best insect repellent for babies

The New Parents’ Guide to Buying the Best Insect Repellent for Baby

Summer is finally here, and it’s time to dress up and go on picnics with your kids and family. The outdoors are gorgeous, but there are a lot of bugs around that can do serious harm to your vulnerable little baby. The best way to prevent that is to use the best insect repellent for baby that you can buy. If you don’t know which one to choose, here are some product ideas that we have outlined for you. You can also use our buying guide to make a decision.

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The Best Insect Repellent for Baby for 2023 Review: Key Features, Pros, and Cons

Here, we have outlined detailed reviews of the 10 best insect repellent products that we could find in the market. We’ve tried to include all kinds of insect repellent for babies that you can find today, in the form of sprays, patches, etc. Make sure to go through the reviews and buying guide to figure out what’s best for you.

ImageBrandIngredientsType of RepellentSize/VolumeDetails
Bug Soother 100% lemongrass essential oil, glycerin, castor oil, & Vitamin EAerosol spray & candle8 ounce & 1-ounce sprayCheck price
California Baby Citronella, lemongrass, and cedar essential oils with carnauba wax and glycerinAerosol spray6.5 ouncesCheck price
Quantum Health Citronella, cedar, geranium, lemongrass, & peppermint essential oilsAerosol spray4 ouncesCheck price
BuggyBandsMade from 100% pure citronella essential oilSticker patchNACheck price
Babyganics Soybean, rosemary, citronella, geranium, cedar, lemongrass, & peppermint essential oilsAerosol spray6 ouncesCheck price
Lafe's Geranium, cedar, lemon, eucalyptus, & lavender essential oilsAerosol spray4 ouncesCheck price
Mosquito Guard Geraniol, citronella, & lemongrass essential oilsBracelets20 packCheck price
YAYA ORGANICS Non-GMO geranium essential oils, sunflower, castor, & soybean oilsBaby Wipes24 packCheck price
OFF! 15% DEET is the active ingredientAerosol spray4 ouncesCheck price
Greenerways Organic100% citronella and cedarwood essential oilsAerosol spray12 ouncesCheck price

1. Bug Soother Baby Insect Candle & Repellent Set

Highlighted Features
  • Contains an insect repellent candle
  • Made with safe and locally sourced ingredients
  • Contains an 1oz & 8oz repellent spray
  • Repels 5 kinds of bugs
  • Best for all outdoor activities

Bug Soother is a fantastic brand, and their candle and repellent spray set is a great product. It is a set containing two bottles of insect repellent spray and a candle. The candle is made from natural and safe ingredients that will keep you and your baby safe from insects. The spray is also of very high quality, and the little 1oz bottle is ideal for all kinds of excursions.


  • Bug Soother is made of natural, safe, and locally sourced ingredients.
  • This insect repellent works against 5 kinds of local bugs and pests.
  • It can be used on your pets as well!
  • The candle is not that effective against mosquitoes.

2. California Baby Plant-Based Natural Bug Repellent Spray

Highlighted Features
  • Contains 100% natural essential oils
  • Repels flies, mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas
  • Contains no DEET or toxic chemicals
  • Contains lemongrass, cedar, and citronella
  • Perfect for sensitive skin of babies

California Baby is a fantastic choice if you want something that is completely safe for the soft and sensitive skin of your baby. It is made entirely of 3 pure essential oils that have proved bug repellent properties – cedar, lemongrass, and citronella. It repels all kinds of bugs and contains no DEET or toxic chemicals. These pure and plant-based ingredients are perfect for use on babies, animals, and even adults!

  • California Baby bug spray can provide kids with full body protection.
  • It provides protection from mosquitoes, flies, fleas, and ticks.
  • It is derived entirely from plant-based ingredients such as carnauba wax.
  • This contains lemongrass, cedar, and citronella essential oils.
  • You need to re-apply once every 30-40 minutes.

3. Quantum Health Buzz Away Extreme Bug Spray

Highlighted Features
  • Contains 100% natural essential oils
  • Best for repelling mosquitoes and ticks
  • Effects are very long-lasting
  • Lemongrass, Citronella, Cedar, Geranium, and Peppermint
  • Contains 0% DEET or artificial toxins

If you want something that’s cheap and easy to carry around on trips to the park, then Quantum Health’s Buzz Away is a great choice. It contains 5 kinds of pure essential oils that are known to have insect repellent properties. You can use this spray to protect your kids from mosquitoes and ticks. We love Quantum Health because their products are effective and last for a very long time.

