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Best GoPro For Kids for 2021: Review With Buying Guide – Choose From The Best

If your kid is an adventure freak, then a camera would be the perfect gift for him and her. And, what other brand to go for than GoPro. The company has been making some of the best cameras out there. But choosing from so many options can be perplexing. In this best GoPro for kids review, we help you make an informed decision.

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2021 Review: Key Features, Pros, and Cons

Not sure what the top GoPro is for kids? In this review, we have handpicked some of the best GoPro cameras you can get for your children. Here is a side-by-side comparison so that you will have a clear idea about which GoPro is best for your kid.

HERO7 Silver• Photo resolution: 10MP
• Video resolution: 4K
• Connectivity: wi-fi
• Waterproof: yes
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HERO9 Black• Photo resolution: 20MP
• Video resolution: 5K
• Connectivity: Bluetooth
• Waterproof: yes
Check price
HERO7 Black• Photo resolution: 12MP
• Video resolution: 4K HD
• Connectivity: wi-fi
• Waterproof: yes
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HERO6 Black• Photo resolution: 12MP
• Video resolution: 4K
• Connectivity: wi-fi
• Waterproof: yes
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HERO5 Black• Photo resolution: 12MP
• Video resolution: 4K
• Connectivity: wi-fi
• Waterproof: yes
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HERO+LCD• Photo resolution: 8MP
• Video resolution: 1080p60 and 720p60
• Connectivity: Wi Fi + Bluetooth
• Waterproof: yes
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MAX • Photo resolution: 16.6MP
• Video resolution: 1440p60 / 1080p60
• Connectivity: Wi Fi + Bluetooth
• Waterproof: yes
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HERO Session • Photo resolution: 8MP
• Video resolution: 1440p30
• Connectivity: Wi Fi + Bluetooth
• Waterproof: yes
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Hero7 White• Photo resolution: 10MP
• Video resolution: 1080p
• Connectivity: Wi Fi + Bluetooth
• Waterproof: yes
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HERO8 Black• Photo resolution: 12MP
• Video resolution: 1080p
• Connectivity: Wi Fi + Bluetooth
• Waterproof: yes
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1. GoPro Hero 7 Waterproof Digital Action Camera (Silver)

Highlighted Features
  • Elite-X 32 GB microSDHC and Adapter-UHS-I, U3
  • 4K30 video capturing abilities
  • Strong and waterproof design
  • Touch screen control
  • Voice control
  • 10mp photo with WDR
  • Video stabilization
  • Photo timer

When it comes to choosing the best GoPro for your kid, then Hero 7 is the best option. The camera is available in a wide range of color variants, including silver, black, and white. Moreover, it offers an amazing 4K video to capture special moments. With its tough and waterproof design, the Hero 7 allows you to capture experience that smartphones cannot. The integration of a touch screen simplified capture modes, and swipe and tap features make it easier to work with the device. Furthermore, it has a voice control feature that offers a hands-free experience. Simply say, GoPro, start recording, and it will record the visual. For any kid that loves technology and photography, this is the best pick.

  • It comes with hands-free control options.
  • The camera can be used vertically.
  • The touch screen makes it easy to use.
  • The waterproof design adds to the value.
  • The strong build of the device makes it long-lasting.
  • The device offers high-quality images.
  • The battery drains quite quickly
  • Its sound quality is not up to the mark.
  • You need to constantly update the app for efficient performance.

2. GoPro Hero 9 Black

Highlighted Features
  • 5K video recording
  • 20mp photo capturing
  • Front +rear touch screen
  • Live streaming with Webcam
  • HyperSmooth 3.0
  • Time Warp 3.0
  • Waterproof up to 33 feet
  • Rechargeable battery

Next on our list is the latest version of the Hero model. It comes with a 5k video capturing ability with 20mp image capture with SuperPhoto. The smart process will pick all the best photos for you. It has a touch display on both the front and back of the device to make control easier. Hero9 integrates live streaming and Webcam with 1080p for maximum clarity. And, the HyperSmooth stabilization ensures that you get clear recording throughout the session.

