EMBRACE TECHNOLOGY: Use technology to make your travels easier

Note: This is the ninth and final article in our series around our travel philosophy, Be F.L.E.X.I.B.L.E. In this article, we breakdown what the 2nd E in Be F.L.E.X.I.B.L.E. stands for. If you want to first get an overview on Be F.L.E.X.I.B.L.E. itself, please click here.

We are big fans of technology. (Then again, we are both software engineers, so we may have a slight bias.) Technology begins with using tools like TripAdvisor and Google Translate to help you with your trip. Planning a trip requires some research, and there are many websites that can help you find your routes, seek out accommodations, and book your trip. When in a foreign location, having apps and resources to help you find your way, decipher a different language, or make alternative plans when weather suddenly changes is imperative.

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Technology may also be used as a means to help children stay entertained during tough portions of your journey. We understand this is a controversial topic, but the way we look at it is that technology is a big part of everyone’s life. There’s no avoiding it, and one day, your son or daughter will be using phones and tablets and apps, probably pretty regularly! Since you can’t escape technology, we think it’s important to be purposeful in how you use it. In fact, by starting your kids on tech early, you can help them acclimate to the world they’re going to be living in, and potentially give them a leg up.

If you’re going to be on a plane for five hours, charge your devices and have educational games and shows to help keep your children entertained. When children get fussy during a meal or on a walking tour, technology can keep them distracted while you continue on.

As long as most of the apps and videos you give to your children are educational and informational, it can also be a useful thing to have during your travels, or really at any point mom and dad need some time to themselves. (Want to know what we used? Get our book and read Our Favorite Travel Apps for Kids.)

There you have it: Be F.L.E.X.I.B.L.E. That’s the foundation to each and every story and tip we offer. Again, you’ll find it across our travel blog and throughout our book, How to Travel with Kids (Without Losing Your Mind). Make it your travel philosophy, too.

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