  • As recommended by paediatricians, Buzz Away is completely free of DEET.
  • It contains 5 different types of pure essential oils.
  • It has a wonderful scent that your kids will love a lot.
  • The botanical formula is effective and lasts for hours.
  • The 4oz capacity runs out rather fast.

4. BuggyBands Citronella Mosquito Repellent Patches for Kids – Best Design

Highlighted Features
  • Made of pure citronella essential oil
  • Contains no DEET or toxins
  • Effects last for 72 hours
  • Adorable Baby Yoda designs on offer
  • Each set comes with 120 stickers

Ever since the premiere of The Mandalorian back in 2019, Baby Yoda has worked his way into the hearts of kids everywhere. These citronella mosquito repellent patches come with 6 adorable Baby Yoda designs that your toddler will just adore! The essential oil of citronella is very good and one patch can give your kid total protection for 72 hours. You can stick them on clothes, backpacks, furniture, strollers, etc.

  • The pack of 120 stickers will last you for 5-6 months.
  • The Baby Yoda designs on the stickers are really cute!
  • Stickers are made of 100% pure citronella essential oils.
  • You can stick these on any surface – clothes, strollers, etc.
  • The nylon stickers are quite uncomfortable on clothing.

5. Babyganics Sun and Bug Combo Set – Best Combo Pack

Highlighted Features
  • Contains sunscreen lotion, stick, & bug spray
  • Sunscreen provides 50 SPF protection
  • Formulated without any harmful substances
  • Bug spray made of 100% essential oils
  • Resistant to sweat and water

This is a fantastic combo pack and is great for babies with sensitive skin. Designed to be natural, plant-based, and 100% hypoallergenic, the Babyganic Sun + Bug Set is just awesome. It has two sunscreens in stick and lotion form, that will give your baby 50 SPF worth of protection. The bug spray is made from 100% pure citronella essential oils, and it is also resistant to sweat and water.

  • All the components are made of 100% plant-based and natural ingredients.
  • The sunscreen provides hours of UVA and UVB protection.
  • It is designed to be hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Babyganics provides protection against all kinds of bugs.
  • They haven’t been approved by the FDA yet.

6. Lafe’s Natural Body Care Baby Set – Best for Newborns

Highlighted Features
  • Contains diaper balm, moisturizer, and insect spray
  • Cruelty-free and vegan
  • Made of ethical and organic botanicals
  • Completely free of all mineral oils
  • Scented with pure essential oils

Newborns are susceptible to allergies and infections. As a new parent, you have to keep your little one safe from bugs. You can use Lafe’s Natural Body Care Baby set, which has the best insect repellent for babies and small children that we’ve come across. It’s an all-natural product that is part of a set containing a diaper balm and moisturizer. All products are cruelty-free and are great for babies.

  • This is the perfect choice for newborns, small babies, and toddlers.
  • Lafe’s insect spray and diaper balm are made of 100% botanical products.
  • All Lafe’s products are sourced from ethical and cruelty-free providers.
  • High-quality products are ideal for vulnerable babies.
  • This set can be a little expensive.

7. Mosquito Guard Kids Mosquito Repellent Bracelets – Best for Toddlers

Highlighted Features
  • 100% free of DEET
  • Comes with 20 long-lasting bands
  • Made of 100% pure essential oils
  • Mosquito repellent effect lasts for hours
  • One-size-fits-all design great for toddlers

If you have a fashion-conscious toddler who’s not a fan of repellent spray, then you can have them wear these bracelets instead. During the summer months, just slap the bracelet on their wrist before they go out to play. Infused with citronella and lemongrass essential oils, this band will keep mosquitoes away from your active toddler for hours. They are 100% DEET free and also have a lovely scent.

  • These bands are ideal for growing toddlers and active children.
  • Mosquito Guard bands are free of DEET and all other toxic substances.
  • The bands use 100% pure citronella, geraniol, and lemongrass essential oils.
  • These cute repellent bracelets are one-size-fits-all.
  • Wearing them for too long can cause irritation and itching.

8. YAYA ORGANICS Baby Bug Ban Insect Repellent Wipes – Best Wipes

Highlighted Features
  • Gentle non-GMO sourced essential oils
  • Naturally bug repellent baby wipes
  • Free of toxins and harmful materials
  • Ideal for sensitive skin of babies
  • Free of alcohol and eugenol

If you’re planning on an outdoors day with your baby, then you should invest in these baby wipes. Made with soft fabric and non-GMO essential oils, they’re the best and most effective insect repellent product that you can look for. Just wipe down your baby with this wipe, and they will be protected from bugs. These wipes are free of all kinds of toxic materials like DEET, alcohol, eugenol, etc.

