best baby monitor with 2 cameras

10 Best Baby Monitor With 2 Cameras In 2023

The joy and happiness seem to outrun all boundaries when your wait for the little one to step in this world finally ends. For welcoming the little one to the family, you must be wandering around the internet to find the best baby monitor with 2 cameras. That’s okay, as this is what every parent would do. We’re here to help you end the quest for the best baby monitor by presenting a review on the top 10 picks for you in 2023. All of our reviewed products are reliable and user-friendly. 

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Best Baby Monitor With 2 Cameras For 2021 Review: Key

We’ve been there. Scrolling through the internet. Trying to find the right baby monitor. To alleviate the stressful chore of picking the right products from hundreds of options on the internet, we have prepared a table including the top 10 picks for 2023. Check this best-shortlisted table of baby monitors to make a smart purchase.

ImageBrandDimensionScreen Size ConnectivityAdditional FeatureDetails
VTech‎6.54 x 3.84 x 1.06 inches5 inchesHome PlugNight VisionCheck price
BabySense12.7 x 6.69 x 4.13 inches4.3 inchesWirelessUltra-long range of up to 960 feet open spaceCheck price
Moonbaby7.87 x 3.14 x 3.93 inches4.3 inchesWirelessWide-angle lens, 2X digital zoom, automatic night visionCheck price
Axvue8 x 3.6 x 4.6 inches4.3 inchesWirelessMultiple convenient one-click shortcutsCheck price
Motorola Nursery8 x 3.6 x 4.6 inches5 inchesWirelessHigh resolution quality and large size color screenCheck price
CanSHUO8.6 x 6.8 x 4.2 inches4.3 inchesWirelessVoice-activated (VOX) monitoringCheck price
VTech‎6.67 x 3.82 x 5.08 inches5 inchesWirelessGlow-on-the-ceiling projection night lightCheck price
JouSecu10.87 x 6.93 x 3.98 inches4.3 inchesWirelessFHSS transmission technologyCheck price
Moonbaby9.84 x 3.14 x 3.93 inches4.3 inchesWirelessRemote Pan-Tilt and ZoomCheck price
Simyke12.76 x 6.46 x 2.4 inches3.5 inchesWiredSmart VOX mode with two-way audioCheck price

1. VTech VM350 – 2 Video Baby Monitor With Battery Support

Highlighted Features
  • Two-way talk-back intercom
  • Optimal security and privacy with FHSS Technology
  • 12-hours of video streaming, 21-hours of audio-specific monitoring
  • 5″ high-resolution LCD screen

If you feel that every modern baby monitor is more or less the same, and it’s difficult to know the best overall within these wide-ranging options, you’re not the only parent to feel that way. This is the sole reason why we are so excited after finding the VTech VM350 2-video baby monitor.

It’s the only product we’ve seen to come with so many features at a reasonable price. We have put this high-resolution wide-screen monitor into test and use, and we must say that the experience was incredible. You’ll never have to worry about your child’s actions and communication, as the two-way talk-back intercom allows you to reply to your kid as well as play lullabies for them.

We hope that they will update their extremely sensitive VOX mode soon.

  • It has an easy-to-use and navigates parent unit with a big screen.
  • This product has 4-sets of ambient sounds and 5 calming melodies, including white noises.
  • Its secure internal 2.4GHz channel with FHSS technology ensures optimal privacy.
  • It ensures a long operating range of up to 1000 feet.
  • The VOX feature by this product is too sensitive and, at times, alerts you unnecessarily.

2. Babysense Video Baby Monitor With 2 Camera

Highlighted Features
  • Vivid 4.3″ LCD color split-screen display
  • Two cameras with adjustable night light
  • Auto infrared night vision
  • Unparalleled stability and a wide range

We know how the stressful chores of day-to-day activities can keep your attention driven from your child sometimes. This is why we excitedly introduce the video baby monitor by Babysense. It enables you to get a clear view of your child with its 4.3″ LCD split-screen feature. Also, we were stunned with its amazing auto infrared night vision feature, which helps you keep an eye on your baby at night or dark. Apart from the slight connectivity issue, we loved this baby monitor and totally recommended it to all.

