Top 10 Best Kid-Friendly Hotels in Singapore

As soon as you step out on the streets of Singapore, you’ll feel like you’re on an entirely different planet. For such a small island, Singapore has among the most spectacular things to offer; from futuristic architecture to world-famous restaurants, and even a lesson or two about the importance of cleanliness. Singapore’s extravaganza doesn’t just start as you begin your day. It also starts the night before, as you wake up in one of the island’s best hotels. That being said, if there’s anyone you can trust to have the best family-friendly hotels, it’s Singapore, without a doubt. To provide your family with the best of Little Red Dot’s hospitality, we’ve handpicked the top 10 Best Kid Friendly Hotels in Singapore. 

We’ve taken into account the location, facilities, and overall high levels of satisfaction your family will have after spending their holidays at any of these hotels. We hope you to fall in love with Singapore’s excellent hospitality and iconic sense of presentation, just like we did!

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1. Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa

Shangri-La's outdoor pool with slides. A kid's favourite!

If it were up to the kids, there’s no chance they would choose to stay anywhere else but the Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa. Likewise, parents would not oppose it at all whatsoever. The first of the best kid friendly hotels in Singapore does an incredible job at meeting the needs and expectations of parents as well as kids like no other. Situated on the beach, next door to Universal Studios Singapore, your stay here is bound to be full of adventure. The hotel itself is packed with child-friendly activities, including their fantastic (and free!) Toots Club for kids from 5 to 12 years old. Toots Club is a fully supervised play area with giant slides, books, and jungle gyms. This means that while their kids play, parents can enjoy relaxing by the pool, or time at the spa. For additional time alone, the hotel also offers in-room childcare services. Have younger kids? Don’t worry. Kids under 5 years old get complimentary access to the Mini Toots Club!

There is also complimentary access to amazing waterslides, water activities and games, and two outdoor pools and a children’s pool. All kinds of family rooms are available, with different beautiful views to choose from. Of course, when it comes to dining, you can only expect a spectacular free buffet breakfast and dinner.

2. Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

The space themed room in Shangri's Family Themed Suite

The Shangri-La Hotel simply has to be on the list of top ten kid friendly hotels in Singapore. Especially if you’re hoping to gift your kids with an over-the-top stay crafted just for them. Your kids will be able to maximize their imagination and creativity as they choose from five whimsical room themes: Underwater, Space, Treetop, Safari, and Castle. 

We have to emphasize the amount of detail and care each room has been designed in. There’s no chance your kids will walk out without a huge smile on their face! Best of all, each Family Themed Suite can be connected to a Deluxe Family Room to accommodate the relaxation needs of parents or older children. 

The kids also have access to Buds; an interactive indoor and outdoor play area. There is also a wide range of additional amenities available; from bathrobes and slippers to diapers, baby bathtubs, and strollers.

3. Marina Sands Bay Hotel

A birds' eye view of the famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

Of course, Singapore’s number one landmark had to be on the list. Marina Sands Bay Hotel was our home for our time in this wonderful city. Although it’s only a hotel, for us it was a lot more than that. It was probably among the highlights of our trip! 

And yes. Staying at the Marina Sands Bay Hotel means you’ll have access to what makes this hotel famous around the world. The 150m high infinity pool! It’s difficult to beat the view from the 57th floor of the city, there truly is nothing quite like it. Especially at night when the city comes life with electrifying colors and vibrancy!

Inside the hotel, you can find an entire world of theaters, a shopping mall and several restaurants you can choose from for every night of your stay. There are also babysitting services available for when you wish to spend some time in one of their glamorous rooftop bars.

4. Resorts World Sentosa – Festive Hotel

A kid friendly room in the exciting Resorts World Sentosa

If you’re looking to treat your kids to the next level, trust this one, out of all the best kid friendly hotels in Singapore to do the job. With fun bunk beds, stuffed toys and high ceilings, you, as well as your kids are going to have the memories of a lifetime inside the Family Deluxe Room. But the fun doesn’t stop in the room. Resorts World Sentosa has plenty of kid-centered playrooms inside the premises such as the LEGO area, and swimming pool. 

For children under 12 years old, the hotel provides free toiletries and even children-sized bathrobes. Found in the center of Sentosa, this makes one of the best options for planning a beach getaway. Besides being famous for its wonderful beach, Sentosa is also known to be home to Universal Studios Singapore, and the S.E.A Aquarium. Make it a point to organize a special outing for either of these two attractions! Prepare yourself to see your children as happy as they can be.

5. Gallop Kranji Farm Resort

Pony rides are some of the great activities your kids can do at the Farm Resort

Now here is an excellent example of what the best kid friendly hotels in Singapore can look like. This gem of a hotel is located north in the northern countryside of Singapore. It’s certainly an under-visited area among tourists, yet it’s an incredible part of the island that is definitely worth visiting. If you’re up to experience authentic farm life in Singapore, this is an incredible and unique option. It will undoubtedly make your trip to Singapore memorable! 

Instead of the usual rooms, you’re used to, the resort allocates villas to their guests. There are also plenty of activities very different from the ones you would do in the city. There is an amazing and engaging tour of the innovative aquaponics farming system, said to have the potential to change the world. Their on-site World of Bird Nest Museum is educational, yet incredibly interesting for the entire family. Expect the unexpected!

If your kids are animal lovers, they’ll have a ball riding ponies, feeding bunnies and learning about the importance of bees on the Bee Farm Tour. Indoor and outdoor play areas are also available. There’s even an opportunity to go prawn fishing! 