  • The gentle baby wipes are great for babies and toddlers.
  • These wipes are non-greasy and very easy to use as well.
  • The wipes are made of non-GMO essential oils like sunflower.
  • Each pack comes with 24 sets of bug wipes.
  • The aroma of the wipes can be cloying.

9. OFF! FamilyCare Bug Spray & Mosquito Repellent – Best DEET Option

Highlighted Features
  • Contains 15% DEET active ingredient
  • Works best against dangerous mosquito variants
  • Contains no oil or grease
  • Great for outdoor trips and camping
  • Lasts for a very long time

Taking a break from the organic products we’ve offered so far, here’s a DEET infused bug repellent spray that you should use to tackle heavy cases. For example, camping and outdoors will require you to pack a bottle of the FamilyCare bug spray. It contains 15% DEET and is very effective against all kinds of mosquitoes and bugs. It has a powder dry formula with no grease or oil included.

  • The powder dry formula of this mosquito repellent is great.
  • It contains no oil, grease, or other irritants and toxins.
  • It’s long-lasting and effective against all kinds of bugs.
  • This is the perfect solution for outdoor trips and camping.
  • The DEET is not ideal for babies/toddlers.

10. Greenerways Organic DEET-free Bug Spray – Best for Regular Use

Highlighted Features
  • Contains pure cedar and citronella essential oils
  • Obtained from natural and non-GMO sources
  • Contains no harmful and toxic substances
  • Perfect for babies’ sensitive skin
  • Hypoallergenic and wonderful aroma

This is the best insect repellent for a baby, especially if you’re looking for something that is best for regular use. This is the best natural and non-GMO insect repellent that we’ve come across, and it’s perfect for babies and toddlers. It contains cedarwood and citronella essential oils, which are very well known for their excellent insect repellent properties. This hypoallergenic insect repellent also has a fresh and lovely lemony aroma.

  • The citronella essential oils are very effective at warding off bugs.
  • It is free of toxins like DEET, phthalates, etc.
  • The product is 100% hypoallergenic and free of any skin irritants.
  • It’s a long-lasting and effective alternative to DEET sprays.
  • This bug spray tends to attract bees sometimes.
best insect repellent for babies

Buying Guide

Here are some of the main considerations that you need to keep in mind while shopping for the best insect repellent for baby. Keeping these in mind will help you make a good decision fast. All of this is advice consolidated from experienced parents and professionals who know the best ways to keep their kids safe.

Active Ingredient

When choosing insect repellent spray for your kids, you need to think about the active ingredient of the product. We would recommend you avoid products that use DEETsince it can be bad for the growth and development of little kids. Instead, you should explore organic and non-GMO alternatives like Bug Soother, California Baby, Babyganics, etc. DEET is best reserved for any heavy-duty situation like camping.

Type of Product

The best insect repellent for babies can be of many types, such as an aerosol spray, a roll-on, a sticker patch, or a wristband. You need to pick the product type that works best with your needs. If you want your active toddler to stay safe, you should try the BuggyBands citronella sticker that repels mosquitoes and bugs. You can also get them the Mosquito Guard bracelets.

Usage & Convenience

Last of all, you should also think about the convenience that a particular product will provide you with. The best product for you will be suited to your needs and convenience. For example, if you take regular camping trips, then the FamilyCare DEET spray is a great idea. If you have had a newborn recently, then the Lafe’s Natural Care or YAYA Organics baby wipes are really great.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which insect repellent is safe for babies?

The best and safest insect repellent for babies is anything that does not contain toxic substances like DEET and phthalates. We would recommend you to look into products that are sourced from ethical and cruelty-free sources such as cedar, citronella, & geranium essential oils.

Q: Is DEET okay for babies?

DEET is an active ingredient that you should avoid exposing babies to until absolutely necessary. If you are taking outdoor trips like camping and hiking, then you can use products that have DEET in them.

Q: What is the best DEET-free insect repellent for kids?

We think that the best insect repellent for a baby that’s DEET-free is the Bug Soother insect repellent set, which’s just perfect for babies and toddlers. Apart from this, the YAYA ORGANICS baby wipes set is also a great product.

Q: What essential oils are used for insect repellent?

Some of the essential oils used as insect repellent include geraniol, citronella, cedarwood, and peppermint. Lemongrass and eucalyptus are also great choices.


That’s all of the information that you need to buy the best insect repellent for a baby and kids. All you need to do is go online and find the product that’s perfect for your family. Make sure to do your research before you make the purchase.

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