best time to travel to Bali

The Ultimate Itinerary For Bali With Kids: Best Time To Travel, Things To Do And Much More

Bali is not just an island with parties and people in their twenties getting drunk. It is so much more than that. If you haven’t been there you probably know about it from the media and Instagram, which doesn’t paint a full picture of this beautiful island and its rich culture. It is important to choose the best time to travel to Bali. Plan your trip ahead, especially if you are traveling with a big family or a group of friends.

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There is so much to see and do for all ages, plus all the amazing beaches where you can swim, relax, or enjoy water sports.

Best time to travel to Bali

Different sources will tell you differently about the best time of year to travel to Bali, but one thing is for sure, the island is gorgeous at any time of the year. However, if you want to make sure that you visit Bali in the dry season you should plan your trip between April and October.

Bali has only two seasons, rain and dry. The only thing that is slightly different between these two seasons, except for the resin, is humidity. The temperature during the year is always between the mid-80s and low 90s.

Summer is amazing for those who like sunbathing and chilling on the beach in Bali. It is also a great time for surfing, sailing, and all the other fun water activities because there is almost no wind and rain is very rarely happening in these months. Low humidity is perfect for hiking and exploring nature too.

If you ask yourself when is the best time to travel to Bali, Indonesia regarding crowds and prices, you should know that the busiest times are during July and August, during Easter Holidays, Christmas, and New Year. Consider coming to Bali in April, May, June and September, just before and just after high season, if you want to have a peaceful and relaxing vacation.

If you like visiting festivals and meeting locals, you can plan your trip around one of these four festivals: Bali Arts Festival (June-July), Nusa Dua Festival (June-July), Bali Kites Festival (July-August), and Indonesia Independence Day (August).

Cheapest Months in Bali

The cheapest months to visit are from November to March when Bali gets a huge amount of rain. In January there are barely any days without at least a drizzle. A combination of rain, mosquitos, and high temperatures and humidity do not sound like an ideal time. It also decreases visibility in water when snorkeling and diving. In the end, it all comes to the reasons for your trip and what kind of trip you want to have.

Where to Stay in Bali with Kids

Choosing the best part of Bali for families is very important. Take into consideration how close the beach is to the hotel, what there is to do there, and if there are any kid-friendly activities available. You will probably stay most of your time in Bali in this one location, and it should fit your needs.

1. Jimbaran


Jimbaran is a beautiful beach town with a central location, close to the airport and Kuta’s shopping district. You will have stunning beaches, amazing local food, and family-friendly hotels close by if you stay here.

2. Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua is a place to be if you want a quiet and relaxing vacation. Most of the hotels here are luxury hotels and villas with amazing amenities. Most of the beaches are not crowded and you can find a private place for your family. Only stunning Pandawa Beach gets more visitors because of its impressive beauty.

3. Seminyak

Seminyak is a very touristy area, but also has a lot to offer because of it. It is a popular place to stay, with busy streets, a lot of hotels and beach clubs. The location is great and not too far from the airport, and there are also many boutique shops and popular restaurants that attract visitors year-round.

4. Ubud

Ubud has scenic beaches, amazing sunsets, and beautiful hotels. But, it is also a cultural, artistic, and holistic center of Bali. It is surrounded by attractions, including the green cascades of the Tegalalang rice terraces that are only a 25-minute drive from here.

5. Canggu


Canggu is the best place for surfing in Bali. You never have to go far from the shore to catch a wave, and even night surfing is available in a local beach club. Here you will find a lot of villas offering long stay and affordable cafes and restaurants, which is why Canggu is the favorite spot of digital nomads in recent years.

How to get around Bali with Kids

How to get around Bali with Kids

With so many purpose-built attractions for kids and things for the whole family to do, you might want to explore Bali outside of your neighborhood. Bali is an excellent family location, and Balinese people are very friendly and always happy to accommodate families.

Getting to Bali is easy, because it is such a popular destination and there are numerous flights from all around Asia and Australia every day. If you are coming from other parts of the world you will probably have a connection in Singapore or Malaysia, but the flight is going to be more affordable than to some other destinations. For budget-friendly options check out JetStar and AirAsia. Please note that all the passengers on international flights, including kids, have to pay a departure tax of 200,000 rupiahs (about USD$14).

In Bali

Once you are in Bali it is easy to get around. You can find taxis on every corner, and they will often stop you and ask you if you need a ride. Other options are to hire a car, rent a car, or use a shuttle bus. If you feel adventurous and want to try public transportation, bemos are something like a city bus and you can get to different parts of Bali with them.

Hiring a car versus renting a car is better because the roads in Bali are not very well maintained, and also if you get into an accident you will be held accountable as a foreigner even if it wasn’t your fault. So if you want a stress-free holiday better skip on driving by yourself. To make sure that you have car seats for your kids you would need to bring them from home because they are often not available here.

How Much Time to Stay in Bali with Kids

Choosing the best time to travel to Bali is as important as how much time to stay in Bali. If you can take longer time off work it is highly advised to stay longer in this beautiful part of the world. With so many hotels and villas accommodating longer stays this is the easiest place to check if your family likes longer vacations.

