best baby carriers for nursing

Best Baby Carriers for Nursing: The Top 7 Choices for 2023

Parents want their newborns to stay close to them, and baby carriers can help with that. Baby carriers have other uses than saving your hands from the pain of pushing around a stroller in public places.

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Using a baby carrier will mean that mothers can even conveniently breastfeed their babies in public. The best baby carriers for nursing ensure that the baby does not have to be taken out of the carrier to latch on to the breasts.

Do not fret if you have no idea which baby carrier to buy for convenient breastfeeding in public. Keep scrolling to familiarize yourself with the best nursing baby carriers on Amazon.

Best Baby Carriers for Nursing 2023 Review: Key Features, Pros, and Cons

Finding the best baby carriers for nursing becomes necessary for conveniently breastfeeding your baby in public. Look at the table revealing some of the best baby carriers, followed by an in-depth review of each one of them.

LÍLLÉbaby 14 x 4 x 11 inches1.32 poundsPolyester, Cotton‎Front, BackCheck price
K'tan‎52.5 x 12 x 0.5 inchesUp to 35 pounds depending on the model100% CottonFrontCheck price
Simply Essential Solutions‎216 x 21 x 10 inches‎1.45 pounds‎95% Cotton 5% spandex‎FrontCheck price
Boba6 x 6 x 11.5 inches‎1.76 pounds‎CottonBackCheck price
Kids N' Such200 x 20 x 0.2 inches1.7 poundsCotton BlendFrontCheck price
KeaBabies‎21.6 x 202.7 x 5 inches1.98 poundsFabricFront, BackCheck price
KonnyVaried‎1.05 poundsCool spandex air mesh, widely used for sportwear (Polyester 87% Spandex 13%)BackCheck price

1. Lillebaby Ergonomic Baby Carrier for Nursing

Highlighted Features
  • 360-degree babywearing
  • Removable sleeping hood
  • Extendable torso
  • Soft, comfortable, and visually appealing fabric
  • Head and neck support for the baby

After scouring several baby carriers for nursing, we have chosen this one as the best. It is the most ergonomically-designed carrier, ensuring the highest comfort for both baby and the wearer. The baby carrier is suitable for all body types.

The waist of the carrier can extend up to 52 inches. Extenders are available separately for up to 61.5 inches waist. We have seen that the shoulder straps can be taken either straight or crossed.

The hood ensures that the baby gets protection from the sun, and we could easily remove it when not required. The fabric is highly breathable, making the baby feel comfortable during the summers. You can easily unzip the front panel for increased air circulation.

The soft but rigid material can carry up to 45 pounds. The baby carrier is machine washable and easy to maintain. However, storing the baby carrier becomes an issue when not in use.

  • Lumbar support is excellent.
  • The shoulder straps are padded for extra support.
  • Babies can be positioned in six different ways.
  • The baby carrier comes with a handy cargo pocket.
  • It can create uncomfortable folds in the baby’s leg in a narrow position.

2. Baby K’tan T-Shirt Sling Baby Carrier for Nursing – Premium Pick

Highlighted Features
  • Combination of a wrap and a sling
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Facilitates great air circulation
  • No crazy wrapping with buckles, zippers, or strings
  • Adjustable neckband for increased support

We have picked this nursing baby carrier for people who don’t wish to shop within a budget. Keeping your newborn close to you will be hassle-free once you are willing to invest in this premium carrier. The carrier has a wrap system without the complications of a buckle, ring, or belt.

The wearer will also not have to worry about excess fabric, whether they are short or petite. You can easily slip it on like a t-shirt over your head. We have come across two color options for the baby carrier, and the dark colors do not get dirty quickly.

However, even if they get dirty, you won’t have trouble cleaning them. They can be easily thrown into the machine for a thorough wash. We have realized that the baby can be placed in multiple directions inside the wrap according to their age.

The one-way stretch and double-loop design can keep a baby up to 35 lbs secure. The blend of half jersey and a half mesh knit ensures better air circulation when the temperature rises. You only need to change the loops of the sling from cozy to warm.

  • The fabric is soft but durable.
  • Sizing is adjusted to the wearer and not the baby.
  • Babies can be positioned in five different ways.
  • It does not take too much storage space when not in use.
  • The fabric might get over stretched after a few washes.

