Best Gadgets for Flights

10 Best Gadgets for Flights with Top Tips to Pack Light

Scooting out of town for the weekend? I wish you get several weeks of R&R exclusively with the little people you love so much instead! If you’re flying, you know it’s bound to be a challenging trip with a baby (or more!) in tow. So, we rounded up the best gadgets for flights to help you and your baby stay cool, comfy, and entertained.

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ImageBrandProduct DimensionsProduct WeightDetails
Omnicharge4.33 x 3.31 x 0.98 inches9.5 ouncesCheck price
Fitssage8.66 x 4.72 x 3.15 inches7.05 ouncesCheck price
Everlasting Comfort10.6 x 5.44 x 3.35 inches8.96 OuncesCheck price
Sennheiser Consumer Audio6.1 x 2.6 x 7.6 inches8.4 ouncesCheck price
IPennyNot specifiedNot specifiedCheck price
Perilogics3.6 x 1.45 x 1.38 inches4 ouncesCheck price
TabletHookz6.69 x 1.18 x 0.98 inches2.82 ouncesCheck price
BCOZZY8.27 x 9.06 x 2.76 inches4.2 ouncesCheck price
EverSnug14.88 x 11.81 x 4.33 inches21.12 ouncesCheck price
PacSafe12.2 x 15.8 x 5.1 inches38.88 ouncesCheck price

1. Omni Mobile 12800 Power Bank for Multiple Devices

Highlighted Features
  • 12,800 mAh
  • Compatible with most laptops, tablets, and smartphones
  • Type C port can provide up to 45W of power
  • USB A port can charge up to 18W
  • Wireless charging available

I’m assuming you’ll have your full suite of mobile devices in tow? What happens when your electronic device runs out of battery? With this power bank, there’s no need to worry. You can charge various gadgets for flights with it.

We found it so powerful. I’m personally amazed at how it could easily charge up my Mac. I was able to upload some of the posts I’ve written on this blog while on airport stopover, waiting for our connecting flight.

  • This product is widely compatible with most mobile devices.
  • Fast-charging ports keep you confident you’ll keep your devices charged on-the-go.
  • Wireless charging adds convenience and makes it possible to charge whenever you have to.
  • This product comes with a plug designed for use with US power outlets.
  • You may have to double check compatibility in your destination if traveling outside of the US.

2. FITSSAGE Smart Eye Massager with Multi Mood Settings

Highlighted Features
  • Integrated, Eye Care, Sleeping, and Dymamic Modes
  • BlueTooth music
  • 16 silicone massage points
  • One-button operation
  • Adjustable belt band

Some might argue this product shouldn’t be on this list of the best gadgets for flights. I say, well, you’re on vacation but you’re never off-duty as a mom or dad so this is one way you might cheat a little, relax a bit more, whenever you can – even while the kids are asleep in flight.

  • Love the ergonomic, thin and compact design of this eye massager – and I bet you will too.
  • Four modes mean there are multiple vibrations to induce circulation and relaxation around your eye area.
  • One-touch button makes it easy to operate.
  • It could be the most expensive thing to carry next to your personal electronic devices.

3. Everlasting Comfort Ergonomic Footrest for Air Travel

Highlighted Features
  • Dual footrest area
  • Made with premium memory foam
  • Reinforced structure and design

This quickly became a personal favorite between the two of us. The first time we used it, we had to time each other’s use. After that, we never traveled without bringing one each. It’s such a big help – say goodbye to cramped legs and sore knees!

  • Dual footrest design adds an ergonomic feature to this product.
  • The well-structured ribs add stability and durability.
  • Top and bottom adjustable straps make it easy to fit to any seat on the plane.
  • The only downside we can think of is that one might be enough.
  • You should get another for your partner too.

4. Sennheiser HD 350BT Wireless Headphones – Best BlueTooth Headphones

Highlighted Features
  • Built-in equalizer
  • Voice assistant access
  • 30-hour battery life
  • Foldable

Looking for great in-flight entertainment? Look no further. Enjoy every minute of your movie or music with this wrapped around your ears. Watch out! Your tweens will soon find out and snatch it for themselves!