Everything is new in this model so is the TimeWarp, which captures exceptional time-lapse scenes. When it comes to durability, GoPro always stands apart. In addition to a strong build, the device is also waterproof up to 33 feet.

  • The new front display is intuitive.
  • It comes with an excellent stabilization feature
  • The device offers a stable connection on smartphones
  • The image and video quality is outstanding
  • The device is on the heavier side.
  • The touch-screen display is laggy.
  • The horizon level is not precise.
  • Batteries do not have backward compatibility.

3. GoPro Hero7 Black

Highlighted Features
  • Capture the GPS Path, elevation, and speed
  • Time Warp video
  • Waterproof up to 33ft
  • Touch screen
  • Voice control with 16 languages
  • 8x slo-mo video
  • HyperSmooth stabilization
  • 720p live streaming
  • Rechargeable battery

When you wonder, what’s the best GoPro for kids? GoPro Hero7 Black might be the most common answer you will get. Even though it is not the latest model, Hero7 black is extremely popular. Customers have raved about its exceptional features, especially the three lenses, to capture the best quality shots. If your kids are interested in photography, then this is an investment that you will not regret.

Whether it is because of noise reduction, voice control, or live streaming, your kid will love this camera. After capturing all the adventure, if the battery runs out, simply take it out and recharge. Additionally, the 64GB SanDisk Extreme UHS-I microSDXC memory card featuring an adapter allows saving all your snaps and recording securely.

  • It has excellent image quality and 4K video capturing.
  • The TimeWarp is a fun feature.
  • The HyperSmooth feature is effective.
  • The UI is seamless and engaging.
  • It has great live streaming capabilities.
  • There is a bit of struggle with voice commands.
  • The screen sometimes becomes unresponsive.
  • Sl0-mo footage only shows through software or app.

4. GoPro Hero6 Black

Highlighted Features
  • Touch-screen UI
  • QuickStories Enables
  • Optimized stabilization
  • Voice control
  • Capture GPS speed, evaluation, and path
  • Connects to phone through Bluetooth and wi-fi
  • 5GHz wi-fi for sharing

Hero 6 Black is another great camera for children that is worth your money. Even though it is the oldest model, GroPro Hero6 Black is one of the most expensive models. The camera feature on this device has witnessed a significant improvement from the previous model. It features 4k60 along with 1080p240 video. Moreover, it is added with the latest GP1 chip, which optimizes the captures.

Similar to most of the latest models by the company, it also features a strong build. And it is waterproof up to 33 ft, allowing your kids to capture all kinds of adventures. Furthermore, kids will also enjoy the intuitive touch-screen with a 2-inch display. This makes it easier to frame the shot; playback recorded footage and change settings. Lastly, you get an extra battery with the package; you do not have to worry about not being able to capture any moment which is extremely important when you want to be flexible while traveling.

  • It is built strongly to offer durability.
  • It comes with fast photo processing.
  • The Hero 6 has better stabilization than the model 5.
  • The voice control feature comes in handy.
  • It has some confusing setting
  • The device lacks time-warp functionality
  • It only works with devices that are compatible with 5Hz

5. GoPro Hero5 Black

Highlighted Features
  • 12 Mp photo capturing
  • Waterproof up to 33 ft.
  • Time-lapse capture
  • One-button and voice control
  • Live streaming
  • GPS-enabled

One of the reasons why this device is one of the top GoPros for kids is because of the accessibility it provides. It allows you to share photos and videos with the camera itself through Bluetooth, wi-fi, and USB. You capture photos and record videos with a touch of a single button.

Moreover, the device has excellent video stabilization, so your kid can take the perfect shot irrespective of the terrain. In time-lapse and single burst, the Hero5 generates 12 MP photos and 4k videos. The voice control allows you to have a seamless hands-free experience.

