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Parent-Approved: The 10 Best Stroller Bags for Travel With Kids [ 2023 ]

Just like any parent who frequently travels with their kids would tell you, we definitely think that a stroller is a must-have when traveling with small children. What many parents tend to forget though is that it is just as important to have the best stroller bags to protect this little piece of portable furniture from dirt, dust, and germs. That way, you can stay confident that your child stays safe and germ-free while you go around the world for an adventure of a lifetime.

However, this also means allocating a budget to get this little piece of must-have. Since we don’t like compromises when it comes to the health and safety of our children, spending a little extra to own the best baby stroller travel bag surely wouldn’t be an issue. Besides, strollers don’t come cheap either, so an added protection will definitely be more than welcome.

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10 Best Stroller Bags For You To Check Out

To help you make a more informed decision, we have reviewed here 10 of the best stroller travel bags and included a comprehensive buying guide where you can learn more about what features to look for. To start, here’s a summary table of the key features of all the products in this list of the best stroller bags that you ought to check out for yourself:

J.L. Childress Check price
AlnoorCheck price
VolkGo Check price
ComponoCheck price
Zohzo Check price
reperkidCheck price
RayCo UnlimitedCheck price
OnGuardCheck price
GlogexCheck price
GloglowCheck price

Now, let’s dive in to find out the great and not-so-great details about these 10 best stroller bags to have with you when traveling with small children:

1. J.L. Childress Stroller Bag for Standard and Double Strollers

Highlighted Features
  • Airline-certified
  • Lightweight
  • Water-resistant
  • Brightly colored
  • Comes with a pouch

Produced by a company that’s dedicated to its goal of easing the lives of modern parents everywhere, the JL Childress bag is one of the best stroller travel bags you want to get when traveling with your little ones.

It’s made of high-quality and water-resistant materials that enable it to provide your baby’s stroller with a high level of protection from dirt and disease-causing germs and bacteria as well as moisture. This allows you to have some peace of mind that your little one will be safe while in their stroller.

Aside from that, it features a drawstring closing mechanism with an adjustable lock to keep your stroller securely inside the bag.

Need to store it? It comes with a handy little spandex pouch wherein you can store it easily and conveniently when not in use. Did we mention it’s airline-certified as well? With this, you no longer have to worry about it complying with airline rules and regulations. It’s truly one of the best stroller bags your money can buy,

  • It comes with double-stitched seams for increased strength and durability.
  • It’s airline-certified.
  • It has a durable and lightweight design.
  • The construction is made to be water-resistant.
  • The bag comes with a handy spandex pouch for storage.
  • The material is too thin for some users.

2. Alnoor Ultra Durable Gate Check Bag For Stroller Travel Bag

Highlighted Features
  • High-quality lightweight luxury protection
  • Easily identifiable bright orange color
  • Ultra-durable and highly secure
  • Lightweight, convenient, and compact
  • One-year money-back guarantee

We find this gate check bag for the stroller travel bag by Alnoor as the ultimate durable product in this category. This bag is easy to fold, carry, and store. The lightweight design and compact size make it fit for most strollers. We were stunned with rip and water-resistant property, protecting it from dirt and stains. You get to enjoy a more convenient and handy carry bag due to its comfortable padded backpack-style shoulder straps. The bright orange color of the bag makes it easily identifiable. The most amazing part of the product is its one-year money-back guarantee that ensures risk-free purchase for you.

  • It is easy to wash, and water-resistant helps you keep dirt and germs away.
  • This foldable stroller bag can become a handy travel bag.
  • Its comfortable, padded backpack-style shoulder straps ensure a better handy to carry and more convenient bag.
  • It is made up of durable nylon heavy-duty material that secures and protects your stroller.
  • The cord locks on the drawstring may not hold the neck too closely.

3. VolkGo Travel Bag for Standard and Double Strollers

Highlighted Features
  • Water-resistant
  • Ergonomic design
  • Increased durability
  • Strong construction
  • Large size

The best stroller travel bags are supposed to make traveling with your child easier, and this model from VolkGo does a great job doing so. By using high-quality water-resistant materials, it allows you to keep your baby’s stroller and travel system from being exposed to the various dirt and debris in airports.

Because of this, you can confidently place your baby in their stroller immediately after the flight without worrying that you’re exposing them to harmful disease-causing germs and bacteria.

Aside from being water-resistant, the VolkGo stroller travel bag is incredibly tough and durable, allowing you to place your sometimes heavy stroller in the bag and carry it without worrying about the bag breaking.

This is due to its use of high-quality and durable nylon in its construction. Its strong and durable construction is impressive considering how large this bag is. After all, it’s meant to accommodate even the larger double-sized strollers.

