best blackout curtains for nursery

7 Best Blackout Curtains for Nursery, Tips & Buying Guide

Newborns and infants require plenty of sleep, specifically between 12 and 17 hours everyday. That said, setting up your nursery to make sure your baby gets that much sleep and left to have her peace is a must for proper growth and development to take place. Getting hold of the best blackout curtains for nursery will be helpful but shopping for this item isn’t always a straightforward process.

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That’s why we’ve rounded up 7 of the top rated blackout curtains on Amazon to help you cutdown on the effort and get back to doing more important things – including shopping for other baby must-haves.

Best blackout curtains for nursery for 2023 Review: Key Features, Pros, and Cons

Expecting and caring for the newest addition to the family can be challenging. It’s not unusual for mums, most especially first time mums, to be overwhelmed by all of the things that need to be prepared and taken care of with a baby on the way.

So many new things you need for one tiny baby, indeed, that you need an entire room to fit everything from cribs to bibs! And because your baby deserves only the best, a high quality blackout curtain for your nursery is the only proper window treatment to create that peaceful ambiance your baby needs to rest and grow.

In most cases, you can’t really see the fruition of your nursery project until you’ve hung the right curtains. So, here’s a summary table of the top options on Amazon right now. Keep reading below to see the product details and find out which one matches your needs.

ImageBrandProduct Dimensions
WeightTopAvailable VariationsDetails
BGment42 x 63 inches3.74 poundsGrommetAvailable in different colors and dimensionsCheck price
RYB HOME52 x 84 inches3.7 poundsNot specifiedAvailable in different colors and dimensionsCheck price
Nicetown42 x 63 inches1.1 poundsGrommetAvailable in different colors and dimensionsCheck price
FMFUNCTEX 52 x 63 inches0.79 pounds eachGrommetAvailable in different colors and dimensionsCheck price
Exclusive Home Curtains52 x 84 inches2 poundsGrommetAvailable in different colors and dimensionsCheck price
YoungsTex 42 x 63 inches3.34 poundsGrommetAvailable in different colors and dimensionsCheck price
BGment42 x 72 inches2.33 poundsGrommetAvailable in different colors and dimensionsCheck price

1. BGment 100% Blackout Curtain Thermal, Noise Reduction, Double Layer

Highlighted Features
  • Made with 2 layers of triple weave fabric
  • Offers 100% blackout shading
  • Sold in 42-inch and 52-inch width

Have a relaxing retreat with your baby anytime of the day or night, with these 100% blackout curtains. What we love about hanging these curtains is that it does completely block off the sun. Even at night, if you leave some lights on in your porch or backyard, the light shouldn’t bother you at all.

  • This product gives 100% opaque to light and provides ample protection from UV.
  • You’ll surely be thankful that it’s 100% machine washable too.
  • Made with materials designed to keep heat out and your nursery cooler.
  • If you don’t prefer grommets, you’ll be annoyed at those rings scratching against your curtain rod.

2. RYB HOME Pom Pom  Blackout Curtains 2-Panel Set 

Highlighted Features
  • Pompom design
  • Made with thermal insulated materials
  • Provides 100% privacy protection

If you’d rather add blackout curtains for comfort and flair, this product could well be your best bet. Most blackout curtains are plain and typically sacrifice style to achieve functionality. Well, this one doesn’t and that’s what we like best about it. But, added value comes with a higher price tag.

  • Simply throw it into the washer for regular clean ups.
  • After Sales support is available if you need help with installation or have complaints about your purchase.
  • Pompom design adds a unique, vintage class to your room.
  • Every purchase comes with two free tie backs.
  • You need to double, even triple the budget you’d spend on a basic blackout curtain to own this.

3. NICETOWN Insulated, Blackout Solid Nursery Room Curtain

Highlighted Features
  • Made with 100& polyester
  • Fits most rods with a diameter up to 1.6 inches
  • Blacks out light between 85% and 99%

Sometimes the best blackout curtains for nursery don’t necessarily block the light completely, like this product. However, it blocks light effectively enough to significantly dim your baby’s nursery.