For large families, we recommend booking the Family Suite. It accommodates eight people and includes a kitchen, dining room and living room. It’s spacious, and perfect in case dealing with meals and younger children at home is better sounding than in a restaurant. There is also a BBQ pit just outside you can use for amazing home-cooked evenings. Their staff is very friendly and hospitable; another great reason why the Gallop Farm Resort ranks as one of the best kid friendly hotels in Singapore.

6. The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

The Fullerton Hotel is  a great luxurious option for kids

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover! At first glance, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore can seem quite luxurious and elegant – perhaps not so suitable for families. But this could not be farther away from the truth. For unforgettable memories with the family, we recommend you to take a look at their Family Glamping Package. Guaranteed for every member to have the ultimate level of glamour and comfort, this room deal is excellent to surprise your kids with an adventurous night. In the morning, you can enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet overlooking the Singapore River. Don’t forget to take your complimentary bathrobes! As you can now see, even the most luxurious and upscale places to stay can turn out to be among the best kid friendly hotels in Singapore. 

If you’re craving more of a staycation in Singapore, their Perfect Staycation Package is a good way to go. You’ll be able to enjoy the best rates and discounts for a selection of rooms, as well as sumptuous meals at their restaurant Town Restaurant. There are also complimentary Heritage Tours to learn a little bit about the area, and access to the spa.

7. Hotel Fort Canning

Fort Canning Hotel in Singapore is a dream for kids

The seventh best kid friendly hotels in Singapore is Hotel Fort Canning. This is definitely the best hotel to opt for if you are excited about immersing the family into Singapore’s rich history. Classifying as a boutique hotel, this is the perfect place for parents to enjoy some of the extensive list of treatments at the spa, while children play endlessly at the pool. Hotel Fort Canning has previously been known as an urban oasis, where you can escape the chaos and electricity from the city to explore Singapore’s past, indulge in luxury and spend high-quality time with the family. 

It’s located just a few minutes’ walk away from Fort Manning Park, one of Singapore’s best landmarks. It’s filled with incredible and passionate stories; often recognized as a gateway for discovery and exploration. The Maritime Corner, found inside the park, gives an insightful explanation of the development of Singapore’s international trading post. The Spice Garden is another great attraction to visit, as well as the Fort Canning Green. Make sure to look into any performances and concerts taking place at the Fort! It would be wonderful for your children to see a show in this beautiful auditorium.

8. Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

Kids activity and care packs available at SIngapore's Holiday Inn

You know that Holiday Inn hotels are always trustworthy. In particular, you can trust the Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium to be among the most reliable kid friendly hotels in Singapore. 

To get the most out of this experience, we recommend their incredible Fam-tastic Weekend Staycation Package. It promises to give you everything you need to spend quality time with your loved ones while taking the most from being in Singapore. It includes children’s amenities in the rooms, as well as several tours and guided child-friendly activities to choose from. For example, families can pick between visiting the Heritage Hall, the Botanical Gardens or the exciting indoor children’s playground Waka Waka. When getting back from a day in the city, the hotel offers a wide range of supervised arts and crafts activities during the weekend. Your kid can come home with finger puppets, decorated cookies or a watercolor painting made by themselves!

At night, there are also outdoor movie screenings with popcorn. Just the perfect thing after a full-day visiting the sights.

9. Hotel Jen Orchardgateway

The view from Orchardgateway's amazing rooftop pool.

Hotel Jen Orchardgateway earns its place as one of the top kid friendly hotels in Singapore for one reason: its rooftop. We’re certain you’ve already heard about the world-famous “boat hotel” – the Marina Bay Sands. Its impressive boat-like infrastructure is quick to attract tourists, but it comes at a hefty price. 

But we think this hotel is a much better idea. Its incredible rooftop has an award-winning infinity pool offering a panoramic view of the shining city. The entire family can enjoy soaking up in the evenings while admiring how the city transforms into a sea of lights; including the wonderful Marina Bay Sands in the background. It’s the perfect option for when you’re thinking of staying inside the hotel for a day of relaxation and pampering. Of course, as you’d expect from a luxury hotel in Singapore, parents can also enjoy their spa services. Besides its rooftop, the hotel is at a pristine location with public transport and main attractions within reach.

10. Village Hotel Bugis

Kids' themed corner at the Village Hotel Bugis

Kids as well as parents dream of staying in a hotel like Villa Hotel Bugis. Their theme-decorated kids’ beds are bound to make your kids leap with excitement. Especially since there is a wide range of favourite cartoons to choose from as their hosts for the night. Big Hero 6, Cars, and Princess Sofia are among them.

For parents, this certainly ranks as one of the best kid friendly hotels in Singapore because of the benefits that come with booking the Kids Theme Room. A number of free children toiletries are included with the reservation. This means that you won’t have to worry about bringing enough supplies from home in your luggage. Some things you can expect to see children’s shampoo, toothpaste, a toothbrush, baby oil, Q-tips and bath toys. We suggest that you also book the Village Hotel Bugi Sightseeing Package. It includes tickets to Singapore’s best attractions for the family like the Singapore Zoo, Universal Studios Singapore or S.E.A Aquarium. 

We hope your stay in Singapore is as incredible as ours. Comment below if about your experiences in one of the best kid friendly hotels in Singapore! We’d love to know your opinion and suggestions for further additions.      

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