  • Fast-charging Type C cable gets you back online in no time.
  • Minimalist and foldable design makes it great for travel.
  • Cupped design blocks out ambient noise.
  • This product is more expensive than other ordinary headphones.

5. IPENNY Earmuffs Ear Protection and Warmers for Toddlers – Best Earmuffs for Protecting Baby’s Sensitive Ears

Highlighted Features
  • Made with thick, faux fur
  • Adjustable headbands
  • Various designs and colors to choose from

Get ready for cuteness overload! More importantly, these earmuffs help cancel out ambient noise that helps keep babies and toddlers calm. Putting it around their ears when asleep also keeps them from disturbance caused by engine and cabin noise.

  • Cute, simple,and straightforward – need I say it’s highly functional too?
  • Despite the comforts and cuteness it brings, this product is so inexpensive.
  • It’s also great for keeping your little one warm in cold or snowy weather.
  • This product is suitable for babies and toddlers only.

6. Perilogics Universal In-Flight Phone Mount – Best Phone Mount for In-Flight Entertainment

Highlighted Features
  • Adjustable clamp/stand
  • Universal mount
  • Holds most mobile devices

Try not to hurt your hands, finders, neck, eyes, and shoulders while taking in in-flight entertainment. Use this mount instead. You’ll see why. You can thank me later.

  • Kickstand transforms into a clamp.
  • It’s very functional whether in-flight or even for your home or office desk.
  • This mount can hold almost any mobile phone.
  • This is likely mid-range though the comfort it brings is definitely worth the extra dollar.

7. TabletHookz Universal In-Flight Backseat Tablet Holder – Best Tablet Mount for In-Flight Entertainment

Highlighted Features
  • Multipurpose design
  • Device securing mechanisms
  • Multiple viewing angles

Taking long flights, we’ve learned to look forward to binging on our favorite movies and playing games on the sides with the little ones. We’ve been doing so much better than dreading the long haul. I didn’t think it could get any better until we found this tablet holder. It seriously changed how we consumed entertainment high up in the air!

  • Mindfully designed to be ergonomic and cater to both use by kids and adults alike.
  • Highly flexible, you can use it in flight but also at the backseat of a car too.
  • The unit comes with built-in security features to keep your device secure while mounted.
  • Pricey I would say for the key use but its design and versatility more than make up for it.

8. BCOZZY Kids Washable Travel Pillow  with Chin Support – Best Travel Pillow for Baby

Highlighted Features
  • Available in different colors
  • Comes in different sizes

Infants, you can carry on your lap or even lay down on the seat next to you when they’re asleep. But, toddlers and bigger kids will fall asleep sitting just like you. A pillow like this can help them sleep better.

  • Small and medium sizes are suited for children 3 to 7 and 8 to 12 years old, respectively.
  • Chin support keeps your child’s head from falling forward when asleep.
  • It’s a tad bit heavier than ordinary travel pillows.

9. EverSnug 2-in-1 Travel Pillow/Blanket – Best Travel Pillow/Blanket for You

Highlighted Features
  • Compact
  • Dual purpose

How can you not love travel accessories that can serve a dual purpose? This pillow and blanket in one serves a great purpose yet packs neatly in your carry on. Well, I personally love how snug it is!

  • Completely washable and easy to maintain.
  • It comes with a soft carrying case that can double as a pillow.
  • Compact and easy to pack.
  • You might need to pack one for each family member.

10. PacSafe Men’s Anti-Theft Briefcase with Laptop & Tablet Sleeve – Best Anti-Theft Travel

Highlighted Features
  • Puncture resistant zipper
  • Multiple pockets
  • Lined with lightweight steel mesh
  • RFID blocking pocket

Never take security of your personal belongings for granted when you’re traveling. Frankly, I use this bag and its amazing security features as an excuse to get the man of the house to put on a bag and carry some of the things we can’t do without in flight.

  • RFID blocking pocket keeps bank cards secure.
  • Laptop and tablet sleeves make it easy to stay organized on-the-go.
  • All purchases come with a 5-year warranty.
  • The most expensive item on this list but security during travel can’t be neglected.
Best Gadgets for Flights

Deciding on What Gadgets to Pack:  Buying Guide

When you’re a mom or a dad, you’re constantly struggling to make decisions not just for one person but for your entire family – most especially when you’re traveling by air and there are limits to what you can bring. So how do you determine what to bring? We rounded up some of our top tips to help you to pick and pack only the best gadgets for flights.