  • It has great video stabilization.
  • The photos process quite quickly.
  • Voice control offers a hands-free experience.
  • The batteries are included in the package.
  • The device has an excellent photo and video quality.
  • There is no AC power plug for uploading the photos and videos to the cloud.
  • The touch screen display is sporadic.
  • Battery capacity is below average.

6. GoPro Hero+LCD

Highlighted Features
  • Quick-release buckle
  • Features micro-USB cable
  • Capture photos at 8mp
  • Waterproof up to 131.’
  • Connectivity via wi-fi and Bluetooth
  • Video recording at 1080p60 and 720p60
  • Touch display

There are many reasons why GoPro Hero+LCD is reckoned among the best GoPro for kids. The device is designed to withstand heavy outdoor use. Whether it is dust, sand, water, or dirt, Hero+LCD is capable of performing exceptionally anywhere. It is integrated with user-friendly modes allowing you to get professional shots each time.

Moreover, with features like Auto low light, QuickCapture, and Superview, this GoPro maintains the superior quality of the images and videos. The built-in touch display enables you to easily navigate through menus and choose your preferred actions. Additionally, there is a burst mode that captures five snaps in one second. 

  • The picture quality is excellent
  • The waterproof ability adds to the versatility
  • The device is strong but lightweight
  • The touch display makes navigation easy
  • It does not come with stabilization
  • There is no live-streaming feature
  • The battery life is below average

7. GoPro Max

Highlighted Features
  • Integrated with three cameras
  • Max HyperSmooth Stabilization
  • Live streaming at 1080p
  • Horizon leveling in HERO mode
  • PowerPano up to 270-degree
  • 360+ Stereo audio
  • MAX TimeWarp
  • Digital Lenses

When you get three cameras in one, the device will certainly be on the list of the top GoPro cameras for children. Whether you want to capture photos traditionally or capture immersive 360 images, MAX allows you to perform multiple tasks with ease. The front-facing display and shotgun-mic performance allow you to use the device for vlogging. By leveraging 180-degree capture as the buffer, the device offers consistent stabilization.

Additionally, the device allows you to live stream at 1080p, which is of great quality.GoPro MAX is reckoned for its exceptional horizontal leveling, offering you cinematic outputs, irrespective of how you are using the camera. The features of MAX do not end here; it comes with PowePano to take the kids’ experience a notch higher. It allows the users to take 270-degree panoramic photos without any distortion.

  • It comes with great battery capacity.
  • The three-camera integration offers great picture and video quality
  • It offers a high frame rate for slow motion.
  • The touch screen control is seamless.
  • There is no 4K shooting feature.
  • The stitching is apparent at the top and bottom of the shot.
  • Wide shots offer less control.

8. GoPro Hero Session

Highlighted Features
  • Grab and go operation
  • One button control
  • Waterproof up to 33 feet
  • 10 FPS burst photos
  • Video capturing in 720p100, 1080p60, and 1440p30
  • Storage support of up to 128GB

Weight merely 2.6 ounces, GoPro Hero Session definitely belongs on our. With a straightforward, grab-and-go operation, it offers ease of use. Additionally,the integration of a one-button control button allows you to start the capture or recording automatically. GoPro has been reckoned to design strong cameras that can work in extreme environments, and the same goes for Hero Session.

The device offers a water resistance ability of up to 33 feet. With 128GB storage capacity, the device allows you to store all your files. Moreover, with this model, you get to record video in different qualities including 720p100, 1080p60, and 1440p30. Additionally, photo capturing ability stands at 8mp with 10FPS of burst photos. 

  • The device has excellent pictures and video quality.
  • You get amazing sound quality for your recording.
  • The image stabilization helps in making the images even better.
  • It has long-lasting battery life.
  • The battery of the device cannot be removed.
  • The wi-fi does not turn off when the device does.
  • The setting menu sometimes experiences lag.

