Best Lens for Vlogging

The Ultimate 2023 Guide to Purchasing the Best Lens for Vlogging

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have been stuck at home for more than a year. Armed with only a camera and a bottle of water, many people have entertained the entire world with their lovely vlogs. If you want to start vlogging today, then all you need is a nice camera, a nice lens, and some stories to tell. If you’re looking for recommendations for the best lens for vlogging, take a look at our top 10 recommendations for 2023. These lenses will let you start vlogging right away!

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The Best Lens for Vlogging for 2023 Review: Key Features, Pros, and Cons

In this guide, we have tried to come up with 10 amazing answers to the question “What is the best lens for vlogging?” If you want to start a vlog today, take a look at our product reviews and buying guide for 2023.These will help you to pick the best products, and you can start to vlog right away.

ImageBrandMaximum Focal LengthMaximum ApertureClosest Focusing DistanceLens TypeDetails
Canon 18 mmf/3.522 cm or 0.72 feetWide angle lens compatible with EOS camerasCheck price
Canon 35 mmf/4L28 cm or 0.92 feetWide angle lens with low-light & L-series optics for EOS camerasCheck price
Sony 50 mmf/3.525 cm or 0.82 feetWide angle & normal lens meant for Sony Alpha E-Mount CamerasCheck price
Xenyo35 mmNA 1.25 cm or 0.5 inchesWide angle and macro lenses for augmenting phone camera qualityCheck price
Meike35 mmf/1.728 cm or 0.92 feetWide angle lens compatible with Alpha E-Mount & APS-C camerasCheck price
Canon 22 mmf/2.015 cm or 0.49 feetModerate wide angle lens with STM for stable videoCheck price
CoPedvic 45 mmNA1-3 inches or 2.5 to 7.5 cmTelephoto, wide angle, macro, and fisheye lensesCheck price
Panasonic 14 mmf/4.025 cm or 0.82 feetWide angle fisheye lens for Micro Four Thirds mountsCheck price
VILTROX 85 mmf/1.880 cm or 2.62 feetWide angle telephoto lens for Sony E-Mount full frame camerasCheck price
OIEXI 52 mmf/3.290 cm or 2.95 feetWide angle lens and macro lens with 4K/30FPS camcorderCheck price

1. Canon EF-S 10-18mm Wide-Angle IS STM Lens

Highlighted Features
  • EF-S ultra wide zoom lens
  • Maximum focal length of 18 mm
  • Maximum aperture size of f/5.6
  • Compatible with most EOS cameras
  • Comes with optical image stabilizer

If you’ve started a new YouTube channel and are on the lookout for the best lens for vlogging, you should take a look at the Canon EF-S IS STM lens. This is a lightweight and relatively cheap model that is compatible with most EOS cameras. It is the ideal lens for taking noise free video and it also has an in-built image stabilizer. Canon lenses are always the best quality.

  • Canon EF-S has a stepping motor STM for refined video capture.
  • The optical image stabilizer is great for photos and live vlogs.
  • It is compatible with all kinds of Canon ASC cameras.
  • The lens is light and relatively inexpensive too.
  • The lens tends to “ghost” while capturing light sources.

2. Canon EF 16-35mm f/4L IS-USM Lens

Highlighted Features
  • Wide angle lens with L-series optics
  • Maximum focal length of 35 mm
  • Maximum aperture size of f/4L
  • Compatible with EOS SLR cameras
  • Ultrasonic motor for silent focusing

With a USM and an L-series optics, this wide angle lens is the perfect choice if you want to get serious about your vlogging. Like all Canon products, the EF is compatible with most EOS SLR cameras and has a fantastic design. The lens is coated to prevent ghosting, and this is actually the best wide angle lens you can buy. It’s the ideal choice for vlogging and pro photography.

  • The ultrasonic motor (USM) can focus very accurately, discreetly and fast.
  • Canon EF also has a minimum focusing distance of 28 cm.
  • The quality of the image is sharp and “crystal clear”.
  • It’s 100% compatible with all kinds of pro cameras.
  • This product has some minor barrel distortion.

3. Sony 16-50mm Alpha E-Mount Retractable Zoom Lens

Highlighted Features
  • Auto focus elements with stabilizer
  • Maximum focal length of 50 mm
  • Maximum aperture size of f/3.5
  • Compatible with Sony Alpha E-Mount cameras
  • ED glass & aspherical lens

If you want an answer to the question “What is the best lens for vlogging that’s affordable?”, then you need to look at the Sony Alpha E-Mount. Designed for Sony Alpha E-Mount cameras, this is a wide angle lens that you can use for vlogging. It’s made of ED glass, and is designed to reduce aberrations and dispersions. It has a retractable zoom that is perfect for heavy duty vlogs.