Adding to its impressive qualities is its feature for comfort: the ergonomically designed padded backpack-style shoulder straps. These allow you to carry the stroller on your back, making traveling easier as it frees up your hands to carry both your child and your other luggage.

  • It’s made with high-quality and durable nylon.
  • It features a water-resistant design.
  • You can enjoy increased comfort with the padded backpack straps.
  • It’s large enough to accommodate most models of strollers.
  • It can be difficult to fold into its carry pouch.

4. Compono Large Stroller Travel Bag for Standard or Double Strollers

Highlighted Features
  • Water-resistant
  • Padded strap
  • Compact storage
  • Large size
  • High-quality materials

With its hybrid nylon-polyester construction, this stroller bag from Compono is undoubtedly one of the best stroller bags out there. Moreover, the padded straps add to the much-needed comfort when carrying something as large and heavy as a baby stroller.

It’s been tested by Compono with most of the popular stroller brands, ensuring that it’s compatible and will fit your baby’s stroller regardless of its brand. After all, each brand has its own unique design.

Although its large size can be intimidating, it can easily be stored when not in use as it comes with a convenient storage bag that’s zippered for secure storage. Simply fold it in its bag when you’re done using it.

As one of the best stroller travel bags, rest assured that your baby will remain safe from harmful germs and bacteria as the bag will protect the stroller for most of the trip.

  • It comes with convenient storage.
  • The bag is large enough to fit most stroller models.
  • It features a hybrid nylon-polyester construction for increased water resistance.
  • You can carry it comfortably due to its padded straps.
  • Unfortunately, it doesn’t feature backpack-style straps.

5. Zohzo Travel Bag for Standard or Double Strollers

Highlighted Features
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Wide compatibility
  • Convenient
  • Increased adjustability
  • High-quality construction

With its wrap-around double zipper and rectangular shape, this bag from Zohzo features a design that looks more like regular luggage than a bag meant for your baby’s stroller. However, the zippered design is more than just for show – it’s highly functional as well.

With it, loading your baby’s stroller into the bag has been made easier and more convenient. Aside from that, they’re highly durable too so you don’t have to worry about them breaking while you’re out of town and risk your baby’s health.

This is also in part because of its water- and tear-resistant polyester construction. This material enables it to withstand the wear and tear of being handled roughly in the airport cargo. Moreover, the reinforced stitching adds more to its durability and longevity.

As one of the best stroller travel bags, this large stroller bag has extensive compatibility. And despite its size, the Zohzo stroller bag is lightweight enough that you won’t feel any added weight to your already heavy cargo.

It’s also incredibly versatile, double as a great bag for other equipment as well. This makes it one of the best stroller bags as far as design is concerned.

  • It has a versatile and multi-purpose design.
  • It features a convenient zippered design.
  • It has extensive compatibility with most brands of strollers.
  • You can rely on its durable yet lightweight construction.
  • The lack of backpack-style straps make it less comfortable than the other stroller bags.

6. Reperkid Stroller Travel Bag

Highlighted Features
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Water-resistant
  • Heavy-duty construction

As far as the best stroller travel bags go, you want to make sure that it can help you carry your stroller with the utmost ease. That said, if you’re looking for a stroller bag that can make carrying your stroller a lot easier, then this one from Reperkid is a perfect choice. First off, it comes with adjustable shoulder straps that you can adjust to secure a comfy fit.

Aside from that, it also features a card slot where you can write your name and other details. This way, it makes it a lot easier for you to spot it and locate it in case it gets lost. It also features a vibrant color so you can recognize it easily, hence making it quite easier to spot in the conveyor belt.

  • It’s made of durable and tear-resistant material.
  • You can fit standard and double strollers in it with ease.
  • It features adjustable shoulder straps for added convenience.
  • The fabric is somewhat thin, and some complained about holes in their bag after a few uses.

7. Rayco Unlimited Stroller Bag

Highlighted Features
  • Water-resistant
  • Drawstring closures
  • Bright color

The Rayco Unlimited bag is possibly the best baby stroller travel bag best stroller bag for travel if you want to bring an umbrella stroller along. Intended for air travel purposes, the bag can fit most strollers without any issues about the lack of storage space. It has a 45x13x12 inch dimension which is fairly large enough without being overly spacious.

One of its best features is its drawstring closure which basically allows you to easily store your kid’s stroller on the bag and take it off whenever necessary. You can easily fold and store it in your bag which just adds to its overall convenience. Lastly, it comes with a shoulder strap to make carrying easier – the only problem is that it’s not adjustable.

  • The bag is made of water-resistant fabric.
  • You can carry it ease, thanks to its shoulder strap.
  • It offers decent protection for your stroller against dirt and germs.
  • It’s quite affordable.
  • The construction is a bit flimsy.