  • Sufficient opaqueness provides privacy and sufficiently blocks out light and UV.
  • This product comes in multiple sizes and colors for you to choose from.
  • Effective yet absolutely inexpensive option delivers quality at par with branded options.
  • It may not totally block out the light.

4. FMFUNCTEX 2-Panel Blackout Room Darkening Nursery Curtains – BEST TRIPLE WEAVE BLACKOUT CURTAIN

Highlighted Features
  • Made with triple weave textile
  • Comes with 8 grommets
  • Fits rods up to 1.6 inches in diameter

This product doesn’t come with a solid back side. These curtains are capable of blocking off light up to 80% only. It may not be the best choice if you desire 100% coverage but it’s definitely worth considering if you prefer softer light in the room rather than pitch black.

  • It filters hard light and leaves a calm, relaxing ambiance.
  • Silky, soft material adds a luxurious texture to a nursery.
  • Coverage provides ample privacy protection from the outside looking in.
  • There are only four colors to choose from.

5. Exclusive Home Curtains Catarina Layered Blackout Curtains with Sheer Panels – BEST LAYERED BLACKOUT CURTAIN

Highlighted Features
  • Made with 100% polyester
  • Comes with a layered sheer curtain

This product appears very appealing. With its layered effect and the soft, silky materials it’s made of, it softens the nursery. You may choose the level of coverage by tying back one or both layers.

  • This product makes it easy to make adjustments to tone down the light or keep it out completely.
  • Soft and unique layered design adds a luxurious feel to the nursery.
  • Only spot clean for regular maintenance.
  • Handwashable only and material may require some ironing to straighten out.

6. YoungsTex 100% Blackout 2-Panel Privacy Curtains – BEST TOTAL BLACKOUT CURTAIN

Highlighted Features
  • Each package contains two panels
  • Black back panel
  • Comes with 6 anti-rust metal grommets.

Keep heat out more effectively and your nursery cooler longer. By providing 100% blackout coverage, not only do you get maximum privacy, you also get a happy cutback on your electric bill.

  • Effectively blocks out 100% of light.
  • It can repel heat and UV more effectively with 100% blackout coverage.
  • This product is machine washable and easy to clean.
  • Some light ironing may be required to unwrinkle the product after washing.

7. BGment Room Darkening Blackout 2-Panel Curtains – BEST BLACKOUT CURTAIN WITH LUMINOUS DESIGN

Highlighted Features
  • Made with thermal insulated material
  • Comes in several colors
  • Fits most rods up to 1.6 inches in diameter
  • Foil-printed star patterns

In the mood for something more playful? After all, it’s a nursery so go ahead and throw in the stars with this product. Let the stars shine in broad daylight, your little one will love the light when his or her eyes start recognizing it. Wait until you see those cute tiny eyes light up at the sight of light and those little hands try to reach for them.

  • This product is made with triple weave microfiber material.
  • The product is lightweight and easy to install.
  • Machine washable when it’s due for a hard wash.
  • It blocks out light up to 75% of light.
  • It may not turn the nursery pitch black if that’s what you prefer.
best blackout curtains for nursery

How to Shop Blackout Curtains for Baby’s Room:  Buying Guide

We only want what’s best for our delicate and precious little ones. That’s why when it comes to their stuff, there can be none that compromises their comfort and convenience even as they enjoy a deep and peaceful slumber.

Add stylish treatments to amp an ambiance that exudes calmness and tranquility in your child’s nursery with the best curtains that can effectively blackout sunlight. Not only do these curtains darken the room, these can also help reduce ambient noise outdoors as well as keep the room cooler for your baby.

Here are some tips and tricks to spot that perfect curtain panel that’d work best for you and your little one.

Product Dimensions

Before heading out to the home depot or making a cashing in online, make sure to take the exact dimensions of your window width and length. Would you like your curtain to be just the same size? Or, would you like a more dramatic drapery that reaches the floor?

