Our 12-point Airbnb Check-In Checklist

This checklist originally appeared on our post, How to Get the Most Out of Airbnb and we have used it every time we go into an Airbnb to make sure everything is okay (especially while the host is still there!).

The 2 Idiots Airbnb 12-point check-in checklist

  1. Ensure home locks & keys or codes work as expected
  2. Ensure you have appropriate keys, codes to enter the building and parking garage
  3. Connect to internet and make sure it’s working by going to Google
  4. Check thermostat and AC/heater
  5. Check fridge is cold and working
  6. Check TV and TV channels are working as expected
  7. If place has washing machine/dryer, check on them OR ensure there is a hanging rack
  8. If place has microwave, check on microwave
  9. If place has dishwasher, check on dishwasher
  10. Check for all detergents (dish and clothes)
  11. Check for broom, vacuum cleaner for cleaning
  12. Check for dishes, cups and silverware

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