Hill where tiny tots of 36″ and below can slide on snow just like their older siblings but on safer and gentler slopes.

Amp up their energy with a ride on the Ducktopus Tubing Carousel. Critterland is located at the base of the main tubing hill in East Village. That aside, Copper Mountain tubing hill itself will anyway keep riders of any age riveted with its curvy tracks that provide ultimate chill, thrill, and adventure. Feel adrenaline rush kicking in as you glide down any of its four lanes with different difficulty levels and slope angles. You can also tube here under the sparkly Colorado night sky. Magic carpet lift is available for easy transfer in between the runs!

4. Coca-Cola Tube @ Winter Park

Coca-Cola Tube @ Winter Park
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Winter Park is a haven for snow tubers! With so many hills of varied gradients available locally, every age from tots to tweens to teens can easily find one to their liking. Coca-Cola Tube Park at Winter Park Resort is one of the best of the lot, and everyone agrees you shouldn’t miss it. Four lanes to race down with banked curves to add excitement to your enjoyment.

Take a track to suit your mood – slow, medium, or fast. Even kids can ride solo but they have to be at least 36″ and footwear should be tubing appropriate. Helpful attendants are there everywhere to help you have a time of your life without worry! Just book ahead online and arrive well before your session starts. The park is open on all seven days during their winter session, which starts in December and lasts till April. Drop by their Hill House for a cup of hot choco by the fire!

5. Colorado Adventure Park

Colorado Adventure Park

For the non-skiers wanting to snow tube in the Grand County, nothing can get bigger and better than Colorado Adventure Park! It claims to be the largest, fastest, and safest snow tubing park in Colorado, ready to blow away your mind whether you are 8 or 80. With snow tracks ranging from slow and easy to fast and wild, they are ready to satisfy speed cravings of all kinds.

You can rent single or double tubes or even a snowscoot for your young ones for that extra dose of exciting competition. Children need to be 6 and up to ride alone, and a helmet is mandatory for anyone under 18. You can avail of helmets free of charge. Children between 3-5 years can ride on a double tube jointly with an adult. After a round, going up the hill is a breeze in their magic carpet lift. All of this aside, they have really eased out on the online booking part. You just have to reserve a day and show up at any time on that specific day to start on your snow tubing family fun!

6. Fraser Tubing Hill

Fraser Tubing Hill

Located across Colorado Adventure Park is the historic Fraser hill, serving the snow tubing community since 1971. Historic Snow Tubing Park is in the heart of downtown Fraser and is just 10 minutes away from Winter Park. The park is a family-owned business that is open daily from 10 am to 10 pm. With tracks of varying speed, it allows tubers to ride solo, take a running start, or link multiple tubes to amplify the speed. Tubes are rented out on a first come first serve basis, and personal tubes are not allowed on the hill.

Sessions last 60 minutes or 90 minutes with tow lifts available to enable max utilization of your hill-hour by quick and easy transfer. Children must be 7 or above to ride on their own. Younger kids can ride with their parents. Post your session, warm up around a roaring fire at their Main Builder. Snack bars and restrooms are also available in the park. It is a great joint to start your day or wind down on a snowy evening with some exciting outdoor activities.

7. Snow Mountain Ranch

Snow Mountain Ranch

Another great Granby snow tubing experience is waiting for you at this remote ranch located just 80 miles from Denver. Measuring a mammoth 5000 acres, this winter wonderland has not only a year-round snow tubing facility hosted by the YMCA of the Rockies but also a tonne of other seasonal activities. During winter, you can snow tube on packed snow tracks on the hill, whereas in non-snowy seasons, they have a special customized track to summer tube.

The tubing hill is a bit old-school with no lifts or tube tows, so climbing up after every ride is essential and expected. They don’t allow personal tubes, and you can rent one from them. Apart from snow tubing, there are 30+ activities available, ranging from snowmobiling to dog sledding. You can choose to spend a day here or your whole vacation because they have a slew of restaurants and unique stay options like ranch cabins and modern yurts catering to travelers of diverse needs.

8. Vail


Home to the Big Daddy of tubing hills, this 900ft multi-track Vail Adventure Ridge Tubing Hill reminds you of an icy amusement park ride in the breathtaking backdrop of some of Colorado’s picturesque peaks. It’s speedy and bumpy, like a rollercoaster sliding down a specially designed track for that smooth and safe landing. The atmosphere is party-like where you can tube with music playing and keeping the energy running high!

The experience begins right as you reach Lionshead village, from where you take a gondola ride to the Eagle’s Nest, where Adventure Ridge is located. Tubing tickets are a minimum of three rides or unlimited, and it’s first come first serve. Yes, there is no provision for reserving rides here. Take a ride on a covered conveyor belt or ‘magic carpet’ to the top of the tubing hill. Slide. Glide. Repeat. The minimum height requirement is 3 ft. You can opt for solo tubing or group tubing at any lane.