Taking this initial step should significantly narrow down your choices. More importantly, you can be sure that you’re shopping the right size that fits your nursery’s windows.

Curtain Accessories & Product Weight

I suppose one of the most important things you should consider is, “Can your curtain rod handle the curtain weight?” You shouldn’t need to be too scientific about this. If you’ve been shopping curtains before, you should be confident enough to make an estimate when you see a product.

However, if you’re in doubt, it’s always best to take out your rod’s packaging and check – if you still have it, that is. But, if not, at least take an estimate of the diameter of your rod.

The material with which your rod is made will also indicate how much weight it can take. Solid, wooden rods will likely be able to take on more weight than hollow, aluminum rods can.

Level of Blackout Effect

Most people end up being surprised about their blackout curtain finds. Sometimes, you can blame that on untruthful marketing, other times you can blame it on the buyers.

Blackout curtains do not always mean 100% dark. Some of these curtains permit some degree of light to pass through. So, pay attention to how that percent sign. Also, 100% blackout curtains have a different back material that is more solid. If you have mattress covers, what’s under those covers are usually what you’ll find awt the back of a 100% blackout curtain.

It gets trickier when you’re shopping online. But, you can always take a look at the buyer reviews and pay particular attention to images and videos posted by buyers.

If you’re not sure how much light the curtain can blockout, better ask the seller and ask for photos taken against the daylight. If that still leaves you in the dark, best to find something else than end up being frustrated.

Style, Color, and Material

You just can’t compromise these three. Of course, there’s a final look and ambiance you’re aiming for your baby’s nursery. Your little one will only be a baby once and you can’t go back.

Mums who are particular about the purchases they make for their babies will find out that there are eco-friendly options out there too. In fact, blackout curtains already help reduce your energy bills by keeping the room temp cooler for longer. Products like the BGment Room Darkening Blackout 2-Panel Curtains block sunlight while allowing some light to pass through so you shouldn’t find a need to turn on a lamp when your baby’s taking a nap during the day.

Your Budget

If you have the means to go all out, good for you. But, for most of us that still shouldn’t give you a ticket to splurge mindlessly. One of the most challenging things of raising kids is making decisions for them, and that starts now.

Just keep in mind that going for the most expensive option isn’t always the best for your child. Don’t start equating spending with quality but assess characteristics of each product individually and decide based on what you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do all blackout curtains completely blackout the sun?

No. Blackout curtains come with different degrees of capacity to stop light from passing through. This level of opaqueness is often expressed in percentage.

Those that completely block off light are labeled 100% while other blackout curtains usually come with about 80% up to 95% capability of providing effective shade against the sun.

Q:Are blackout curtains the best way to keep a room dark?

There are many ways to use blackout curtains to control the amount of UV and temp in your nursery. Some buyers use it in combination with other window treatments like sheer curtains, window stickers, and static window clings to create a layered effect.

The advantage of layering window treatments is that you can manually adjust the level of light entering the room simply by tying up some curtains or pulling them aside to leave only the glass stickers.

Q: Is it good to use blackout curtains?

Some would argue that there are some materials that could actually be harmful but there has yet to be any final word on those claims.

However, in general, blackout curtains are good for the environment and for cutting down on your electric bills. Blackout curtains support your air conditioning in reaching the desired room temp sooner, and keeps the room cooler over a longer period of time even without air conditioning.

If you live in a predominantly cool zone, blackout curtains can also help keep indoor air warmer while insulating the room from the cold outdoors.

Q: Are 100% blackout curtains the best for nursery?

It’s easy to think that products like the YoungsTex 100% Blackout 2-Panel Privacy Curtains are the best choices out there. And, indeed, they are if 100% blackout is what you desire.

However, if you prefer some light coming through so you won’t accidentally tip over or just have some view of your baby anytime you peep through the door, or see your child on your monitor, then 100% blackout may not be what’s best for you.


The best blackout curtains for nursery are those that can effectively block light and harmful UV rays at the level that you desire. Keep in mind that what works for you and your baby’s day-to-day needs are what make these products good for you.

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