Author: Andrea

best family vacation spots in Mexico

Best family vacation spots in Mexico for a magical holiday

Sometimes as families we get into a fix as to which destination will cater to kids of different ages in equal measure. Well, Mexico is your answer. With its spread of magical landscape and mysterious Mayan ruins, jaw-dropping ocean vista, and endless water activities to explore all the sea treasures, museums and plazas, adventure, and water parks – Mexico really has it all. Endowed with 9,330 km of curvy coastline, it’s no wonder that lovers of the sun, sand, and surf are smitten by Mexico. If the east is caressed by the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, the south hugs the Pacific Ocean.  To find the best family vacation spots in Mexico, we have dove headfirst to all the salient tourist spots on all its coasts. Let’s have a look!

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