9. Snowmass Aspen

Snowmass Aspen
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Picture this: snow tubing under the stars with powdery snow flying off like magical white specks of dust as your kids slide down and their joyful screams reverb in the snow and those ear-to-ear big smiles light up their faces. What is a winter season without these? Well, if you are in Snowmass, make your way to Elk Camp at Aspen Snowmass during the Ullr Nights festivities to enjoy this!

Here you can snow tube well into the night on their multiple tracks that well lit and have lifts. Other than these particular days reserved to honor the Norse God of Snow, Ullr, during peak winter days, the park is open from 11 am to 3 pm for snow tubing. Kids must be 38″ tall, and only one rider per tube. A day tube pass assures unlimited tubing but won’t be valid for the festival days. They charge differently because they include a variety of winter activities and smores and hot chocolates around a bonfire.

10. Purgatory Ski Resort

Purgatory Ski Resort

Durango is a former mining town nestled amidst massive San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado. A den of winter activities, there are two snow tubing hills here – one available locally right at downtown Durango and another only 30 minutes drive away at the Columbine area of Purgatory Ski Resort. Snow Coaster Tubing Hill at Purgatory offers three fast-speed lanes.

Tube rentals are by the hour, and you can procure tickets from the tubing hill attendant here. Personal tubes or sleds are not allowed here. Check their website to confirm their winter season opening. Normally, if the hill is operational, it remains open till 7pm. Children of 6 years and older can ride alone, and 3-5 years have to ride with their parents. The perk here is that you can club multiple activities with your snow tubing session, like skiing and ziplining.

11. Hesperus Ski Area

Hesperus Ski Area

If you don’t mind some snow exercise in between your tubing session, this multi-lane snow tubing at Marmot Hill is for you! Yes, there are no tube tows or lifts available to take you back to the top after each run. But that is just a smidgeon of the trouble on this otherwise enormous entertainment that awaits you. Multiple tracks only mean that the entire family can have tubing races and other fun challenges as they ride down.

The cherry on top is definitely that you can also do night tubing here as the hill is open from 10 am to 9 pm on Saturdays and Sundays and 4 pm to 9 pm on Thursdays and Fridays. The great thing about this location is its proximity to downtown Durango which is just minutes away. Tubing takes place on the east side of the lower mountain and the gradient is gentle. Children must be at least 3 years old and 36″ in height to ride here. Kids younger than that can ride with adults.

12. Steamboat Ski Resort

Steamboat Ski Resort

If you are at the Steamboat Ski Resort and pining for a snow tubing session, head out to the Yee-Haw Tubing Hill at Saddleback Ranch. Meet the three here: the bold and beautiful Larry, fast and furious Curly, and long and calm Moe, ready to offer a different run experience to the rider. The tracks are groomed to the T, and attendants are present at every point to help you have a safe and fun experience. The hill is equipped with a state-of-the-art tube-tow system to make the transfer to the top of the track quite an exhilarating one.

The inner tubes are quite large, and children under four can ride free with a paying adult. Riding in groups is not allowed on Larry but on the other two you can hold hands and glide down with your family. The ranch pass will cover complimentary drop and a pickup to and from the tubing hill and any one of the typical two sessions, one at 12:30 pm and another at 4 pm. The sessions last for two hours each. Don’t forget to visit their warming hut to grab some grub or relax with some hot beverage.

13. Frisco Adventure Park

Frisco Adventure Park

If your family enjoys switching flavors while snow tubing, give Frisco Adventure Park a solid try! From gentle to steep to rolling, this multi-lane snow tubing park will satisfy thrill-seekers of every kind. And guess what! If weather permits and track conditions withstanding, you can link your tubes in twos or fours and tube together as a true family activity. Their regular hourly rate is $32 and their holiday rate is $36.

Only one rider is allowed per tube, and the child has to be at least 36 inches tall. Your family will be welcomed with the usual registration and a snow tubing safety video. Get on the carpet lift to reach the starting point. The lane attendants are very attentive, knowledgeable, and kind. The snow tube sessions fly off fast, so check their availability on their website before booking. You can snow tube here every day of the week, except Tuesday and Wednesday, from 9 am to 4 pm. The park might shut down sometime due to insufficient snow.

14. Grand Lake Nordic Center

Grand Lake Nordic Center

Another scenic alternative for free tubing with a stunning backdrop of the Rocky Mountains and Arapaho National Forest is Grand Lake Nordic Center. It opened its doors this December already. You can bring your own tube or opt for one of the ten tubes on offer here on a sharing basis. The trails are maintained superbly and are well-groomed. The best part of the deal is that you don’t have to buy their skiing or snowshoeing passes to be eligible for the free usage of their tubing hill.