9. GoPro Hero7 White

Highlighted Features
  • Waterproof up to 33 feet
  • 10mp photo capture and 1080p60 video recording
  • Integration of voice control and embedded with touch screen
  • GPS enabled
  • Built-in battery
  • TimeWarp Video
  • Connectivity with wi-fi Bluetooth

Hero 7 is designed with durability and performance in mind, making it one of the best GoPro cameras for kids. The intuitive touch screen is straightforward and comes with streamlined capture modes. You can easily jump into capture or recording mode with a simple tap and swipe. With Hero White, you get to record full HD videos, even the time-lapse video. So you can compress longer events into short, making them more shareable.

Moreover, the device allows you to capture 10MP high-quality photos. Avoid any shaky video with great video stabilization, irrespective of what you are doing. Another great feature of this device is that it allows you to shoot vertically without hindering the quality.

  • The water resistance ability makes it durable
  • Every click offers high-quality images
  • There is an intuitive touch-screen display
  • The image stabilization works up to the mark.
  • You cannot remove the battery on the device.
  • The voice control experiences glitches frequently
  • The battery performance is mediocre.

10. GoPro Hero8 Black

Highlighted Features
  • HyperSmooth 2.0
  • TimeWarp 2.0
  • LiveBurst
  • Live streaming in 1080p
  • Digital lenses
  • Night lapse video

Last but not least on our list is Hero8 black. This is an ideal camera for people who are just starting out their journey into capturing. It has streamlined, folding fingers at the base for quick mounting; you need features like HyperSmooth 2.0, TimeWarp 2.0, LiveBurst, and much more. Additionally, The device offers live streaming at 1080p, allowing your kids to capture the experience in a clear manner. With the Night lapse video feature, your kid can capture moments any time of the day.

  • The image stabilization works excellently
  • The touch-screen is intuitive
  • You will get exceptional picture quality.
  • The device is easy to use with streamlined design and control
  • The battery life of the camera struggles
  • It does not come with an SD card
  • It has a poor voice reception system
the best gopro for kids

A Complete Buying Guide for Finding the Best GoPro for Kids

It is not easy to filter the best camera amidst the avalanche of options. But here we are highlighting some of the factors that will help you make the best decision –

Ease of use

When choosing a GoPro, it is better to choose one that offers ease of use. They should be able to capture images and record video with a touch of a button.

Battery Life

Battery life should not interrupt their experience. Ensure the options you consider have good battery capacity, especially if your kid is not going to put the camera down at all during the day.


When you are buying a camera for kids, make sure it is strong enough to handle accidents like drops, bumps, shakes. So the top kids GoPro should be made of strong materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is GoPro good for still photos?

Although GoPros are more popular for videos, they can also take good still photos. The quality of the image you get depends on the model you have chosen. Each model comes with various picture modes like time-lapse photo mode, burst mode, etc., to enhance the photo capturing experience.

Q: Why is GoPro so expensive?

One of the reasons GoPro is expensive is the strong legacy it carries. You pay for the brand identity along with the cost of constant development and innovations, and accessory systems.

Q: Are all GoPros waterproof?

All the current models including GoPro Hero 9, 8, 7, 5, and MAX, are waterproof. You do not need to add a case to make it water-resistant. The devices are designed to withstand water up to 33 feet. However, GoPro Max offers water resistance up to 16 feet.

Q: Who is GoPro owned by?

Woodman Labs is the parent company of GoPro, which was founded in 2003. And top shareholders of the company include Nicholas Woodman, Kenneth Goldman, Peter Gotcher, and Dean Jahnke


A camera is a great toy for your kids as it will spark their creativity and imagination. And when it comes to choosing a camera, you cannot go wrong with GoPro. Since its inception, the company has offered some of the best cameras in the market. Above we have added some of the best GoPro for kids that they will definitely love. What device you will choose depends on your budget as well as your preferences.

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