  • It enables you to overview the situation at any given point with the fully motorized Pan Tilt Zoom feature.
  • Besides 2-way talk-back technology, it offers lullabies and white noises.
  • It enables a long range of up to 960 feet open space.
  • You may experience signal issues between the rooms.

3. Moonbaby Split Screen Baby Monitor With 2 Camera

Highlighted Features
  • Wide-angle lens with automatic night vision
  • Efficient VOX/power-saving mode
  • 2-way talk-back intercom with five built-in lullabies
  • Split-screen mode to watch two monitors simultaneously

We know how every baby monitor offers great features, but it’s crucial to find the budget-friendly one and a good-quality product. No worries, as we have used the best value baby monitor, which is the Moonbaby Split Screen baby monitor. The most incredible thing about this product is its exceptional customer support service. We’ve already shared every exquisite feature of this product, but the best is the ‘split-screen’ as well as the ‘scan’ mode. We have thoroughly enjoyed this product at such a cost-effective price.

  • It ensures extra-long battery life with 14 hours in display mode and 18 hours in VOX mode.
  • There’s a ‘plug-and-play’ feature with no requirement of Wifi, app installation, or security concerns.
  • The product ensures extended coverage for a range of up to 1000 feet of open space.
  • The baby monitor camera can detect the baby’s room temperature.
  • The monitor will not work with an old or existing camera.

4. Axvue Video Baby Monitor With 18-Hour Battery Life – Best Battery Life

Highlighted Features
  • 4.3-inch high-resolution TFT-LCD screen and human-engineered exterior
  • Optimal daytime & night vision with six infrared LEDs
  • Expandable to up to 4 cameras in total
  • Detects room temperature

We were so happy when we found this baby monitor while exploring the internet. This baby monitor by Axvue is simply amazing! It has superb battery life support for up to 18-hours. It has a 4.3-inch TFT-LCD screen. Some exceptional features make this product great for us, but its high-speed digital wireless technologies with broad bandwidth capacities are truly worth your investment. It would’ve been even better if we could connect this monitor to the camera we already had and save even more. But even without that option, this product is a good deal.

  • The product is designed with high-speed digital wireless technologies.
  • It’s built with a 4.4″ TFT-LCD screen, kick-standing, stereo, and sound-activating light bars.
  • It’s designed with multiple one-click shortcuts for your convenience.
  • The baby monitor ensures the least video latency between the monitor and cameras.
  • The monitor screen may result in some technical issues.

5. Motorola LUX65 Video Baby Monitor – Best Color Display

Highlighted Features
  • On-go viewing with Wifi connectivity
  • Infrared night vision and smartphone compatibility
  • Two-way talk, lullabies, and soothing sounds
  • Room temperature monitoring

What can be more frustrating than not being able to see your little one at a faraway distance even after spending so many dollars on a device? Right? That’s exactly why we chose and introduced this 2020 model by Motorola to every parent in 2023. Its optimization with the Hubble connected app, wifi connectivity, and smartphone compatibility has made it a superb baby monitor for on-the-go viewing from anywhere. Yep, we were a bit disappointed with its bright blue LED light that stays on all the time like a ‘homing beacon of light.’ But we are sure that Motorola will resolve the issue and surprise us with more amazing features soon.

  • It’s controlled remotely, enabling you to digitally pan, tilt, and zoom the camera.
  • This product comes with lullabies, audiobooks, and ten preloaded nature sounds to soothe and calm your child.
  • It enables optimal on-the-go viewing anywhere globally with its wifi connectivity and Hubble-connected app support.
  • It ensures infrared night vision for a clear view of daytime and night.
  • A bright blue LED light stays on even if you turn off the device.