3. Simply Essential Solutions Comfortable Carrying Baby Carrier for Nursing

Highlighted Features
  • Suitable for carrying newborns right up through toddlers
  • Soft, breathable, and stretchy fabric
  • No pressure on back due to practical design
  • Machine washable fabric
  • Easy instructions for tying

After scanning Amazon for the most affordable baby carriers, we have found this one. It is one of the most hassle-free baby carriers with no buckles or rings. Out of all the available color options, we chose the black one.

The comfortable cotton fabric is soft and breathable. But it’s extremely robust and can carry a weight of up to 44 pounds. The best part about the wrap is that you can add essential oils to the tag and create a soothing ambiance for the babies.

You will get a carry bag with the wrap to store it when not in use. The extra-long fabric ensures that even plus-sized women can wear it. However, the long material can be an issue for short women as it can make them look bulky.

  • It comes with clear instructions for wrapping.
  • The integrity of the wrap is retained after multiple washes.
  • It does not feel claustrophobic when it’s hot outside.
  • Babies feel comfortable and can face outwards.
  • It starts loosening at the shoulders after wearing it for a long time.

4. Boba Wrap Stretchy Baby Carrier for Nursing – Best for Complete Privacy

Highlighted Features
  • Made with 100% organic cotton
  • 25 inches long
  • Great elasticity
  • Machine washable fabric
  • High stability and comfort

Privacy is a concern while breastfeeding your baby in public. We understand that and that’s the reason we rank this Boba Product as one of the best baby carriers for nursing due to the high privacy it offers. The “X” that is formed by wrapping it offers a comfortable seat to your baby while giving the mother adequate privacy.

The smart design ensures that the weight of the baby gets evenly distributed. We have realized that the baby carrier won’t cause any back pain even after wearing it for a long time. The wrap ensures that you can carry babies up to 35 pounds. 

The stretch and flexibility of the fabric ensure that there’s no pressure point while wrapping it around. The product is one-size-fits-all and ensures a custom fit with each tie. Plus-sized women don’t have to worry about the fit at all.

However, petite and short women will find the extra cloth annoying. But they can tie the extra fabric in a knot. Since it’s 95% cotton, maximum airflow with easy maintenance and long-term durability are guaranteed.

The fabric is smooth, but your baby will begin sweating once it becomes warm. Therefore, it might not be the perfect baby carrier for the hot summers. 

  • The carrier comes with multiple color options.
  • It offers knee to knee support to the baby.
  • It acts as a shield while breastfeeding in public.
  • It retains shape after multiple readjustments.
  • It might not be suitable for the hot weather.

5. Kids N’ Such Tummy Tightening Baby Carrier for Nursing – Best for Multi-Purpose Usage

Highlighted Features
  • Beneficial for breastfeeding and tummy tightening
  • Easy to adjust ring slings
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Machine wash fabric
  • Stretchy and comfortable for movements

The carrier saves you from the confusion of whether you should buy a wrap or ring sling. We have realized that the product can be conveniently used in both ways. While the wrap would be more convenient for older babies, your little ones younger than four months will be more comfortable in the ring slings.

The cotton blend fabric is soft but firm, and it can carry up to 35 pounds. Apart from using it for breastfeeding your baby, you can also wear the carrier as a belt. The multi-purpose carrier can be used for postpartum belly tightening.

The best part about the carrier is that it can be used by men and plus-sized women due to the long fabric. It also comes with two sturdy metal rings so that you don’t have to buy them separately to convert them into a sling. However, short and petite women often complain about the extra fabric. 

We have realized that the babies will stay in a comfortable position, and you won’t end up with tired arms by pushing a stroller all day long. The fabric is perfect for winters or when it’s a little chilly outside. However, it can get uncomfortable and itchy during the summers. 

  • The fabric isn’t too stretchy.
  • It’s perfect for breastfeeding newborns in a reclined position.
  • The fabric does not become weak after multiple washes.
  • It comes with detailed instructions for easy fastening.
  • The carrier might not be suitable for short people.

6. KeaBabies Safe and Durable Baby Carrier for Nursing – Best for Extended Usage

Highlighted Features
  • Evenly distributes baby’s weight
  • Soft and stretchy cotton blend fabric
  • Creates a womb-like environment for the baby
  • Can be worn by men
  • Flexible to accommodate movement

After a thorough inspection, we have realized that this baby carrier for nursing is the best in terms of longevity. It has been manufactured using lightweight material, but you won’t get an opportunity to question the material’s durability. Instead, the lightweight and soft material provides the utmost convenience.

If you are worried about your baby’s legs straddling, you should know that your baby will be in a froggy position inside this carrier. The material is stretchy and will give your little one enough room to move and grow. The material also won’t overstretch after you use it for some time.