  • It’s compatible with all cameras in the Sony Alpha E-Mount range.
  • The zoom is quiet, powerful, and very stable and dependable.
  • Aspherical lenses are made out of unique extra-low dispersion glass.
  • It is lightweight, portable, and also very cost-effective.
  • The Optical SteadyShot(OSS) can definitely be improved.

4. Xenvo Pro Lens Kit for Smartphones – Best Mobile Option

Highlighted Features
  • TruView 0.45x Wide Angle Lens
  • Xenvo Clarus 15x Macro Lens
  • Compatible with all major smartphone brands
  • 3 brightness settings with TruGrip clip
  • Lanyard included with quick-release head

If you vlog with your smartphone, then you definitely need to look into the Xenvo Pro Lens Kit. Each kit comes with two lenses, a TruView 0.45x wide angle lens, and a Clarus 15x Macro Lens. Use the TruGrip clip to attach these to your phone, and you’ll be ready to take some pictures and videos. The kit also comes with adjustable brightness settings and a very convenient lanyard.

  • Xenvo Pro is the best lens for vlogging with the phone.
  • The wide angle lens can do rectilinear correction on images/video.
  • The high quality glass on the lenses remove vignettes.
  • Included travel case helps to transport the lenses carefully.
  • It doesn’t fit with the newer iPhone models.

5. Meike Large Aperture Manual Focus APS-C Lens – Best Compatibility

Highlighted Features
  • Large aperture manual focus lens
  • Maximum focal length of 35 mm
  • Maximum aperture size of f/1.7
  • Compatible with all E-Mount cameras
  • Works best with mirrorless cameras

If you’re looking for a lens that is compatible with all sorts of cameras, then the Meike APS-C lens is a great idea. This model has a maximum focal length of 35 mm, making it perfect for any vlogging tasks. It’s a very steady lens and also has a maximum aperture of f/1.7. This is a really affordable and durable camera lens that you can use with ease.

  • Meike lenses are compatible with all major E-Mount camera brands.
  • The image stabilizers provide a high quality image and video quality.
  • It can be used both with APS-C & E-Mount cameras.
  • overall sharpness of the photo & video is really good.
  • This is a very heavy and bulky lens.

6. Canon EF-M STM Compact System Lens – Best Compact Choice

Highlighted Features
  • Moderate wide angle video lens
  • Maximum focal length of 22 mm
  • Maximum aperture size of f/2
  • Comes with in-built stepping motor (STM)
  • Circular aperture with 7 blades

The best lens for vlogging that is compact and high quality is the Canon EF-M STM Compact lens. This is a moderate wide angle lens that will let you capture photos/videos in unmatched and irreproducible quality. It also has a small minimum focusing distance of 5.9 inches, which can let you take amazing close-ups. The in-built STM will stabilize pictures and video with the highest degree of accuracy.

  • The f/2 aperture is perfect for low light conditions.
  • It has a 7 blade circular aperture to capture soft backgrounds.
  • Canon’s in-built STM stabilizes the camera while taking video.
  • It has an internal focusing system that is state-of-the-art.
  • This Canon lens flares when light sources are captured.

7. CoPedvic Smartphone 22x/25x Lens Set – Best for Beginners

Highlighted Features
  • PLK-01 22x telescopic telephoto lens
  • 4K HD 0.67x wide angle lens included
  • 4-in-1 25x macro lens attachment
  • Extendable metal tripod & phone mount
  • Crafted with aircraft aluminium alloy

This lens is the answer to the question “What is the best lens for vlogging for beginners?” Armed with just your phone and this lens, you’ll be able to take pictures and videos with stunning clarity and precision. This set actually comes with 4-in-1 lens attachment. Included is a 22x telephoto lens, a 25x macro lens, a 205° fisheye lens, and a 4K HD 0.67X wide angle lens too.

  • Just one lens attachment comes with 4 different types of lenses.
  • clip-on lenses are compatible with all the major smartphone brands.
  • The aluminium frame also comes with a metal tripod.
  • It’s easy-to-use, affordable, and the best choice for beginners.
  • Pictures taken with the fisheye are sometimes blurred.