Although they don’t provide a tow rope to take the tubes up the hill, they do maintain a packed trail back to the top to make the climb back a bit easier. Both kids and adults can use the tubing hill and enjoy a nature workout. In return for their novelty feature of free tubing, you can make a donation of any amount towards the upkeep and maintenance of the tracks. Round off a day of thrill with a stint at their winter soup kitchen at the Lodge.

15. Hideaway Park

Hideaway Park
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As is quite evident, Winter Park has a few of Colorado’s best snow tubing parks and resorts. But did you know that there is a snow tubing hill smack in the middle of Downtown Winter Park where you can tube for free? A favorite with locals and visitors alike, Hideaway Park is a small hill that is active from dawn till dusk. In a place where every winter activity leaves a dent in your pocket, this is a great place to save some money.

Just bring your own tube and you are good to go! In between tackling the slope, take a break at one of its many picnic tables. If your kids are tired of hauling their tubes up the hill, they can use the brand-new playground that is there. Public restrooms are available to freshen up. For a low-cost tubing experience coupled with a lazy afternoon, this is a good option.

16. High Country Lodge Tubing Park

High Country Lodge Tubing Park

Situated in the Sunbelt of Southern Colorado, Pagosa Springs offers snow tubing at High Country Lodge Tubing Park. Owing to variable weather and snowfall conditions, the park might open or close its door. So it is highly advisable to check their website to see their status during your visit. Open on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, they have strict age and height restrictions for kids. Only children of four and above with a minimum height of 42″ are allowed on the Regular Hill with an attached condition that they have to ride alone.

Riding in the lap or with other participants is not allowed. If your children are unsure of themselves, they can avail themselves of the Kiddie hill but here also riding solo is a must. No personal tube or sled is allowed. Per session, the cost is just $20 per person, and each session lasts for 90 mins. Tubing attendants are available to guide you on the runs, and helmets are provided for safety reasons.

17. Beaver Meadows Resort Ranch

Beaver Meadows Resort Ranch

The snow tubing fraternity will have a swell Colorado winter undoubtedly! And why not? The oldest and longest-running snow tubing park is open for business. Tube the Beav with 12 snow tube runs ranging from gentle to extreme and get as adventurous as you want. With a snow tube lift taking you up in no time, at least 5-10 runs per hour are promised. The day pass includes the use of single or double tubes.

Children above 36″ are allowed and for kids below the mentioned height, they have a sweet BYOS or bring your own sled kiddie hill deal which is complimentary. Get some safety instructions from the team and you are ready to ride down the snow. Multiple tubes can be connected and the whole family can snow tube together. Parents with smaller children can even opt for a split pass. In between tubing, take your family to replenish at their warming shed. They have plenty of beverages and scrumptious food to refuel and recharge you for another spot on the snow slopes. The park is open from 10 am to 4 pm.

18. Hidden Valley, Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park

Any account of the best snow tubing in Colorado remains incomplete without mentioning the Hidden Valley Snow Park. Situated inside Rocky Mountain National Park, this snow tubing and sledding area is a nature lover’s delight! Surrounded by alpine trees, the winter white charming atmosphere is a page straight out of a snow-covered fairytale. For visitors’ comfort, there is a warming hut and heated restrooms. Restrooms are open throughout the week, but the warming hut is manned by volunteers and is only open on weekends and holidays.

Though the ski lodge, lift, and slopes were closed down after the 1992 controversy of conducting a private business inside a national park, the bottom portion of the bunny hill has been converted to a snow tubing and sledding area. Open every day from 10 am to 4 pm, there are no supervisors or snow tube rentals at this location. But you will get plenty of places in Estes Park to get one. Also, you have to take responsibility for your own safety, and with no lift, you will have to climb up after every turn. But all of this comes for free or just at a nominal National Park Entrance Fee and a per-day charge of tube rental that won’t amount to much!

Best snow tubing in Colorado


Winter activities in the Rockies, Colorado are coveted experiences. And you know what that means? Chances are that if you don’t book way in advance, you will not get the session that might fit your plans. That’s why, when it comes to snow tubing we know the pain of planning a trip and then canceling it or even more hurtful, spending more money on skiing and other activities when all that you wanted was to snow tube which is relatively an inexpensive activity.

And hordes of holidaymakers notwithstanding, even nature might choose to play spoilsport by not packing in snow enough! So while making this list, we did consider all these points, and we were adamant that our blog includes plenty of choices that are the best snow tubing in Colorado. From different snow tubing destinations to different snow tube parks in the same destination, at varied price points, and sometimes totally free, we have curated the list to meet diverse needs so that you never run out of options!

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