We have realized that the baby won’t slide down as most carriers do. The baby’s spine does not curve, and they can keep their chin up and away from their chests. The carrier has also been certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, which ensures healthy hip development of the baby.

Women often complain that they can’t wear anything but a t-shirt if they wish to use a baby carrier. But we have tested this carrier on layers of clothing, and it does not feel tight. Even men around 5’10” can wear this baby carrier.

Petite women can easily wrap the carrier twice without feeling bulky. We have found out that it also acts as a nice cover while pumping. But it would have been better if it could take a load above 35 lbs. 

  • It prevents colic by keeping the baby in an upright position.
  • The breathable fabric is comfortable for all weather.
  • It does not require constant readjustments.
  • It does not restrict a baby’s growth during the early years.
  • It cannot be put on with one hand.

7. Konny Baby Moisture Wicking Baby Carrier for Nursing – Best for Hot Weather

Highlighted Features
  • UPF40 protection from sun rays
  • Form-fitting elastic stretch
  • No wraps, belts, or buckles
  • Sensible and stylish sleep solution
  • Reduced body and back pain with even weight distribution

We know the discomfort caused by baby carriers during the hot summers. Hiking or going for a stroll under the sun seems like a nightmare while wearing the baby carriers. But this baby carrier is equipped with moisture-wicking technology.

The baby carrier has a UV-cut cool span air mesh typically used in sportswear to soak off sweat and minimize discomfort when under the sun. The baby carrier also comes with an outer sash and eco-pouch to store things when you are on the go.

Even though the fabric is soft and lightweight, we still felt secure with the baby in it. It is capable of carrying a maximum of 45 lbs and is perfect for newborns up to three months. The best part about the baby carrier is that it’s available in different sizes to give you a structured look and the color options make it quite fashionable.

Once we went through the instruction video, it was a piece of cake to wear the carrier. However, even though wearing it was simple, we couldn’t do it without putting the baby in a few awkward positions. 

  • The breathable fabric makes the carrier soft and cool.
  • It meets safety requirements for healthy hip development.
  • Babies can sleep comfortably in the carrier.
  • It takes five seconds to wear the baby carrier.
  • The carrier is not suitable for babies older than three months.
best baby carriers for nursing

Best Child Carrier for Nursing: Buying Guide

Once you understand the advantages of using a baby carrier for nursing, you should proceed to buy the best one. You will need to contemplate several factors while selecting the best baby carriers for nursing. Acquaint yourself with the factors to consider for making the right purchase:

You will find baby carriers in four nursing in different styles like wraps and slings. The most suitable baby carrier for you will depend on your baby’s age. You also need to consider your baby’s weight and view the maximum weight recommendations of the carrier before proceeding with the purchase.


Like all other purchases, the price comes into consideration when buying a baby carrier. You should pick a price range and look for the best baby carriers within that range. For instance, the Simply Essential Solutions Comfortable Carrying Baby Carrier for Nursing is the most budget-friendly.


The safety of the baby carrier should be a top priority during the purchase. Both the baby and the wearer should feel comfortable in it. The best baby carriers come with adequate back support and ensure the hip development of the infants.


You should always consider the climate before deciding to buy a baby carrier. Some baby carriers feel uncomfortable during the summers as the baby clings to the wearer. The Konny Baby Moisture Wicking Baby Carrier for Nursing is the best for hot weather.

Carrying Position

All baby carriers cannot support all positions for carrying a baby. While some carriers are restricted to one position, some let you switch between multiple positions.

Ease of Wearing

You should always look for a baby carrier that’s easy to wear. Baby carriers with no rings, buckles and complicated ties are quite convenient. You should see if the carrier comes with a detailed instructional manual for wearing it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of slings are the best for nursing?

Ring slings are the most appropriate choice for breastfeeding. It might be a little difficult in the beginning. But with adequate practice, mothers get used to nursing their babies in ring slings.

Q: Is it possible to breastfeed in a Konny baby carrier?

The Konny Baby Moisture Wicking Baby Carrier for Nursing is one of the best baby carriers for nursing. It is comfortable and has a breathable fabric that’s perfect for summer.

Q: Is it possible to breastfeed without using my hands?

Breastfeeding without hands is possible when you are using a baby carrier. The baby carrier will ensure that your baby comfortably latches on to your breast while you are using your hands to perform other tasks.


Hopefully, the guide will make it easier for you to choose the best baby carriers for nursing. Pick your favorite and enjoy the warmth of keeping your little one close to you at all times.

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