8. Panasonic Lumix G Vario Micro Lens – Best for Pros

Highlighted Features
  • Micro four thirds fisheye lens
  • Maximum focal length of 14 mm
  • Maximum aperture size of f/4.0
  • Comes with multi-coated lens elements
  • Ultra wide 114° viewing angle

With a viewing angle of 114°, the Panasonic Lumix G Vario lens is the ideal choice for pros. It is a fantastic product, and is the ideal choice while working in confined spaces. The lens is fit with 4 aspherical lenses and 2 ED ones, and has a maximum focal length of 14 mm. This lens can be used by any pro who has a Micro Four Thirds mount setup.

  • This is a compact fisheye lens for heavy duty tasks.
  • 114° viewing angle makes it ideal for indoor use.
  • In-built stabilizers make this lens ideal for taking live video.
  • Lens elements of Panasonic are of very good quality.
  • There can be some purple flaring issues sometimes.

9. Viltrox Auto Focus Lens for Sony Cameras – Best Investment

Highlighted Features
  • Sony E-Mount full frame lens
  • Maximum focal length of 85 mm
  • Maximum aperture size of f/1.8
  • Circular aperture with 9 slices
  • HD Nano ED multilayer coating

If you want to make a good investment into your vlogging pursuits, then we would recommend the Viltrox auto focus lens. This lens is a telephoto portrait model that is compatible with Sony E-Mount full frame cameras. It has a fantastic focal length of 85 mm. The lenses themselves are coated with a HD Nanon ED multilayer coating. It also has a noiseless STM focus motor for enhanced video stability.

  • With 10 elements in 7 groups, the image quality is beyond comparison.
  • The Viltrox lens’ in-built STM motor focuses noiselessly with extra stability.
  • It is compatible with all Sony E-Mount cameras.
  • In-built USB ports allow you to conduct firmware upgrades.
  • Viltrox’s post-purchase customer service experience is rather sloppy.

10. OIEXI 4K Digital Vlogging Camera & Camcorder – Best Vlogging Set

Highlighted Features
  • 4K/30FPS video at 48MP
  • 52 mm wide angle and macro lens
  • Comes with 16x optical zoom feature
  • Wifi and HDMI connectivity included
  • Can be used with app

If you want to start vlogging, then this is the best lens and camera set that you can buy. This digital camera & camcorder comes with 2 lenses – a 52 mm wide angle one and a macro one. It will allow you to take 4K/30FPS video at a 48MP resolution. Also, this camera can be used with the help of an app. Wifi, app, and HDMI connectivity is already built-in.

  • This digital camera fully supports 4K/30FPS video.
  • 16x optical zoom is compatible with the 48MP resolution also.
  • OIEXI cameras can also be controlled with the help of apps and wifi.
  • The wide angle lens has a massive field of 112°.
  • The camera construction is somewhat flimsy.
Best Lens for Vlogging

Buying Guide

If you want the best lens for vlogging, then you need to know what to look for. If you’re new to cameras, then you might feel overwhelmed by the huge inflow of figures and abbreviations. Don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered. Here’s an in-depth buying guide that will help you to pick the best products for your unique needs.

Large Apertures

You’ll see that lenses have a listed aperture value, such as f/1.8 or f/2.0. The smaller the number after the f, the larger the aperture of the lens. For vlogging, larger apertures (hence, smaller nos.) are preferred because they let you capture live footage in low light conditions. The Meike Large Aperture lens and Viltrox AutoFocus Sony E-Mount lens are really great options.

Stable Focusing

Most modern lenses used for vlogging and professional photography come with an in-built stabilizer. For example, Canon models such as the EF-S and the EF-M have a Stepper Motor Technology system (STM). If speed is important to your vlogging, then we’d recommend you to go for models like the Canon EF, which has an Ultrasonic Motor (USM).

Bulkiness and Size

Vloggers need to be light on their feet, and they can’t afford to get weighed down by a lot of lenses and camera equipment. For this reason, we would recommend you to get lenses that are not bulky. The Canon EF-M and the Panasonic Lumix G are very compact models. You can also try smartphone lenses, such as the amazing CoPedvic and Xenvo smartphone lens kits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What lenses do vloggers use?

Some vloggers use high camera lenses made by brands such as Canon, Panasonic, and Sony. Others just use their phone cameras along with clip-on lenses. However, most vloggers prefer to use wide angle telephoto lenses.

Q: Which Canon lenses are best for vlogging?

For beginners, the Canon EF-S and the Canon EF-M are the best choices. They’re inexpensive and power lenses that are compatible with most Canon models. For pros, the telephoto EF is just perfect.


This is our ultimate guide to all the lenses you can use if you want to start vlogging. If you want to buy the best lens for vlogging, then you also need to do some in-depth research on your own. Individual research will help you to make a good decision.

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