Before anything else, you have to closely consider what you need – how large of a suitcase do you have already. That’s because most of the in-flight gadgets that are probably on top of your mind right now are mostly wants. Taking the Omni Mobile 12800 Power Bank for Multiple Devices with you should definitely be a must!

When we’re space challenged for a flight, we tend to prioritize our comfort next to our needs. Sure opting to leave the Everlasting Comfort Ergonomic Footrest for Air Travel at home will free up more space in your carry on but, if you’re taking a long haul, might as well do it with your feet up.

Product Size and Dimension

That’s why we summed up these two features in the product table because these are the only two features that all of these gadgets on this list can ever have in common. However, we suggest you pay close attention to those features because they taking along a gadget that considerably adds to your burden.

In the end, we suggest you reach a decision by weighing how much of a comfort a gadget would bring you versus how much it’s going to weigh on you.

Comfort and Entertainment

Do those gadgets bring you ultimate travel pleasure? If it does, I say, go for it! Don’t leave anything you think you’ll be longing for behind.

You might allow your toddler or your husband to lord over your Sennheiser HD 350BT Wireless Headphones for as long as you can keep the FITSSAGE Smart Eye Massager with Multi Mood Settings all to yourself. I say take all the time you can find in-flight and in-between changing flights to relax, recharge, and stay beautiful! You deserve it.


Flights can be one of the most enjoyable and yet unhealthy moments for your mind, body, and spirit. There’s plenty of things you can do to make it less of a stress and more of an adventure. Choosing gadgets that come with ergonomic designs is one of them.

Speaking of ergonomic, when did in-flight entertainment ever treated your back, neck, and eyes well? Never – unless you travel business class maybe. But, for the rest of us who have to make do with what little leg and elbow room you could find in a flight, you just try to make do with little comforts like the Perilogics Universal In-Flight Phone Mount and TabletHookz Universal In-Flight Backseat Tablet Holder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are all electronics gadgets allowed on board a plane?

Most “consumer personal electronic devices” are allowed, that is, according to the FAA. That includes laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. The FAA recommends these devices to be brought as carry-on baggage. Otherwise, you’d have to switch them off completely if you prefer to keep any of them in your check-in luggage (which is such a bad idea!).

If you’re planning to take anything other than your personal devices in flight with you, we recommend you check with your manufacturer or with your carrier prior to your flight date.

Q: How can I make my airplane seat more comfortable?

Sitting in flight for hours is one of the most inconvenient moments people have to deal with when traveling. Save yourself from the burden of aching joints and migraine. Here’s what we recommend:

  • Choose a seat beforehand. Most airlines now make it easy for passengers to reserve their seats online – you should do that! We’ll tell you more about the best seats below.
  • Tilt back your seat a little. Keeping your back upright hurts because there’s a natural arch to your spine. Be mindful of the person seated behind you though.
  • Get back support. For most of us, a small pillow placed between the backrest and your lower back is good enough. But, if you have more serious back problems or suffered an injury, you should get an ergonomic back cushion.
  • Maintain good posture. I know! So easy to say and a baby in your arms makes it even more complicated! But you’ve got to try anyway.
  • Induce good rest and sleep. That’s where pillows, blankets, footrest, and eye mask can all help. When baby is asleep, you should get a well-deserved rest too.

Q: What are the best seats on a plane when traveling with kids?

When you have older kids, the best seats are the aisle seats – just because everyone, including you, would need to use the washroom every so often.

Babies and toddlers, however, will be much more comfortable seated at the bulkhead. Where is that? These are the seats next to the back walls of the plane. Other than that, you’ll also disturb less people and your babies will feel less disturbed as there isn’t anybody behind you that could be talking a lot or moving around a lot. You know how babies can be uber sensitive with the slightest disturbance.


Well, I sure hope you’ll get to enjoy more of your travels and have a little less trouble with some calming comforts here and there for you and for the little one. Keep in mind that the best gadgets for flights are the ones that answer your needs – and some wants too! Have a safe trip!

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