6. CanSHUO 4.3″ 1080p HD Video Baby Monitor – Best Wide View Real-Time Images

Highlighted Features
  • 2-way audio with soothing lullabies
  • 4.3” wide-view 1080p display and split-view design
  • Voice-activated (VOX) power-saving mode & long-life batteries
  • 360° Manually Rotate Camera

It’s not an easy task to do the parenting for two babies. For the lucky parents with twin babies, we have brought this amazing video baby monitor with wide-view and real-time images. We are quite sure that its vivid 4.3″ IPS screen can easily get you every clip and detail of your two babies. This product comes with a 360-degrees manually adjusted rotatable camera for more efficient functionality. Overall, it’s a great pick for twin-baby parents.

  • It’s designed with invisible IR LEDs and a high sensitivity sensor that switches to day or night mode.
  • The product’s vivid 4.3″ IPS Screen easily sees every detail of 2 babies.
  • The talk-back features allow you to comfort your baby with your words when they start to cry.
  • It comes with a 360-degrees manually adjusted rotatable camera for optimal view.
  • Its battery life is not good, and you have to charge it again and again. Also, there’s no smartphone compatibility.

7. VTech VM5463-2 Video Baby Monitor – BEST-IN-CLASS LONG RANGE

Highlighted Features
  • Up to 1000 feet of streaming range
  • Night light with auto-on feature
  • High powered, invisible, infrared night vision
  • Glow-on-the-ceiling light and night light

Every parent wants their newborn baby to sleep as it’s crucial for their health and well-being. And what could be more soothing to make them fall asleep than a set of melodic lullabies all while gazing at the ceiling full of glowing starry night lights? We have found all this in the VM5463 baby monitor by VTech. This amazing device comes with plenty more features. But what we loved the most was its auto-on screen feature with sound activation mode.

  • Enjoy clear images without red glare using the camera’s high-powered infrared LED.
  • It comes with a built-in intercom on the portable parent unit to let you comfort your baby from any room.
  • This product offers four ambient sounds and 5 melodious lullabies, including white noises and a trickling stream.
  • It displays the nursery temperature to make sure the baby is cozy.
  • The up-and-down tilt feature could have been better

8. JouSecu 4.3″ LCD Split Screen Baby Monitor – Best VOX Mode

Highlighted Features
  • VOX power-saving mode
  • Automatic night vision
  • Plug-and-play with FHSS Technology
  • Split-screen and temperature detection

Who doesn’t want their baby to grow up in a healthy environment? We dug deep to find this product that comes with one of the unique features for your baby’s healthy growth. It offers a customizable temperature warning value. If the baby’s room temperature reaches the set temperature, the screen will alert you with a sound. Isn’t that great? And there are more features too but they should really work on the battery life.  

  • This product offers three-screen display modes: split-screen, scan mode, view camera.
  • With its FHSS Technology, there’s optimal privacy and security.
  • It comes with customizable temperature warning values and room temperature sensors.
  • It ensures a power-saving mode, and the device is light, compact, and easy to carry.
  • The battery life is disappointing as it won’t even last for more than an hour.

9. Moonbaby Split 60 Video Baby Monitor – Best Split Screen

Highlighted Features
  • 2-way talk-back with built-in lullabies
  • Extended coverage for up to 1000 feet open space
  • Split-screen and scan mode
  • Extra wide-angle lens, 2X digital zoom

One of our friends used this monitor, and discussed its features with us. We were quite intrigued to learn about it and decided to review the Moonbaby Split 60 baby monitor. What we saw, that this video baby monitor comes with the best split-screen with an extra wide-angle lens and 2x digital zoom. This incredible video monitor has many exceptional features, but its split-screen and scan mode are our favorite. You will be floored with the 2-way talk back feature, and the soothing lullabies are the best things for your kiddo’s sleep time.

  • Its ‘Screen Split Mode’ enables you to view two monitors simultaneously.
  • Its rechargeable battery provides 14 hours in display mode and 18 hours in Power Saving / VOX mode.
  • The camera detects the baby’s room temperature.
  • The monitor has five built-in lullabies and peaceful forest sounds or some familiar nursery songs.
  • The extended coverage may at times show default in functioning.

