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5 Tips for Protecting Your Memories While You Travel

Travel is wonderful for all of the experiences it provides you and your family, but long after a trip is over, the best part of travel are the memories you make. Your family will always have the special bond that comes from making it through a journey together, laughing about travel mishaps and fondly recalling meeting a local family that you still may be connected to via social media. To keep those memories vivid, you’ll also want to take lots of photographs and videos, and both are irreplaceable if lost.

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There is nothing worse than running out of space just as you are attempting to take a picture, especially if it is of your child standing in front of the Louvre or other significant monument! Instead of frantically deleting items off your camera in order to make room (sacrificing other wonderful moments), be sure you have enough space on your camera and devices before you begin. Be sure you protect your memories by following our tips for keeping photos and videos safe.

1. Turn to the Cloud. Rather than worry about space, synch your devices to online data storage, such as the iCloud or Google Drive, an infinite storage space that not only allows you to keep every photograph you take, but also provides a backup in case anything happens to your equipment. For example, having iCloud connected to your smartphone and set to update daily means if your phone falls into a pool and gets destroyed, everything on your phone can be restored onto a new one, simply by logging back into iCloud from your new device. (Note: You have to connect to WiFi at least once a day to backup your phone to online storage.)

AJ's iPhone Cloud Storage - over 300GB of just pics and vidoes!
AJ’s iPhone Cloud Storage – over 300GB of just pics and vidoes!

2. Pay for the Gigs. We will pay $40 per month to have cable and another $15 per month for Netflix, yet when it comes to our devices, we like to skimp on storage. Cable and Netflix aren’t memories of your child saying “elephant” for the first time, as Aarav did on a safari in Africa — something that happens just once! Make sure you invest in a plan that gives you the most gigs of data. For example, on our plan, 200 gigs is $2.99 but a 2 terabyte plan is $9.99. We use the 2 terabyte plan and are barely at 300 GB with all of our photos and videos (AJ’s phone has almost 60,000 photos and 2,500 videos) — we still have tons of space!

3. Turn on Location. Using your smartphone’s location service on your photos makes it much easier for you to sift through your images when you are back home, and thereby making it easier to organize your memories for photo albums, scrapbooks and hardcover photo books you can create on sites such as You may not want to have your location turned on for your entire phone, but you can select which apps you want a location to be used, such as your Google Maps and your photos. And, it’s not too difficult to find images, even with the number we have. You can tag people in photos, name photos and group them by date to make searching for images easier.

4. Use Social Media. Posting photos onto your social media channels doesn’t just show your family and friends back home what you’re up to, it saves all of your photos and videos, as well. Facebook is especially good for storing your memories, as you can create Photo Albums for each destination you are visiting, making it easy to find images and videos from past trips. Plus, every year you’ll see a reminder of “On This Day,” which will bring a smile to your face and a flush of memories, even when you weren’t looking for photos.

5. Print and Store. Don’t forget, printing your images when you return and saving them the old-fashioned way, in a photo album and in frames, is also preserving your memories! It can be time-consuming to go through all of your photos from your trip, but your memories are priceless and worth it!

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Neha Sharma
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