In theory, 7 days are enough to see all the main attractions in Bali. You can get a car and drive around every day, but this way of vacationing might be too stressful for your little ones. If 7 days is all you have then book accommodation in the central part of Bali, so you don’t lose any time on transfer from the airport and between the attractions.

Two weeks trip sounds much better, especially if you like to take it easy and spend a lot of time on the beach. Best beach destinations in Bali are Jimbaran, Canggu, Ubud, and Denpasar. Nusa Dua, which is often considered the best place for families, also has a stunning beach.

Things To Do in Bali With Kids

The Indonesian island offers an alluring retreat with its kid-friendly resorts and beaches, reasonably priced food, and adventure-loving landscape. Your kids will be begging you to take them back after your first visit to the island.

Try Kids Yoga and Take them to Spa for Relaxation

Kids yoga is provided by many studios and hotels as an activity and it is a great place for your kiddos to try yoga for the first time. This calming experience might help them discover a new love for physical fitness.

Spa for kids is an opportunity for you and your little ones to relax and have an amazing experience together. In Bali, spas are not reserved just for adults, and meny resorts like Westin, Holiday Inn, or Conrad offer spa treatments designed for kids too.

Bounce Bali

bounce bali
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Bounce Bali is an ideal place to visit on a rainy day. This fun facility located in the Finns Recreation Club is air-conditioned, and it has 360 degrees of trampolines. All frames and springs are covered in safety pads, and you can let your kids bounce as much as they want and not worry about them getting hurt.


Surfing and Snorkeling

Surfing and Snorkeling

Surf lessons are the best way for your kids to experience waves in a safe manner. There are plenty of schools out there, but not all of them are kid-friendly. Wisely choose the one that offers lessons for children. For the best surfing visit Canggu, Balangan, and Padang Padang.

Snorkeling in the Pacific ocean is a once in a lifetime experience. In Bali, good snorkeling is usually a little further from the beach, and most of the tours will take you to the best snorkeling locations by boat. You can admire the marine life, including sea turtles, at the Gili Islands or Nusa Penida.

Visit The Bali Treetop Adventure Park

The Bali Treetop Adventure Park is an eco-adventure park with a zipline offering exciting tours for the entire family. The visitors get to climb trees, go from one treetop to another by ropes and zipline, and enjoy beautiful views of Bali Botanical Gardens.

Visit Pirates Bay Bali

Visit Pirates Bay Bali
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Pirates Bay Bali is a themed open-air restaurant and cafe where your kids can enjoy a treasure hunt, zipline, and exploring of a pirate ship. The ticket includes welcome drinks, snacks, treasure hunt properties, pirates guide, pirates bandana, pirates treasure pocket, and lunch meals.


Monkey Forest

Monkey Forest
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Monkey Forest is a popular tourist attraction in Ubud. It is a beautiful green area filled with monkeys that are very friendly and entertaining for kids. Make sure not to have any loose items or food on you when visiting, because monkeys will try to steal it from you.


Try Water Sports

Water sports in Bali include banana boats, parasailing, jet-skiing, swimming with sharks, and so much more. Older kids can try diving or snorkeling, and adventure for the whole family can be a submarine tour. Planning activities in advance is a great way of organizing your trip and making sure you don’t miss out on anything.

Go to the Safari Marine Park

Safari Marine Park
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Bali Safari Marine Park is a fun, educational experience with over 1000 animals you can see, including the Komodo Dragon, Orangutan and the Bali Starling bird. Sign up for Agung Show, Night Safari, or Breakfast with Lions, for the best experience.


Don’t Miss the Volcano

Gunung Agung active volcano is a natural landmark of the island. You can hike Mount Agung in Bali if you want to see this massive crater and stunning views from the top. It is a full-day hike and difficulty is considered hard, so maybe not the best option for small kids, but definitely something you can do with teenagers.

best time to travel to Bali

Things to Eat in Bali

For fussy eaters, there are many western-style restaurants where you can have a family-friendly meal, but if your kids are up for a culinary adventure, Indonesia is a fascinating place for trying out new tastes.

  • Babi Guling is a famous dish from Balinese cuisine. It is a stuffed spit-roasted pig with a spicy mix that often includes turmeric, coriander seeds, lemongrass, black pepper, and garlic.
  • Gado Gado literally translates to “mix mix”. It consists of a rich blend of vegetables such as potatoes, long beans, corn, bean sprouts, spinach, bitter gourd, chayote and cabbage. Other toppings are tempeh, tofu, and hard-boiled eggs.
  • Mie Goreng is common street food. It is a noodle dish with chicken, prawns, veggies, and distinctive egg ribbons in a sticky, savory-sweet sauce.
  • Laklak is a sweet dish you must try. It is a little pancake filled with grated coconut and melted palm sugar. The main ingredients are rice flour, water, coconut milk, suji leaf extract, baking powder, salt, grated coconut, and brown sugar.
  • Es Campur is a perfect summer refresher. This refreshing and sweet dessert is made with fruit cocktails, tapioca pearls, coconut, grass jellies, and served with shaved ice, syrup, and condensed milk.


Knowing all this you might be already planning your outfits for the trip. Get your family excited about the trip by making a date out of planning, so everyone can contribute to the plans. Start with choosing the best time to travel to Bali and with what everyone wants to do. Next thing is to start counting days to your trip.

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