8. OnGuard Waterproof RIP Resistant Double Stroller Bag

Highlighted Features
  • Super strong and durable for extra protection
  • Spacious dimensions easily fit universal strollers
  • Convenient carrying with back and side straps
  • Unique, thoughtful, and attractive design
  • Easy identification with name card holder

We reviewed this double stroller bag and confirmed that its car, train, and plane certified. This waterproof and rip-resistant, secure drawstring cover keeps the stroller safe from grime, scratch, and dirt. The back straps on the cover are made of comfortable padding to minimize the pressure and ensure carry with comfort. Moreover, you’ll enjoy hassle-free portability due to the reinforced fabric handle on the side. The amazing part is the thoughtfully designed white contact box for your name and phone number to ensure easy traveling identification. 

  • Its water-resistant 600D polyester, rip-resistant material, reinforced seams, and secure drawstring ensures ultra-durability.
  • It has backstraps on the cover with comfortable padding that minimizes pressure and enables carry with comfort.
  • It’s precisely designed with a white contact box for your name and phone number to make the bag easily identifiable.
  • The reinforced fabric handle on the right ensures hassle-free portability.
  • At times, the width of the bag can be a bit snug at the wheels.

9. Glogex Lightweight Durable Stroller Travel Bag

Highlighted Features
  • Thick, durable, premium quality material
  • Carry straps for convenience
  • Solid, waterproof material ensure ultimate protection
  • Extremely versatile
  • Large size for easy fits

We evaluated this Goglex stroller bag and came to know that it’s explicitly designed with thick, durable material to protect your stroller 24/7. You can easily take this stroller gate check bag while traveling as it features carry straps. It is made of solid, waterproof material that safeguards your stroller from damage or rain. The large dimension makes it ideal for larger strollers. The most interesting thing that made this product so appealing to us is its extreme versatility. Apart from using it to protect your stroller, you can use it for holding your camping gear, sports equipment, beach accessories, and more.

  • This universal stroller bag easily fits into any major stroller brand.
  • It is extremely versatile as you can also use it for holding your sports equipment, beach accessories, and much more.
  • It’s explicitly designed to protect your possessions by withstanding the daily wear and tear.
  • It has a quick carry handle that enables you to transport your stroller easily.
  • It is a large stroller that may not fit an infant car seat.

10. Gloglow Drawstring Closure Stroller Travel Bag

Highlighted Features
  • Hassle-free and convenient travel
  • Convenient and easy to carry
  • Black cover for ultimate protection
  • High-quality oxford material
  • Foldable design with compact size

After thorough evaluation and discussion, we conclude this product to be the best stroller transport carry bag with a drawstring closure for convenient travel. You will enjoy convenience without straining your back as the stroller bag features comfortable shoulder padding for easy carrying. With the black color cover, it has become easy to keep the strollers away from dirt and keep the baby safe and healthy. It’s made up of oxford material, which is a strong and sturdy high-quality material. Its compact size fits easily, and the foldable design enables you to fold, hide, and use them.

  • This premium gate check bag ensures hassle-free and stress-free travel.
  • The shoulder strap with comfortable padding ensures convenience to carry.
  • Its black color cover protects the strollers from getting dirty and keeps the baby safe and healthy.
  • Its drawstring closure and adjustable lock make it perfectly fit for most strollers.
  • The price can be a bit high for budget-friendly shoppers.
stroller bags for traveling

Best Stroller Bags: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Just like with any product, when choosing the best baby stroller travel bag for your needs, you can’t just buy the first product you see. You need to consider several factors before buying. After all, a stroller bag can protect one of the most important help you have as a parent: your baby’s stroller.

Your baby’s stroller is where they will likely be for most of the trip, after all. That said, here are some of the factors you need to consider when buying the best stroller bags for your vacation with your little one.

1. Stroller Compatibility

One of the most important factors to consider when shopping for the best baby stroller travel bag is its compatibility with your stroller. Needless to say, you need to find a suitable stroller first. Two of the top choices you can make when traveling are umbrella strollers. If you’re traveling with two tykes, a double stroller will be extremely useful.

When shopping for a stroller bag, you need to make sure there’s space large enough to accommodate the stroller that you’re bringing along. After all, if it doesn’t fit, trying to force in your stroller will only lead to frustrations and possibly even damage to both your travel bag and stroller.

Whenever you can, it will be wise, in fact, to make sure there’s extra room to store extra diapers, bottles, milk, wipes, and other baby stuff that you need to have quick and easy access to while on the plane or on the road.

2. Type of Closure System

You will also need to consider the closure system of the product. The best stroller bags are meant to protect your baby’s stroller. So, go for a travel bag that comes with zippers. Drawstring that are poorly constructed will fail to protect your stroller from damage, dirt, and dust,

Therefore, it’s important to look for the best baby stroller travel bag with a strong and highly durable zipper or a drawstring that can be firmly drawn shut. With these, you can ensure that no dirt or water will enter the bag and leave your baby’s stroller dirty.