10. Simyke 3.5″ Video Baby Monitor – Best Night Vision

Highlighted Features
  • Automatic night vision
  • Expandable up to 4 cameras
  • Plug-and-play for no privacy leak
  • Smart VOX mode

The Simyke is one of the best-reviewed baby monitors by. This amazing device comes with superb features like automatic night vision, a plug-and-play option for no privacy leak, and a smart VOX mode for optimal power-saving. All features of this product work for the parent, except for the battery life.

  • It allows you to see your baby within a range of up to 700 feet, including both straight lines and open space.
  • It ensures the most effective sound-activated power-saving mode.
  • This baby monitor comes with a built-in advanced microphone and speaker, enabling you to stay close to your baby.
  • There’s a 360-degrees manually rotated camera.
  • The battery dies at an extremely fast rate.
best baby monitor with 2 cameras

Best Baby Monitor With 2 Cameras: Buying Guide

We have reviewed all of these products by shopping and using them for years. In our experience, we have concluded several attributes to consider when buying the best baby monitor with 2 cameras. You can take a look at our informative and useful buying guide to make a better purchase decision.


We would recommend the parents check the type of baby monitor before making their buying decision. We love the local-video or radio frequency monitors, but our point of preference is the Wifi or cloud-based video baby monitors. In our review, we have covered both types. So, you must choose the type according to your parenting styles, needs, and budget.


In our experience, you should go for a baby monitor with a long-range feature. If you look at the local-video monitor, you’ll find issues with the range. However, you can use audio monitors with two cameras to roam farther while using the Wifi-enabled monitor anywhere within the range (700-1000 ft). It’s crucial to consider this aspect as the main idea behind using a baby monitor revolves around it.

Screen Size

For local-video monitors, 5-inch screens are increasingly common, and they’re a happy medium between “big enough to see from a few feet away” and “small enough to fit in a pants pocket.” Smaller screens are okay if the price is right, but this was the size we focused on.


We recommend you pick a baby monitor that comes with a rechargeable battery with long battery life support (minimum 8 hours). In our expert opinion, you must pick a product that is compatible with a standard USB connector to connect to power and can reliably hold a charge persistently for at least a year or two.

Image And Audio Quality

When choosing one of the best baby monitors with 2 cameras, check the image and audio quality. All of our reviewed products ensure high-resolution quality, and most of them feature night vision. In our opinion, there’s no need for the screen to be of extremely high resolution. Just make sure that it’s easily and efficiently visible on a nightstand.


You need to buy the baby video monitor that gives you the option to add more cameras in the future. This will help you with one or more kids and keep an eye on them in different rooms. We have ensured that most of our reviewed products are compatible and expandable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use two baby monitors in a single room?

After years of shopping for baby monitors, we have seen that most modern products use DECR standard digital transmission. So, you can keep two identical baby monitors right next to one another and use them. All you have to do is determine the right receiver that’s connected to the base unit.

Q: Are baby monitors two-way?

Most of our reviewed baby monitors offer a two-way communication feature, enabling parents like you to talk back to their baby. A few models even enable you to play music for the baby.

Q: What are the two main things to consider when purchasing a baby monitor?

In our experience, when you buy a baby video monitor, you should consider two main things: range and clarity of night vision and daytime. This will help you end up with a good-quality baby monitor.

Q: Are smart baby monitors worth the investment?

Yes, a smart baby monitor can be worth the investment if it’s important to keep an eye on your little one’s sleep and breathing patterns. As a parent, if you want to feel more confident about your baby’s health, you should invest in the best baby monitor with 2 cameras.

Q: Should I leave the baby monitor on all night?

We advise not to use the baby monitor at night once your baby gets three or four months old. This is the age when they learn to cycle their sleep schedule between deep and light sleep.

Q: Is a modern baby monitor safe for my baby?

Most modern products are designed with either DECT or FHSS technologies, ranging from 1.89 GHz to 2.4 GHz. This is safe for your infant.


We have spent days and nights evaluating different types of baby monitor products while gathering experiences from each one of them. After considering several crucial factors like range, screen size, battery, type, we have presented you with the top ten best baby monitors with 2 cameras in 2023. So, take a glance at all the product reviews and pick the one that best fits your needs and budget. 

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