3. Type of Handles or Straps

Another aspect you need to consider when looking for the best stroller bags is the presence of handles or straps. This is because straps or handles give you a convenient and easy way to carry your stroller’s travel bag (with the stroller in it, of course).

They are especially important when traveling as you and your spouse will need enough hands to handle not just the stroller but also your baby as well as your other luggage. That is why it’s ideal if you choose a stroller bag that offers you different ways to carry it.

Most of the best stroller bags on the market have backpack-style straps. These straps allow you to carry your baby’s stroller on your back and free up your hands. These models also typically come with side handles. That way, you can carry them as a handbag whenever you prefer to. Some brands opt for shoulder straps that allow you to carry it on only one shoulder.

Check out the travel bag’s straps or handles. See if there is enough padding in them. Padding will help reduce the pressure and make you feel more comfortable while carrying the stroller.

4. Materials Used

Avoid stroller bags that are made of low-quality nylon. Nylon is fairly thin and can easily crack under pressure. It will not be surprising at all to see rips on your bag as soon as your flight takes off. Bags made of nylon are also prone to puncture. Therefore, you can’t really expect bags made of this material to last for a decent while.

Instead, the best stroller bags made of sturdy rip-stop or tear-resistant materials are highly recommended. A bag that’s made of high-grade polyester is one good option. Just keep in mind that bags made of a stiff fabric can last longer compared to generic bags.

Aside from that, you want to make sure that the bag is waterproof, or water-resistant at least. This way, you can protect your baby’s stroller from bad weather and other liquids that might seep inside.

5. Quality Of Stitching

Ideally, you should go for the best stroller bags that can stay together even if they’re tossed and turned around a couple of times while in the cargo hold. Fortunately, it’s easy to one as long as you consider the quality of its stitching prior to your purchase. Always go for solid and precise stitching. That’s because it can ensure that the bag will stay intact. In addition, it also improves durability.

You should check the stitching around its handles and straps. Also, make sure that it’s intact so the bag won’t suddenly fall off on your back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I really need a stroller bag when traveling with my little one?

A: Stroller travel bags are necessary if you travel with your little one. Even though airlines don’t really require them, they are quite convenient and will protect your baby’s stroller from damage or dirt when traveling.

This extra level of protection is really a good thing since strollers are normally held in the hold section. And without a stroller bag, yours can easily get damaged.

Q: Do airlines charge for strollers?

A: Most airlines will allow you to check one stroller for free since it won’t count as part of your standard baggage. However, if your stroller is too large or has a non-collapsible design, some airlines like Air Canada and American Airlines will require you to check them in at the ticket counter.

Q: Should I gate check my stroller?

A: Gate checking your baby stroller is actually pretty necessary. Not only will it prevent any possible damage on your stroller due to mishandling, but it will also allow you to use the stroller on the terminal.

However, there are some instances where your stroller won’t be brought out into the aerobridge upon landing. This means that you’ll have to collect it from the baggage carousel.

Q: Can I use any stroller bag on my baby’s stroller without any problem?

A: That would depend if the stroller bag you bought is compatible with your baby’s stroller. If you have a side by side stroller, then you will need a large bag so it can fit in without any issue.

However, if you have a single stroller you should make sure that the bag you get is designed for this type. If you end up buying a much larger bag, you’ll end up leaving excess space. This only makes your stroller more prone to damage.

Q: How do I fly with a stroller?

A: This will depend on the airline you’re flying with. In the US, most airlines will only allow you to transport your little one to the gate. After that, you’ll have to hand it over to them as it will be stowed as checked luggage.

However, some airlines outside of the US aren’t as strict. They will allow you to carry one stroller on-board as long as it can be folded inside. Policies can differ from one airline to another. So, we highly recommend checking your airline’s policy first before flying with a stroller.

Q: Will the airline provide me with a stroller travel bag if I fail to bring one?

A: That would depend on the airline itself. There are some that do, but in most cases, you’ll have to bring one with you. Airlines like United will sometimes offer big plastic bags. But, you shouldn’t really depend on it since those are fairly limited. There are also some airlines that sell stroller bags for a certain price, like Southwest for example.


Regardless if you decide to travel via plane or train, investing in the best stroller bags for your baby’s stroller will surely help a lot. Not only does it protect your stroller from damage, but it can also make sure it will be free of any dirt or grime to make your baby comfortable while in the stroller. Needless to say, the best stroller bag for travel is a worthwhile investment you can make for your little one.

If you want to buy the best stroller bag for travel with your baby alongside his stroller, then we recommend checking out the products we’ve listed above. Also, don’t forget to read the buying guide for a more informed buying decision. Good luck!

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